Note: I call “dark stress”, the kind of stress that unknowingly you take on just because it’s all around you. You may have heard the frequent reports on the news over the last few weeks about the shortage of TSA agents at the airports and the resultant long security lines, missed flights, and in Phoenix last week, 3,000 bags that didn’t even get on airplanes at all because the bag checking machines broke down! So this morning, I went to the airport prepared to put my own tools and techniques in to practice. Apparently, I really meant to test myself because two unusual things happened this morning.
While I was waiting in all of these lines, I noticed the high-level of stress swirling all around me.
If we feel annoyed, angry, spiteful and worried, all of that has a frequency and that is what we send out to everyone around us.
As you know, the answer is we absolutely can do something simple and empowering to cancel out the impact of dark OPS. This little practice takes only a second or two to shift into and it completely cancels out the impact of Other People’s Stress in our own daily life.
In the 6 months, since I’ve unveiled my new Triple Heart Technique, I’ve really shifted my personal habits and my coaching practice to STOP playing small and START living large!
Below is a quick checklist for you to run through to see if you’re playing small and thereby experiencing “ROT-itis”. Once you spot the rot, the next steps flow with ease, like taking off a shoe that’s giving you a blister. Pay special attention if you find yourself saying, “If it was that easy, I would have already done it!” Well, the truth is, if you responded with that comment in your head, see #2 below.
You hesitate to make connections with “movers and shakers”, thinking they are too busy to engage with you.
The good news is that no matter where you are on the scale, you can easily change this by choosing to get back in charge of your life, putting yourself first and reclaiming your innate power to create your life. You spot old family stories right away, and instead of engaging and energizing them, you smile on the inside (and out!) and are grateful that they no longer control you. First, let me say that in coaching people as long as I have (12+years), it can happen that I find myself in a rut and then I have to create a way to get out of it! On Saturday, April 2nd, I’m doing a video interview with Lisa Winston as part of her ongoing online summit, Life Mastery After 40.
If you’d like to go even deeper into understanding the power of this easy process and how it works, you can purchase my online webinar here. If you’ve read my articles regularly, you’ll know that I am passionate about numerology.  My 20 years of experience with numbers has led me to agree with the ancient philosopher Pythagoras and modern-day scientist Nikolas Tesla, that numbers are the basic building blocks of our reality. Both today, Leap Day, and tomorrow, March 1st, are “22” days.  22 in numerology is called the Master Builder, or Master Architect number.
The Master Builder frequency is all about bringing ideas into manifestation.  It represents an evolution of creating something new from the wisdom that we have already gained.  So a Leap Day of “22”, following by another “22” Master Builder Day offers us a very powerful opportunity to initiate IDEAS into ACTION! When we consciously engage in this activity, it is like opening a big flowing stream of opportunity, rather than letting through just an occasional drip.
When we align with the 22:22 frequencies, our intentions have the possibility of quickly manifesting! 1)     What 4 things can I do to make concrete progress towards the realization of a goal or project that is important to me this year?
2)     How may I best use my life lessons, or personal wisdom, to navigate more expertly through the changes I am initiating now?
4)     How would I feel if my deepest heart’s desire came true in 2016?  Identify the feeling and lock it into your heart.  Remember that your heart is your most powerful organ in terms of the signal that it sends out all the way around you. At the end of this article: Information and web links for my 30 minute free webinar on moving F-A-T, using my newest energy process that incorporates music, working with the body’s intelligence, and moving emotions to free us from fat! I’m inspired by the current Fat Summit this week (January 24-31, 2016) to write more about the fat issue. However, I see the actors on television ads and shows more and more overweight as time goes on, reflecting what’s happening in society.
I’ve enjoyed all of the information on the Fat Summit so far, but so far, none of the speakers are presenting a technique or program that deals with the feelings that led us to overeat and that also directly address to storage area of these feelings- the BELLY! I’ve learned over the years that excess body fat at a basic level is not so much related to what we eat, but WHY we eat what we eat. My conclusion is that stress-eating and getting fat is directly correlated to what we are not dealing with.
In my experience, every time I gained weight, I had been experiencing stress for a long time. In my case, I have had bouts of going into denial about getting fat that included not weighing myself at all and then starting to wear only yoga pants so I don’t have to notice how my regular clothes were getting uncomfortable! I created this technique last year to help my clients easily learn how to move emotions and effectively deal with their feelings. I also have two other techniques that are very helpful in managing stress and reducing cravings and binge-eating.
Brain Tek’s Behavioral Relationship Entrainment (BRE) program is a 4 to 6 week program where individualized sound protocols are used to re-wire your neural pathways so that you can get back in control of your decisions.
