A lot of people believe in the idea, or at least would like to believe in the idea, but find it quite difficult to actually make it work for them. Yet the truth of the matter is that one of your purposes in life is to learn how to harness your desires, wishes and energies, and turn them into reality. There are traditions going back to the beginning of recorded human history which speak of the power of Manifestation and The Law of Attraction.
Manifestation is the ability of any human being to use certain techniques to manifest what he or she desires.
Although the early teachers of manifestation tried to hide their teachings in secrecy and mystery, and tried to limit the knowledge for a select few who had undergone initiation rituals of one kind or another, the fact is this knowledge is now and always has been available to everyone. Our only interest in it today is to see what it can tell us about Laws Of Attraction and the process of Manifestation. And so, to make sense of it, he came up with seven sacred secrets or principles of manifestation. Everything in the entire universe, whether physical, intellectual, spiritual or emotional, is part of an all-encompassing divine creation. Of course if this is true, and we are all living inside an omnipresent and omniscient energy force, or divine presence, then we are all more connected than we are separate, more similar than we are different. No, we do not, simply because spirit transcends our understanding, just as it always has and always will.
Given the grace to use Spirit (or whatever you call the universal energy) to manifest our desires, need we look beyond the techniques that we can use to get what we want, or should we be content in knowing that the universe has granted us the power of manifestation? And do we really need to consider the divine paradox — that matter is both illusory and real, simultaneously? Modern quantum physics teaches us that matter is energy, and energy is matter, and that surely, is that!
The point for us right here, right now, in manifesting our desires is to simply keep in mind that because matter and energy are interchangeable,  the power of our brains is such that it can influence the manifestation of matter around us.
It’s also able to change events and energies around us so that certain outcomes can occur, can be made manifest. And in any event, it’s not true that our universe is either an illusion or a paradox.
It happens to be the manifestation that we require for our lives as physical beings on this planet. At the same time, because we are also spiritual beings and we have an energetic existence, we can connect with the energy behind the universe, and influence how things manifest on earth.
Every system of manifestation, every example of Law Of Attraction, depends upon a certain mental process.
The hermeticists, the followers of the Egyptian sage Hermes, used words like meditation and divine attention to describe the process that somebody needed to use before they could engage with the mental energy, the spiritual energy of the universe. What this means in practice is that the physical, spiritual, or mental activities are subject to the same spiritual laws.
So, in one sense, dividing our existence into spiritual, mental, and physical realms is artificial – they are all aspects of life and existence which co-exist together. In other words, the physical, mental and spiritual realms reflect the qualities, each of the other.
For me, a more useful way to think of these three planes of existence is to see them as different aspects of the All, the Mystery, All That Is,  Cosmic Consciousness, or whatever name you wish to use for the power of the Universe.
Any formula for manifesting your desires, for getting what you want, achieving success, setting goals and making them come true, will ALWAYS involves some mental process that allows connection between your mind and the cosmic consciousness.
Everything in the universe is composed of matter which vibrates at a certain rate; and matter is just a physical form of energy. We all know that is true, as the work of the atomic physicists from the days of Einstein onwards has shown.
It is a powerful and amazing thought, even so: what appears to be solid is, in fact, just energy.
The fact that energy and matter are interchangeable means that every thought, every emotion, every desire, attracts to itself its physical equivalent. When you with a person who is happy, you tend to feel happy, and when you’re with a person who is depressed and negative, you feel your own mood lowering. But of course, you have to think about your desires in a particular way – which is the whole point of manifestation and Law Of Attraction. So, like masculinity and femininity, poverty and prosperity are simply at opposite ends of another spectrum. By raising our energy so that it more closely approaches that of the higher end of a particular spectrum, it’s possible to transmute unwanted and undesirable situations into something more positive. If you worry about money, or complain that you don’t have enough, your thoughts are at the poverty end of the finance polarity.
And even if you don’t appear to have money right now, simply changing your thought processes to focus on prosperity and opportunity will change your physical circumstances. Releasing, eliminating, changing, or even destroying your limiting beliefs is a fundamental aspect of getting what you want and manifesting success.
And you almost certainly will have experienced how the transmission of mental energy from one person to another can be conducted.
If you consistently attract negative people to you, is it because you are negative yourself? The Kybalion suggests that the entire universe operates to a precise and predictable rhythm. If people succeed and then subsequently fail, they do so merely because they have a belief system which holds that every success has to be followed by failure. This is simply the law of cause and effect: every cause has its effect, every effect has its cause.
While there are many levels of causation, the essence of this principle is that nothing can happen by chance. Life mastery, the ability to manifest using the Law Of Attraction, is the product of YOU becoming a conscious cause rather than a passive recipient of effect.
Even so, I don’t buy into the idea that wherever you are in life right now is the product of your own creation. I think this is banal and simplistic, and possibly even an insult to the creative design of the universe.

