Since its inception, the CLYLP has held a weeklong, intensive leadership training conference for high school sophomores and juniors from California. The mission of the CLYLP is to enhance and further develop the leadership potential of California’s youth as they prepare to become the future leaders of our state and nation. Even as The United Methodist Church is focused on the 2016 General Conference session, preparations are continuing to be made for our own Upper New York Annual Conference session. In the past, there has been a Pre-Conference issue of the Conference ministry magazine, the Advocate. With this in mind, UNY Communications will not be publishing a traditional Pre-Conference issue of the Advocate. This year, rather than producing the Daily Advocate to serve as a reminder, UNY Communications will produce daily update videos that will recap the previous day’s highlights in a fun and exciting way. In addition to the daily video updates, daily notes will be produced for those attending Annual Conference session. Furthermore, a full Annual Conference session report video will be produced by UNY Conference Communications in the week following the 2016 AC session. In creating these new ways of communicating at Annual Conference session, audiences are also becoming better defined. While there are many changes, UNY Communications will continue take the same approach to things that worked well.
Furthermore, there will be a wrap-up in the Bridge and full coverage of Annual Conference session in the Post-Conference issue of the Advocate.
Annual Conference session is not just an event for those that are there; it is where leaders from throughout the Upper New York Conference set the course for the future, and it is absolutely crucial United Methodists near and far feel connected to that work.
The Council of Bishops brings you greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has called us to be servant leaders of the church. We celebrated the success of our Imagine No Malaria initiative, which seeks to raise $75 million in the fight against malaria, a disease that takes the life of a child in Africa every two minutes. We continued in our acts of repentance with a presentation from the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes about the Methodist involvement in the 1864 Sand Creek massacre. The Episcopal address set the tone for the event, focusing on humility and lifting up our accomplishments.
The body had difficult and challenging work before it as we acknowledged our differences over human sexuality. The Council of Bishops provides leadership and helps set the direction of the 12.3 million-member church and its mission throughout the world.
Because the Upper New York Conference Communications Ministry Area will focus on telling the story of the 2016 session of the Upper New York Annual Conference in new and exciting ways, some regular publications will have altered schedules in the time surrounding Annual Conference session. As an alternative, please watch the UNY Conference website for all the latest news and information coming out of Annual Conference. The committee has assessed the condition of each site, sought to better align resources, and determine what must be done to better serve people, places, and God, according to the letter. The committee has explored the possibility of leasing the camp, but did not find this to be a viable solution. Click here to view the Trustee resolution that will be presented at the 2016 Annual Conference session. Believe it or not, General Conference 2016 spent more than twice as much time debating a Rule of Order than the hot topic of human sexuality.
A move to adjourn at 6:30 every night meant no late-night sessions and hopefully healthier, less stressed attendees.
The first three days of General Conference offered a live demonstration of just how difficult following its rules of order can be as delegates wavered back and forth on using Rule 44, a proposed group-discernment process to deal with particularly complicated and contentious legislation such as sexuality.
The Commission on General Conference recommended Rule 44 at the request of the 2012 General Conference, which sought an alternative process to Robert’s Rules of Order for certain topics.
The announcement came after news on social media that bishops had been meeting with large-church pastors and representatives of special-interest groups to discuss possible resolutions to the debate. General Conference delegates on May 20 approved a general church budget of $604 million for 2017-2020, a slight increase over the $603.1 million approved at the 2012 General Conference. Delegates overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling on United Methodist agencies to raise awareness about the harm caused by sports teams that use mascots or symbols that disrespect Native Americans.