During the BRE program, you also learn a quick and effective technique to activate your frontal cortex and get back on track, anytime, anywhere. Combined with personalized sound therapies that re-wire the brain for optimal functioning, it’s very easy to keep up your progress. The good news is that when you are stressed, you don’t have to find yourself reaching for more desserts or treats. It truly is one of life’s greatest pleasures to enjoy a great dessert every once in a while! For example, Sacred Journey of the Heart, the title of my award-winning documentary film, equals 111 when the letters are translated to numbers.  111 is a very important triple master number that signifies the sacred trinity in all things. The Influence of the Calendar Date: In addition to our names and the titles of things, we are all greatly influenced by calendar dates. Let’s look at the numerology of 2016 and translate it into the major vibrational themes we have to work with this year. So if you know the foundation of number’s frequency, you know exactly what to build upon it. I have actually written out my mission statement for 2016 based on these as few other key vibrations! Much, if not all of our frustrations about expressing and expanding our life’s true purpose comes from a basic feeling of powerlessness.
This all-new healing technique uses the power of sound through music, an awareness of our expanded energy system and a simple process for healing stuck emotions. All –New Heart-Healing plus Quantum physics discovery combine to create an effective and powerful manifesting technique! On Saturday, December 5th at 10 am Central Daylight time, I will be presenting a two-hour webinar on the Triple Heart Healing Technique.
Have you ever made a discovery about how life operates at its most basic level that it nearly knocked your socks off?
I believe that I made this type of discovery in preparing for my recent webinar on Manifesting with the 12 Universal Laws of Consciousness. I’m calling my new method The Triple Heart Healing Technique (THHT) and it involves learning about the physiological presence and function of our two “hidden hearts”. Once you know about this, you can then learn how to easily move stuck emotions through the mind-heart-body and thereby creating a new signal that gets broadcast into the field around you.
I actually created the technique in 2008 but didn’t start using it until late 2014 because I didn’t realize the power of what this process unleashes! In fact, so quickly that I actually went through the 5 stages of “reality altering emotional process”! The sooner we recognize this 5-stage process and have a technique to help us, the easier and faster it is to navigate. Very simply put, the underlying issue in having difficulty creating the life we desire is “inconsistent vibration”.
But if you truly feel: Anxiety about your current situation, Fear of not measuring up, or Shame about past failures, your heart will be broadcasting this emotion-based signal every moment! No wonder it can be hard to change our circumstances if we don’t know HOW to access and tap into different energies to create a different outcome. I’m sure you’ve heard the Einstein quote that says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. What’s really interesting is that one of the latest theories in quantum physics provides the “how-to” of accessing expanded possibilities.
When I learned how the particle-wave duality is now understood, this was the moment that knocked my socks off! If you are ready to try something totally new, based on a new process and new scientific understanding, click here to register!
How awesome would that be if someone else could wave a wand and some nasty invisible being could be “poofed” out of existence and then finally, I would be at peace once and for all?! I lovingly look back at experiences like that, as a training ground for what I have discovered now: Living Peace that is not dependent on outside circumstances and is certainly not related some kind of “energy hanger-on-er” that was preventing me from being calm. If you’ve read my blog articles, you will know that a big piece of calming down for me was to get my brain sorted out with the powerful frequency-based technology of Brain Tek.
But even with my brain’s neural network firing more functionally, I found that a deep sense of peace was still elusive.

Realizing that, I went back into the archives of my work and found a simple technique I had created in 2008 that I called the Triple Heart Technique. The reason I created this technique was that I found that for many people, opening up to do deep heart work was difficult, if not impossible. I have discovered many ways to do this, but again, they are time consuming and require worksheets, workbooks and outside tools. In the last year, I’ve been refining this simple process and have seen it work miracles in people’s lives. I am also at peace with other things that have been daunting over the years, like the emotional distance and disconnect with my siblings, my divorce, the ups and downs of self-employment, the turbulence on airlines even!
I’ve faced many crossroad decisions in my life, and I have to say that I’m risk taker – I don’t follow the easy path and most of all, I never give up. When facing a decision, for the most part, the opinions of others don’t really give us much guidance other than, well, their opinions.
Unfortunately, that is the reality for all of us who lived with any kind of abuse- emotional, mental, sexual or spiritual.
In learning how to make good decisions for myself, I have created a road map, or what I call Quantum Mathematics for the Soul. So my question is this: Is there a way to make decisions that will give you clear and direct feedback? Those are the equations or the cornerstone of what I use to ask myself questions when faced with  a decision. Have I fully embraced the person I am with, accepting who they are, how they express themselves and understanding what is important to them, thereby adding to our life together? Have I denied parts of this person, wanting them to be different than they are, seeing them as flawed, “less than” or no longer right for me, subtracting from what we were attracted to in the first place?
Have I shared my true thoughts and feelings with my significant other, revealing my true self and thereby multiplying our feelings of love, respect and dignity? Have I horded my true self, keeping myself separate and apart and causing division in our goals and dreams?
I’ve learned to embrace change and to be aware of the equations that expand consciousness, create more connection, and lead to deeper peace, within and without. Remember at the crossroads, the more conscious you are of your choice, the less regret you have, and the more empowered you become!
In the sizzling peak of our hot desert summer in Phoenix, Arizona, my kids have gotten me hooked into watching cooking shows for the first time ever: our favorites are Chopped!
When I realized that “desserts” is “stressed” spelled backwards, it’s no wonder that when we are stressed- we sometimes go for extra desserts!
