A Self Fulfilling Prophecy is a prediction that causes itself to come true due to the simple fact that the prediction was made.
Or: do you want to give power to your positive affirmations, or to leave them hanging in the air? First, make them positive Think about the change you want to make in your life, and formulate your affirmation to describe it accurately and in a positive way. Karen Commins is a professional female voice-over talent with her own soundproof studio in Atlanta, GA. A positive attitude is one thing that people always advise you to have when starting or pursuing a voice-over career. Today's story is not directly related to my usual topics of voiceover, marketing, or audiobooks.
She told him to submit an application even though they currently had no vacancies. However, things moved FAST from that point! Now, imagine waking up every morning with the intention to manifest a great day for yourself, with the strong conviction that the day will be just the way you want, and saying this sentence. Whether you need a 15-second radio or TV ad, a 15-minute e-learning module, or a 15-hour audiobook, Karen creates pristine recordings that are A Vacation For Your Ears! YAY!!However, as excited as I am to start a wonderful new phase in my life, this post isn't about me and my career plans. In it, I described the audiobook that I narrated for LibriVox and included a link to the book trailer I created to promote the audiobook. Instead, it's a Law of Attraction story that I hope encourages and inspires you to do what you love and pursue your dreams because you just never know where they will lead! If you are planning to enter a new career, such as a job shift to voiceover work, additional instruction will be necessary to gain subject mastery.3. The right people and information will come into your life when you least expect it.Long before the Georgia Aquarium opened at Thanksgiving, 2005 -- in fact, in 2003 or 2004 when construction was still underway -- a friend mentioned to Drew that he was going to apply to volunteer at the Aquarium. She called him the day after his birthday to tell him he was scheduled for the preliminary -- and intense!
Newcomers who are getting started in voiceover and experienced voice talent alike enjoy Karen's insight and commentary about working in the industry, as well as the marketing ideas in her blog.
Daddy worked there and encouraged me to apply for a part-time job on the evening shift after school.
He hoped to be a scuba diver.Until that day, we hadn't heard much about the Aquarium, but that one sentence was all Drew needed to hear. He just didn't see how it could work out given our distance from the ocean and the part-time nature of the work. His story shows that when you give up the HOW and focus on the WHAT of your desires, the Universe can fulfill the order in a way better than you could have dreamed possible!
I suspect that many people feel better about themselves when they can be critical of others.Recently, I used my journal entries from 1993 to give you 4 quick lessons about finding happiness when you hate your job. The key is not to find a job and industry that you are passionate about, but to create a LIFE that you are passionate about! The last sentence was written with apologies to my eighth grade English teacher Mrs. You have to DO SOMETHING about it! If you look at the word ATTRACTION, you'll observe that the root word is ACTION, not GRATIFY.
The forces of the Universe may conspire to help you achieve it!In 2005, the world's largest aquarium was built in -- you guessed it -- Atlanta. Yes, that's partially true, but I also have spent considerable time in consciously re-programming my mind.
If you don't know what you want, how do you expect to get it?If you don't do anything else, I advise you to RUN, do not walk, to buy the IT WORKS booklet and then follow Brad Jensen's extensive, amazing, and generous advice about using it.As an example from my life, I made a list with attributes that I wanted in a job, like a certain income level, the ability to do voiceover work, and a private office with a door and window. As this story illustrates, the results of the Law of Attraction are evident only after taking consistent action over a period of time.1. Persistence of follow-up action is a key ingredient to success.Thousands of people applied to be volunteers, and the resulting screening process was often disorganized and chaotic. I continue each day to CHOOSE BETTER THOUGHTS and speak words in the direction I want my life to go.The following quotes are especially meaningful to me. I would apply for a job and then forget it (kind of like doing an audition today).One evening, my manager called me to her desk and told me that I had a job interview. I deliberately made the attributes a little more generic so that the list would cover my day job and my voiceover business. If you have an idea to try something new, try it -- you might like it.Drew started scuba diving in 1983 just because he and his college roommate thought it would be a fun thing to do. Almost unbelievably, land-locked Atlanta, which is at least a 5 hours' drive to any ocean, is the home to the world's largest aquarium, with mammoth exhibits housing some of the world's largest marine life.
They help me remember to focus on the outcome I want to achieve instead of dwelling on any perceived slights or criticism in the present moment. I think she ended this exciting news flash with something like, "Oh, and it's 5 minutes from now, so you better start walking."I worked in a 1-story building spanning several acres. I reviewed this list frequently and added criteria over time, especially as I checked off attributes that were met.Your results when working your list probably will turn out better than you could imagine. Rather than doing the self-reflection necessary to understand what is missing in their life and make adjustments, I have observed that most people hurriedly make 1 or -- even worse -- a combination of the 4 life-changing decisions below. Since we live in Atlanta, you can imagine that his opportunities to go diving were somewhat limited. The largest exhibit holds OVER 6 MILLION GALLONS OF WATER and 4 whale sharks, which will grow to be the size of city buses! He made sure that his application was processed and that he did everything he needed to do in order to become a volunteer.