As the only time the entire global church is together every quadrennium, General Conference always features festive and moving worship services. Every worship service featured sermons by United Methodist bishops, and a running theme for the event was to stay humble, serve others and be the church that Christ wants us to be. General Conference turned May 19 to a presentation and video on the Korean War and on efforts, including by United Methodists, to bring about peace and reconciliation on the Korean peninsula. United Methodists forged new relationships with the Moravian Church and the Uniting Church in Sweden as they marked Ecumenical Day on May 17. During budget deliberations, delegates voted to add $5 million to double to $10 million the denomination’s Central Conference Theological Education Fund, which supports United Methodist schools, pastors and pastors-in-training in Africa, Asia and Europe. For the first time, a member from outside the United States has been elected president of the Judicial Council. As Africa University approaches its 25th anniversary, delegates took a few moments May 16 to celebrate one of the denomination's high points. A petition to withdraw denominational general agency membership from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice was passed, as was a second petition to remove language supporting the coalition from the Book of Resolutions. An amendment offered on May 20 during a General Conference debate on socially responsible investing that sought to divest from illegal settlements on occupied lands failed 559-167. On May 19, The United Methodist Church sent new missionaries from 11 countries to serve in16 lands. During the May 17 afternoon plenary, delegates approved calendar items related to the Asian American Language Ministry Plan, the Pacific Islander Ministry Plan, the National Plan for Hispanic Ministry and the Korean Ministry Plan as well as Accessibility Grants for Churches and the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund. Deacons now have fewer hoops to jump through to request permission to administer sacraments. In a May 12 ceremony, before episcopal leaders from around the globe, Dakotas-Minnesota Area Bishop Bruce R. A petition calling for a mandatory vote of proposed legislation sent to General Conference was approved by a vote of 406 to 361. A day after tabling potentially contentious legislation on human sexuality, General Conference 2016 moved through its calendar at a steady clip, possibly noticing that time to finish its task is running short. Moses Kumar, chief executive of the General Council on Finance and Administration, said the church can pay for the bishops’ plan without altering the proposed 2017-2020 general church budget of $599 million. Bishops have told Kumar they expect to keep costs for the commission to study the church’s stance on human sexuality below $1 million. On May 19 The United Methodist Church sent new missionaries from 11 countries to serve in16 lands. They are, from the North Central Jurisdiction, Bishop Michael Coyner, Bishop John Hopkins, Bishop Jonathan Keaton, Bishop Deborah Kiesey. The Southeastern Jurisdiction retirees are Bishop Young Jin Cho, Bishop Lindsey Davis, Bishop Larry Goodpaster, Bishop James King and Bishop Michael Watson.
The Central Conference retirees are Bishop John Innis (Liberia), Bishop Kainda Katembo (Southern Congo), Bishop Nkulu Ntanda Ntambo (North Katanga), Bishop Rosemarie Wenner (Germany) and Bishop David Yemba (Central Congo). After a long day of back-and-forth debate over whether to vote on human sexuality legislation or table it and refer it to a soon-to-be created commission appointed by the Council of Bishops, delegates ultimately chose the latter. Delegates voted to create a new provisional central conference in Southeast Asia and Mongolia.
A petition to withdraw denominational membership from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice was passed, as was a second petition to remove language supporting the coalition from the Book of Resolutions. Also on Thursday, General Conference turned to a presentation and video on the Korean War and on efforts, including by United Methodists, to bring about peace and reconciliation on the Korean peninsula.
For the first time, a member from outside the United States has been elected president of the United Methodist Judicial Council. The new leadership team of the Council of Bishops was formally introduced during plenary on May 19. Practices, Politics, and Performance: Toward a Communal Hermeneutics for Christian Ethics, Michael Cartwright in Council of Societies for the Study of Religion Journal, 2011.
Spiritual Abuse Recovery,Barbara Orlowski in Journal of Religion, Disability & Health A  Volume 15, Issue 1, 2011. Thematic Panel, Special Topics Forum: Mentoring Across Sexualities and Genders, Invited Panel Participant, The American Academy of Religion, Chicago, IL, November 2012.

Lesbian-Feminist Issues and Religion Group, Theme: New Constructions of Family from Bowties and Brassieres to Bootlickers and Beyond, Presider, The American Academy of Religion, San Diego, CA, November 2014. Lesbian-Feminist Issues and Religion Group, Theme: Lesbian Sexuality and the Ethics of Truth-Telling, Presider, The American Academy of Religion, Baltimore, MD, November 2013. Fall Term 2013 a€?Intersectional Queer Ethicsa€? (online version), Chicago Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL, Adjunct Instructor. Winter Term 2013 a€?queerEthicsa€? (Online Version), Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO, Adjunct Instructor. 2011 Ethics & Ethical Advocacy (Miguel De La Torre), Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO, Graduate Teaching Assistant. 2011 Ethics & Ethical Advocacy (Online Version) (Miguel De La Torre), Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO, Graduate Teaching Assistant.
