The Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification is an online course designed to bring you up to speed on using the law of attraction to the extent that, if you want to, you can actually become a qualified practitioner and coach others in using the law of attraction in their lives. The fact that these two highly successful people have developed the course should instantly give you confidence in the quality of it. The course comprises 5 modules and it is likely that it will take you at least 3 weeks to complete although you are allowed up to a year to complete the online exams.
Dr Joe Vitale and Steve G Jones are highly regarded in this area – Joe Vitale was featured in the movie The Secret and has a number of books and courses in this area, Steve Jones is likewise a successful published author.

The Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification course is split into 5 course modules which explain the law of attraction and how to use it.
Cheaper than a lot of regular law of attraction courses so you may save money by taking this course, even if you don’t want to become a Law of Attraction practitioner. You can ask questions about the course content by email if there’s anything that needs clarification. The course is well presented and the two instructors are well qualified to teach this material.

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You need to get a score of at least 75% in these exams in order to qualify for your law of attraction practitioner certification.

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