All of the tax returns for several states were processed in that building, so you can imagine its size. If the person thinks they weren't smart enough for one thing, maybe they start thinking they aren't smart enough for other things as well.When I'm around people who put forth such comments, I offer them a different perspective. When I wrote that I wanted a private office with a door and window, I envisioned an office cubicle facing a window with tall walls on the other 3 sides.
Just act as if you had it, and it will come.Then, soon after you start giving, you will start receiving.
You don't sing me love songs."Unfortunately, making any of those decisions without FIRST analyzing the cause of your feelings of discontentment will not solve the problem. I always encourage people to take these kinds of classes and read books on voiceover to get a taste of what the job is like.2.
When she started standing up for herself and letting people know they couldn't dump on her, she actually became more respected. As Eckhart Tolle beautifully explains in the passage I excerpted in this post, since what you think about expands, focusing on what you think you lack will only ensure that MORE lack will come into your life!Someone recently left a comment on my blog about their own frustration. It also has a TV, an iPod stereo, and a reasonable proximity to the refrigerator downstairs.In another example, I wrote a new life list in September and included the fact that I want to be contracted at least once a month to voice an audiobook.
If you like it, take specialized classes to learn more about it and master new skills.As the number of his dives increased the past few years, Drew kept taking specialty classes. Meanwhile, Drew's volunteer work started during the pre-grand opening days for annual pass holders. I'm sure she thought that if her other top candidates were as prepared as me, she'd prefer to leave the job vacant.Someone else's job "interview" storyI thought about this incident recently when I received an email from someone who bemoaned a mistake in an audition.
I faithfully have reviewed my list, taken the actions suggested by the creative genie, and received 3 audiobook contracts since then, almost as if on schedule!2) Think about WHY you want it.I worked for the IRS for over 30 years. When thinking about the things you like to do, you can find your touchstones by asking yourself thoughtful, probing questions like those above for Veronica. He talked for years about getting a Dive Master rating even though he had no place to use it.
I remember reading an article in which he said that he would give a great show that the audience loved. Part of that acceptance meant that I made conscious and continuous effort to be grateful for all of the many blessings that I received as a result of my day job.I got a clear sign from the Universe about making the leap to full-time voiceover.
In fact, Tolle's message was an underlying reason I decided to spend time narrating an audiobook as a service project. When you know WHY something is important to you, you make much better choices.From Veronica's message, it seems obvious that she has done some serious thinking and decided to embark on a new career in voiceover. Volunteering is a great way to get more of your passion in your life, as well as gain experience needed for a job shift.Drew did anything he could to get his foot in the door, hoping that maybe at some point he would be allowed to dive with the Aquarium. He would read the reviews expecting accolades and would instead find brutal words from critics.
What you put out in the world comes back to you, probably in ways you didn't expect.Think a different, better-feeling thought as your next thought. The only moment you know you have is this one, so why not be doing something because it makes you happy?Yes, working full-time for an employer and part-time as an entrepreneur has its challenges. Since I don't know Veronica, I can only speculate about her answers and motivation to become a voice talent in the hope that it gives you food for thought about finding your own touchstones and designing the life you want.For instance, I wonder if Veronica has a touchstone of recognition. Everyone told him that he would have to volunteer for at least a year before they would even consider taking on volunteer divers. I've found that if I'm forcing the solution, the outcome is not the best that I could have. I would say it's a challenge to pursue any calling when you don't have unlimited time, money, and opportunity for it. So, rather than feeling like an audiobook gig was being withheld from me, I gave this one to the world.It feels great to be able to give!What do you think of Tolle's assertion that you should give that which you think is withheld from you? If so, changing jobs to become a voice talent may not be the most satisfying way to bring more recognition into her life.
You have to know that the Universe is always orchestrating the right action in your life.I can't say that I'm always perfect in maintaining the right attitude.
If Drew had not continued to take diving classes and upgrade his certifications in the preceding few years, he would not have been eligible for consideration for the dive team. Use your words to change the situation.Lately, I started to question whether I have lost my ambition or motivation. However, my lapses to the dark side are more infrequent and last a much shorter amount of time when they do occur.What's holding you back? Note that every passion does not lead to a career choice.Also, since I mentioned the day job, let me just reiterate that having one can bankroll many of your dreams. Even so, he still had to take some Red Cross first aid classes and pass a grueling swimming test.