2011 Race & Religion in America (LuA­s LeA?n), The University of Denver, Denver, CO, Graduate Teaching Assistant. 2010 Ethics & Ethical Advocacy (Miguel De La Torre), Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO, Graduate Teaching Assistant. 2010 Multicultural Practices in Social Work (Debora Ortega), The University of Denver, Denver, CO, Graduate Teaching Assistant. 2011-2012 Graduate Studies Doctoral Fellowship for Inclusive Engagement, The University of Denver, Denver, CO.
2011 Seminar on Debates over Religion and Sexuality, All Travel and Lodging expenses paid for summer writing workshop, facilitated by Dr. 1995-2002 Logsdon School of Theology Ministerial Grant (Undergraduate & Post-Graduate Award). Conferences, Symposiums, & Trainingsa€?2014 The Latina Feminist Roundtable, convened by Dr. 2013 Wabash Learning Initiative, Jointly with the Hispanic Theological Initiative and the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion, Crawfordsville, IN. 2012 Dissertation Fellow Nomination to attend the Hispanic Theological Initiative Summer Workshop, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ. 2012 Invited Keynote Presentation for Unity Across our Communities, One Colorado, Denver, CO. 2011 Comprehensive Exam Fellow nomination to attend Hispanic Theological Initiative Summer Workshop.
2010 Doctoral Fellow nomination to attend Hispanic Theological Initiative Summer Workshop.
2006 What will it Take?: Building the Safest State for all Women and Girls, Year-long lecture series sponsored by The Chicago Foundation for Women Chicago, IL. Teaching, Administrative, Ministerial, & Other Worka€?2013-2014 Affiliate Faculty at Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO. 2010-2011 The University of Denver Latino Center for Community Engagement & Scholarship, Denver, CO. 1993-1999 Independent Consultant for Student and Young Adult Ministries primarily with Texas Baptists. 2011-2012 Steering Committee member, Lesbian-Feminist Issues & Religion, American Academy of Religion.
Jeffrey Johnson, a Black Entertainment Television journalist, CNN correspondent and former national youth director for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), will be among the speakers at the conference on Nov. The student-founded conference, with the theme, "Bridging the Gap: Building Upon the 2008 Election," is committed to uniting African American, Latino, Asian and Native American people in Indiana and elsewhere by providing a platform and a venue for effective dialogue and leadership development. Also speaking will be Monroe Circuit Judge Valeri Haughton, IU professor Khalil Muhammad and authors Robert Jackson and Tajuana Butler. In addition to students from IU campuses, participants will represent Eastern Illinois University, Ivy Tech Community College, Manchester College (Indiana ), Duquesne University, Southeast Missouri State and the University of Alabama-Birmingham, as well as two historically black colleges, Clark-Atlanta University and Huston-Tillotson University of Austin, Texas. The conference will emphasize academic excellence, career development, diversity awareness and empowerment, as well as political awareness.
From the hip-hop community to mainstream media, Johnson serves as a trusted voice for information and opinions to a new generation. As a journalist for BET, he traveled on assignment to the Darfur region of Sudan 2007 and has interviewed Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir and U.S. Johnson's commitment to fostering broad-based communication about issues related to race, politics, popular culture and socio-economics have made him an influential voice for change. At the age of 26, Butler in 1997 founded Lavelle Publishing, which published her first two books, The Desires of A Woman: Poems Celebrating Womanhood and Sorority Sisters. Butler has toured colleges and universities to conduct workshops and has been a presenter at the African American National Sorority Convention, the National Black Arts Festival and the Black MBA Conference. A resident of Indianapolis, she has re-established Lavelle Publishing and Nova Concepts Speakers. He oversees the Kappa League mentoring programs at five Indianapolis high schools and is an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Besides mentoring, Jackson shares his message with both youths and adults all over the country. Muhammad is an assistant professor of American history and an adjunct assistant professor in African American and African Diaspora Studies and in American Studies at IU. He is the author of The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America, which will be published by Harvard University Press in January.
Haughton is a judge for the Monroe Circuit Court in Bloomington, Ind., who has spent her entire adult life in public service. Remarried now with five children and 16 grandchildren, she is active in the Bloomington community as a member of the Human Rights Commission, the Community Kitchen Board and the Youth Services Board. The community is encouraged to make a donation to the Sal Castro Foundation on #GivingTuesday which takes place on Tuesday, December 2, 2014. While Latinos have made major educational gains since the inception of CYLC, Latinos continue to lag other groups when it comes to earning a bachelor's degree.
Through our advocacy efforts, we are bringing attention to issues that are highly aligned with our mission to empower Latinos to achieve their educational, social and economic aspirations.