Even when you cannot understand why something has happened to you, you can safely assume that the law of cause and effect is at work.
To take responsibility for your own life, it is necessary to accept that you CAN AND DO create, right here, right now, the things that happen to you. This is a development of the fourth Sacred Secret: it ascribes male and female energy to every force and creation in the universe. I’m not entirely clear what Hermes meant by this, but he seemed to think that a combination of male energy and female energy were important in manifestation. He wasn’t referring to conventional gender roles here, but something more like female energy being an attracting force and male energy being a creative force. Rather than thinking of every event and experience in the universe as governed by feminine and masculine energy, let us simply say that there are different and complementary forces at work in the world, some of which will get us what we want, and others which will not. Perhaps these are better ways of describing the opposing energetic forces that the Kybalion described as masculine and feminine. So we can take as much or as little of this as we wish, and transmute it into a modern system of manifestation. One of the most interesting things about working with Law Of Attraction principles is how easily and quickly they work: at least, when you have mastered the antecedents, the requirements, the preconditions, for the universal laws to take effect.
We don’t really have to look at complicated principles which were created by less sophisticated peoples (by our standards) than ourselves to explain a natural process. The basis of manifestation is simple: intense desire, complete belief, and confident expectancy.
And remember that you can think of your inner masculine and feminine as having different skills and abilities. Since each of us has an inner masculine energy and an inner feminine energy, we are all capable of manifesting our desires by using the Law Of Attraction. And also allow your feminine to receive: it is very receptive to the whispers of the divine, of the collective unconscious.
Make no mistake, getting what you want with the Law Of Attraction can be easy or challenging.
With support like this, your life will change beyond recognition – quickly, easily and efficiently. When you’re feeling like the world has forgotten you and the universe has been nothing but cruel, you can’t help but think of the days past and how it was simpler, happier. Being a good person is such a broad term, but in its broadness sits an understanding that good people do certain things that make them noticeable as such. There are simple ways in which you can boost your performance, and they don’t take much for you to do.
Your thoughts have a habit of getting in the way of being productive, of opening up to new experiences, and of connecting with people, to name a few. Anthony on May 20, 2013 in Manifestation, Relationships & Sex with 0 Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest E-mail Love ThisPrint PDF The following is part 2 of the article “A More Attractive Law of Attraction”, which comes from the book of the same name. But you may wonder how you can control your thoughts, and you may want to know what techniques you have to use, so that manifestation of your desires becomes consistent and reliable.
Here, they are, with some comments about how they relate to us nowadays as we  manifest our desires.
And whether you call controlling and directing energy of the universe Spirit, Divine Wisdom, or All That Is, this energy is present in every place.
But do we really need to consider the nature of Spirit, the nature of “All That Is”?
In fact, our physical universe is but one, very real, manifestation of the energy of the universe. People think of the spiritual plane as having the highest vibrational energy – and maybe it does. And since energy is universal, and manifests in different forms only because it has different energetic frequencies, it follows that we can probably influence what’s going on around us by changing the frequency of our own vibrations.
Enlightenment and ignorance are another pair of qualities which occur at different ends, at different polarities, of another spectrum. Yet they are simply opposite ends of a polarity: very few people feel either completely pure love or completely pure hate. The universe did not give you the power to manifest what you want only to take it off you again. Perhaps the cause of what has happened to you (the effect or outcome) is simply too complicated to see clearly. The masculine loves to go out and build, while the feminine taps into the creative unconscious. Quiet time, meditation, visualization, will allow your feminine to receive, to pass ideas on to the masculine, the energy which is always ready to take action.
Your success in your career is determined by mostly how you feel about your chosen career and how you choose to execute it day in and day out. This is not like other things in life that sits on a gray area, where there’s no right or wrong answer. It has the power to make you feel strong emotions, to make you remember certain things that you would rather forget. Everybody we know has had at least one moment of weakness wherein they let their insecurities dictate their actions. There are a number of factors for this, but generally speaking, it’s roughly the same things that stop everyone from achieving this goal. Like many others who have been interested in manifestation, Hermes tried to make sense of the principles behind this phenomenon by classifying and ordering what he thought was going on. The All must have continuously and always existed, for nothing else could create it, and nothing else could exist outside it. But it’s incorrect to do so, because all three planes of existence co-exist together in the same time and space. We’ll examine why prayer works so inconsistently in the section of these writings about Belief. Insecurity is hard to get rid of, no matter how beautiful you are, successful, talented, and smart. All that one of the naive LOA advocates would have to do would be to name a particular (reasonably difficult goal), then apply the LOA and wait for it to manifest.

It would have to be something that was not too easy (say, eating a nice Chinese meal), instead being reasonably difficult to attain (say, getting a feature piece on the front page of the New York Times). You might like to think about why.No doubt some of you are thinking that this Marcus T Anthony is probably just a loser. I have been quite systematic about applying such processes, and over quite a long period of time.