The forces of the Universe will conspire to bring about the changes you want when the time is right.The only HOW to remember is this HOWEVER -- the root word of Attraction is ACT. Before I ever took the first voiceover workshop, I volunteered for 5 years as a reader and producer for the Georgia Radio Reading Service.
The best article I've written about being in a learning curve is 12 lessons from Dancing With The Stars.
Gilbert notes that a voice talent profiled in the review had the lowest income of any of the respondents.

Through my volunteer work, I gained clarity about my desire to become a full-time voice talent.7. If you read that article and absorb the lessons, you'll find it easier to give yourself permission to learn and grow from your experiences.2.
He also mentions that his article may extinguish the flames of passion.Of course, Veronica may truly have a touchstone that involves creative expression through her voice -- something more meaningful than simply being told she has a nice voice. Get a support team in place to cheer you on.Some of you know that Drew was laid off in July 2009 from his position as a lead senior software engineer by ADP, his employer of 12 years.
From the moment he told me the shocking news, I told him that the layoff could be the best thing that could happen to him.
My new role means that I can go to breakfast, shopping, or to a movie with Drew any day of the week.
We live in the Information Age, with much of the world's knowledge just a few keystrokes away.
I'm just pointing out that the people who write to me probably have nice eyes, nice fingernails, and nice knee caps, but, since no one has complimented those things, the prospective voice talent don't try to turn them into career choices.Without further exploration on Veronica's part, she wouldn't know whether she should become a voiceover talent, a puppeteer, singer, telemarketer, lawyer, or a political advocate. You have to shake off the negative thoughts and hold the attitude every day that you are working to the best of your ability.
These choices could have the same touchstone but would require wildly different actions.I think we all yearn for some way for creative expression, and the lack of it may be at the root of some of the dissatisfaction with our lives. Your actions will follow your thoughts, so you might as well think thoughts of progress and victory!And remember, people on top of the mountain didn't just fall there.3.
Things happen for a reason.Sometimes you figure out the reason, and sometimes you never do because it wasn't about you.
I have been writing a growing list of "I AM" statements, like I am talented, I am creative, and I am blessed. Because I write this blog, the Universe has sent that help back to me in the form of clients who find me because of my blog. Retiring over 4 years early from my day job and working as a full-time voice talent is definitely a dream come true!
Can you imagine how much better the world would be if he had only followed his dream?Where other people paint a canvas using brushes, I do it with words, either by giving voice to words written by others or putting my voice into words for others to read. If your family and friends are not supportive of you, it just makes your success more difficult to achieve. The right kind of creative expression for each person would be that thing they want to do for its own intrinsic enjoyment.
In the voice-over world, you can join numerous on-line forums to discuss your progress with and learn from peers.
Maybe it becomes a career choice, but then again, maybe it doesn't.Through her self-assessment, Veronica might realize that she needs the cheers or applause from an audience.
I'm reminded of another IRS interview story.In 2008, I had an interview with the multilingual office. Voiceover is usually a solitary pursuit, which again indicates it wouldn't be a good career choice. Investing in your dream is an investment in yourself and a life you will love.Initially, Drew said he would still pursue a job in software development. At the same time, though, he decided to fulfill a long-held dream to get his Dive Master rating. It would have been a promotion, and the work was something I thought I'd be very interested in doing. ADP paid him for his unused vacation time, and Drew used that money to take the certification class even though he didn't have a specific plan to use the certification. For some reason unknown to me, they were delayed in making a decision after the interview.Meanwhile, my best friend Mike asked me to work on a temporary promotion for 4 months in his office in Applications Development. When I said yes to that opportunity, my life changed in ways I couldn't imagine:I wasn't selected for the job I thought I really wanted. It may seem like a sacrifice to give up a trip in exchange for a career-enhancing workshop. Listen to that small, still voice in your head, and let it guide you in times of doubt.After going on an interview in the fall for a developer position that seemed if it had been written to match his qualifications and was located only 3 miles from our house, Drew confessed that he did not really want to go back to corporate software. Until he changed his mindset about the salary he could accept, he felt he couldn't work there, especially since most of the staff only works part-time.10. Continue moving in the direction of your dream, even if you can only take baby steps.Drew had expressed his interest in the job and maintained contact with the department manager during his volunteer stints. It was my dream position at the IRS!In 2011, the IRS offered early retirements to a very small number of employees, mostly in areas of communications and training.
Once he finished his Dive Master certification, he notified her about his upgraded qualifications. If I had stayed in Information Technology, whether with Mike in Applications Development or my original job in Network Operations, I would still be working at the IRS, with no end in sight.My life would have turned out very differently if I had gotten that job as a teenager. I love my life and wouldn't want to change it!When you know that things happen for a reason, you place less emphasis on any one thing that happens. This knowledge takes the stress out of any perceived mistakes of the moment.Don't dwell on those "mistakes"!

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