There are three main components of the conference: guest lectures about California’s public policy process, meeting with Latino legislators and role playing public policy development.
Just as the UNY Communications Ministry Area has worked hard to connect all United Methodists in Upper New York to General Conference, we are also working to assure everyone can connect with the 2016 Annual Conference session.
The issue featured news and information about what to expect at Annual Conference session and how to prepare. These notes will cover the highlights of the previous day in a bullet point-format and will be a much more valuable tool in helping Conference members pull together reports for their local church. This video can serve as the full local church report or in support of the local church report. This year, all articles written will be for the people who are not in attendance and want be informed about what is going on at Annual Conference session. In 1812, Bishop Francis Asbury, Bishop William McKendree and General Conference Secretary Daniel Hitt sent the first letter to churches following General Conference. We celebrated our ecumenical partnerships as we move into full Communion with the Uniting Church in Sweden and toward full Communion with the Moravian church. We shared in the consecration of deaconesses and home missioners and the commissioning of missionaries. We heard from our laity an invitation to members to be more involved in making disciples and getting involved in ministries to bring the love of Christ to others.
Amidst those differences, the delegates affirmed they want their bishops to lead and we found ourselves with an opportunity for a holy moment. The bishops are the top clergy leaders of The United Methodist Church, the second largest Protestant denomination in the U.S.
Committee Chair David Little has released a letter that states the committee has voted and recommends the sale of Findley Camp & Retreat Center.
During 10 days in Portland, delegates passed an increased budget, celebrated a number of church milestones and voted to create a new version of the hymnal. The bishops’ proposal defused some of the tension, though advocates for change held a handful of demonstrations that were largely not disruptive.
To offset the cost, Moses Kumar recommends shortening the 2020 General Conference by the number of days used for any special General Conference session. The Discipleship Committee amended the petition, deleting language that would have called on United Methodist groups not to have meetings in cities that have sports teams with such mascots or symbols, which previous church resolutions contained.

The 1864 Sand Creek Massacre was the subject, and speakers included a historian and descendants of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian survivors of the attack. Stanovsky had joined the descendants in planning the event, the latest effort yet by The United Methodist Church to atone for the Sand Creek Massacre. Chicago Area Bishop Sally Dyck urged United Methodists to do as Pope Francis said, Go; learn mercy.
They included the 60th anniversary of the Methodist Church granting full clergy rights to women, the 200th anniversary of Francis Asbury’s death, the 250th anniversary of John Street Church in New York City, the 30th anniversary of DISCIPLE Bible Study, the upcoming 25th anniversary of Africa University and a whole day dedicated to United Methodist Women, which will soon turn 150. Although recognized as a conference by the 1972 General Conference, Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference had voice but no vote until the 1976 General Conference, which also met in Portland. On May 16, delegates narrowly defeated an effort to add two bishops immediately, in Nigeria and in Zimbabwe. Term limits for United Methodist bishops got strong support in a May 17 vote at General Conference 2016, but fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to change the church constitution, 482 in favor of term limits to 332 opposed. Offerings for the special Sunday, observed annually on the fourth Sunday of Lent, cover the United Methodist Committee on Relief’s overhead.
The liturgy of commissioning was believed to be the first at a United Methodist General Conference. A petition passed that allows deacons to contact their resident bishop directly to ask for permission. To offset the cost, Kumar recommends shortening the 2020 General Conference by the number of days used for any special General Conference session. A fund the General Council on Finance and Administration has already designated for litigation or conflict resolution could pay the commission’s costs.
The petition had been amended in the Discipleship Committee, deleting language that would have called on United Methodist groups not to have meetings in cities that have sports teams with such mascots or symbols, which previous church resolutions contained.
Though the decision may have fended off the strong emotions that come with polarizing issues, delegates on both sides have mixed emotions to the decision to refer.
The United Methodist Church was a founding member of the organization in 1973 and the United Methodist Board of Church and Society and United Methodist Women are currently members. The amendment features updated language to reflect changes in health care delivery in the United States during the previous quadrennium. They also recognized the service of Neil Alexander, outgoing president of the United Methodist Publishing House. Bishop Bruce Ough is the incoming president, and Bishop Kenneth Carter is the president-designate. Roger Salters Doctoral Institute for Inclusive Excellence, The University of Denver, Denver, CO.