With the naive law of attraction narcissism, selfishness and delusion are strong possibilities. This occurs when the individual takes the LOA and decides to try and get whatever he can from life and the universe without bothering to look within himself, or develop an understanding of the mind (ego).
So they apply a spiritual take on the LOA.The stepsUsing the feeling sense along with Gentle Aligned Action is actually very simple. This is very important, as desire, expectation, fear and doubt will all distort your feeling sense.
You can permit the experience of presence by focussing upon something within your immediate environment.
Natural objects are good – especially trees and plants – but almost any object will do.
Alternatively, focus upon your breath for half a minute, or until such time as you are centred and present. Simply observe them without judgment and then return your attention to the thing you are focusing upon. It should take no longer than a minute to quiet the mind in this way.2) Within your mind, bring your attention to your desired goal. If it is a job you want to get, imagine yourself in the interview, or working in the place you desire. Imagine the scene as if it happening now.3) Pay careful attention to the subtle feelings that emerge as you do this. Remember, expectation and desire will tend to mess up your subtle intuition. Pay attention also to images, voices and any music that comes into your head. Subtle feelings are the most reliable ways of sensing alignment.4) After bringing yourself out of your light meditative state, commit to an action (or non-action) based on your guidance. In particular, if you get a strong sense of the action being right or wrong, follow through and align your future with that feeling. If the feelings are confused or indifferent, you might like to delay any action, and repeat the meditation at a later date.
As a general rule, don’t commit large amounts of time and energy to imagined futures with an indifferent feel to them. Why order a bland counter lunch when you know that in an abundant universe a five-star restaurant might be just around the corner?5) As you take action towards the goal, pursue it purposefully and with strong intention, yet with a light and joyful heart.
It is about allowing life to mirror back to us what is within our psyches, and in doing so we become wiser and more loving.
Gentle Aligned Action is not about trying to control things so that we always get what we want. The great gift of this is that through such “setbacks” we get to love and forgive ourselves and the world. The key to forgiveness is non-judgment, and that in turn means that we have to learn to be fundamentally present in our lives. The greatest limit of the naive LOA is that it tends to place your mind’s focus in some imagined better future. Not for any price is my soul on the market.In a nutshellWhat then does life look like when we apply Gentle Aligned Action versus the naive law of attraction. Can you observe all this, either without judgment, or by gracefully acknowledging the judgments you have towards those who believe in the naive law of attraction. This Stunning Video Brilliantly Describes a Seeker in Just 99 Seconds Dandelion Root is Shaping Up to Be Quite the Cancer Fighter These Healthy Japanese Noodles Are High Fiber and NO-CARBS (Plus They Taste Really Good!) 8 Ways To Overcome The Excuses That Steal Your Dreams Do This Right Before You Go to Sleep To Open Your 3rd Eye (and Boost Your Psychic Abilities!) Study: This Activity may Cut Your Risk of 13 Types of Cancer! I love to say it again and again that the law of attraction manifestations  are magical.While manifesting with the law of attraction, you should know that the possibilities are endless. And today I am sharing one such success story of magical manifestation.Janice is from Singapore. So rather than asking whether she was very lucky or she has mastered it, you must read further to understand her story.Before we go ahead, I must tell you the law of attraction is not about wishful thinking. She fell in love with this blog and after reading many posts she found her answer.She was missing a consistent practice and the magic ingredient. As she aligned magic into daily life, things started moving in magical speed.She has put her best effort every single day and was regularly updating me.
But what took me to the sky is her email after few weeks of completion of the magical journey.It was a month of pure dedication and gratitude from her side.
I knew she must have great manifestations, but I did not have any idea what exactly she was manifesting.As I got her email, she had listed 10 Magical Manifestations. Not just one or two but ten magical law of attraction manifestation.Awesome Janice, totally awesome.
Managed to backup all my important info on my phone in time, after it get crashed (imagine the anxiety and horror!) 8.
My eyes could adapt to certain beauty products that I used to be allergic before.And many more are happening everyday!! As a result, she was repeatedly getting magical manifestations every day.Living every with magic and achieving small to big things are the real fun of life. Popularly known as ‘Awesome AJ’ among his friends, clientele and followers for spreading awesomeness in their life through his path- breaking techniques in subconscious mind programming, the law of attraction and success philosophy.12 Comments prathap reddy.v April 21, 2015 Thanqqqqqqq awesome jFor sharing inspiring stories Reply Shipra April 22, 2015 A wonderful read! Reply kondwani March 2, 2016 Inspiring and awesome Reply Sunil May 16, 2016 Great story AJ. Reply Suruchi May 16, 2016 Thank you Ajay sir for sharing this memorable post with us its really boost me Reply Awesome AJ May 16, 2016 Loads of Gratitude Suruchi.

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