Kathryn a€?Katea€? Ott (Assistant Professor of Christian Social Ethics) for Faithful Conversations: Envisioning Our Future as the LGBTQ Community and Allies, Denver, CO. Thelatha a€?Nikkia€? Young (Assistant Professor, Women's and Gender Studies Bucknell University Lewisburg, PA) & Rev. Crime Victim Services Division: Claims Analyst serving the Crime Victims Compensation Bureau.
Trauma Support Case Manager with Violence Recovery Services [Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Legal Advocacy]. Chaplain [Resident, Legal & Ethical Advisor for Critical Care, Cardiac Surveillance Units, and Post-Surgery], Arlington Heights, IL. Thelathia a€?Nikkia€? Young, LGBT Issues & Queer Studies in Ethics, Society of Christian Ethics.
13-14, being held at the Kelley School of Business' Godfrey Graduate and Executive Education Center, 1275 E. Andrew Wallace, a partner and a certified public accountant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, will open the Friday general session with a presentation on leadership for success in a global economy.
A social activist, political strategist, inspirational speaker, executive producer and an architect for social change, Johnson is one of today's most gifted leaders in both the political and entertainment arenas.
In 2007, he testified before the Committee on Homeland Security regarding recovery efforts in wake of the devastation caused to the Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina.
Muhammad's scholarship has been featured in the Washington Post and on National Public Radio.
The legal profession was her second career after a nearly 20-year career as a mental health counselor.
She worked in the Capital Division of the State Public Defender's office while still in law school as a law clerk and investigator.
CLYLP is guided by the overall theme "California’s Future Leaders," and the leadership training emphasizes the importance of culture, community, college and careers. The  summer conference and all CLYLP programs seek to have alumni return to their communities with a stronger sense of identity and role in their communities. This year there will be several improvements to past methods of connecting and the return of previous means of connecting that worked well. This was particularly useful information for people attending AC session; however, it did not hold much value for those not attending. In any case, members of the stated audience are not the same people who would be attending the Annual Conference session. Second, it was used as a reference by AC session attendees as they assembled their reports on Annual Conference session for their local churches. We celebrated our heritage: the 250th anniversary of our oldest church, John Street United Methodist Church, the 200th anniversary of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the 150th anniversary of United Methodist Women, the 25th anniversary of Africa University and others. We spoke candidly about what divides us and what our church might look like in the future if we dared to consider new possibilities. Delegates chose not to add a fossil fuels investment screen for the United Methodist Board of Pension and Health Benefits. Previously, the pastor-in-charge or the district superintendent had to make the request on the deacon’s behalf. She noted that they were made in the part of Korea where Wisconsin Area Bishop Hee-Soo Jung is from. Processes claims by reviewing filings, providing and gathering information, and preparing reports. Faith Passage was a Lilly funded yearlong spiritual and leadership (Wesleyan) development program committed to nurturing and empowering 30 high school youth in making a a€?faith passagea€? from adolescence to adulthood, Evanston, IL. In honor of our nation's first African-American president, the committees for IU's leadership conferences for men and women of color decided to combine forces to hold a combined event.
In addition, participants will leave the event armed with information that will empower them to impact change in their communities, schools, or agencies.
After earning a degree from and lettering in football and track in 1990-93 at Western Kentucky University, Jackson played briefly for the Minnesota Vikings. Diaz after his keynote address at the 5000 Role Models Scholarship Program, where 45 men of color were awarded scholarships to any college in Florida and a laptop computer.
He is currently researching the recent history of black conservatism and working on an edited volume on the history of police brutality.
The fee to attend the conference is $55 for university and community professionals, $30 for college students and $20 for high school students.
People reading articles on the website or in the Post-Conference issue of the Advocate needed more background, context, and information.
We voted to add five new bishops in Africa after 2020, and approved a churchwide study on our ecclesiology.
We offered a way forward, postponing decisions about sexuality matters and committing to having a different kind of global conversation that allows all voices to be heard. As we reflect on our time in Portland, our prayer is for unity in the church for the advancement of our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
1 Essence magazine bestseller Hand-me-down Heartache, The Night Before Thirty and Just My Luck (all released by a division of Random House). Since January 2005, she has worked as a consultant at IU Bloomington, doing research on the history of blacks at the university. Abrahams, top executive of the World Methodist Council, reminded delegates that Methodism was founded on a commitment to those on the margins.

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