It’s easier now than ever before to give in to cravings- and end up bingeing and feeling out of control. Happily, I have a lot of resources to access when I find myself going in a direction that isn’t productive.  I was able to use the techniques from Brain Tek’s program and also, to re-activate my heart’s coherence and make better choices about my time and energy.
There are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life. They store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. There are Bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money; 32 different ones in all. Touch one Bar and you begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life just by touching it.
When you are functioning from preconceived points of veiw about what is possible in life, what is not possible in life, and have it rigidly defined of how the world works, you can not be aware of anything that does not match that. Each thought, idea, attitude, decision or belief that you have fixed in place solidifies the energy and limits your capacity to change anything in that area.
The best way to look at BARs healing & energy clearing statement sessions are they will clear and reboot your system ~ imagine you are a computer with endless files storing information from past programming which may be slowing you or even stopping you moving forward ~ do you feel its time to clear your Old outdated files and Cache & Cookies? If you would love to have your BARs run in person I would love to run them for you and help you book your ideal appointment ~ I am in the Wakefield area and love to run BARs from my home on my beautiful purple treatment table ~ What are the infinite possibilities for us?
If you would like to take a one day training course with me and become a fully qualified BARs practitioner (from which you can start earning immediately) get in touch direct ~ the full course is ?150 including training manual and certificate ~ & after 1 days training you are qualified to run BARs and make delicious money energy from doing so ~ maybe this is something you and a friend would like to train in then you can gift BARs to each other too! In Love and Appreciation for Magical manifestations of magical feedback from Philippa “Just to say thank you so much for tonight’s amazing, fantabulous, wonderful BARS healing session! This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged access consciousness england, access consciousness in yorkshire, access consciousness leeds, access consciousness north england, access consciousness practitioner north england, access consciousness uk, access consciousness yorkshire, bars energy healing leeds, energy healing in wakefield, energy healing in west yorkshire, energy healing that works, find access consciousness facilitator north england, find access consciousness trainer in england, find access consciousness trainer yorkshire, find bars practitioner uk, find energy healer in wakefield, have my bars run england, have my bars run uk, liz green energy healing, manifest energy healing by Liz Green.
I talked about some of them in my article “Laughing it Up with the TSA” but that was before the TSA shortage of 6,000 agents in the face of a predictable increase in airline travel. 1) For the first time ever, I went to the wrong side of the terminal (the D gates) and waited in the pre-check line, until it was my turn to be ID-checked, only to have the TSA agent send me to the other side of the terminal to get into the A gates line.
And I noticed also that despite my intentions, I had started to absorb the other people’s stress (OPS) around me by thinking “Group-think” nasty thoughts, and feeling stressed-out myself. It comes from the heart-signals that everyone, including ourselves, is broadcasting into the environment around us.
So the more we are in the middle of it, the more it can impact us so that we too, become attracted into doing, feeling and thinking the same dark OPS things!
This applies of course, to every situation in our lives where there is stress – in family squabbles, a competitive working environment and in the impact of constant information coming at us through our electronic devices.
But even more, we can shift the energy around us by choosing to be a positive or light-hearted contributor in stressful places and situations.
I did not detach from the situation and people around me, I stayed engaged and chose to change it. I remembered to let go of the outside AND the inside noise by concentrating on the subtle feeling in my heart.  And then, and only then, did I deepen into compassion. I was happy to be exactly where I was, waiting to get my hands checked by a young, stressed out TSA agent.  Instead of resenting him, I opened my heart and sent out a big wave of gratitude. And even more importantly, when we truly open our hearts we are able share a ray of happiness and gratitude that just may help others.
This is a direct analogy for what happens to us, as human beings when we don’t pay attention and take care of our emotional health and well-being. You don’t have to keep wearing the shoe that doesn’t fit anymore, that rubbed you raw from too much repetition! N-E-W stands for Nurturing Emotional Well-being.  When you do this, it results in a powerful feeling of renewal, empowerment and life mastery! These are big self-teaching opportunities that can become the springboard for great new ideas. When you tune in to our talk, you will be able to see exactly how this three step works and how easy it is!
Is it just an “extra” day in the calendar every 4 years, or is there something special that we can take advantage it? Because it’s a 9 year, there is special occurrence that happens on Leap Day in terms of numerology –a Master Number Day Happens twice in a row! In order to do this, of course, you must have a clear sense of what you’ve learned so far in life.  For example, if you have learned how listen to and trust your intuition, you may want to set aside a few minutes every day to listen to your inner voice. The new opportunities are coming at a very accelerated pace, so the more you consciously work with this special time of change, the more rewarding your results will be! Belly fat is the most dangerous fat because it makes toxins and releases chemicals called cytokines. Freeing up the feelings that cause us to go dark or unconscious and to then soothe ourselves by eating processed carbs! I invite you to join me on my free 30 minute webinar next Wednesday, February 3rd at 6 pm Mountain time to learn about and try out the THHT. I interviewed Nick for my telesummit a few years ago and clearly, he understands the connection between weight, stress and feelings. This technique uses music in a specific healing frequency (528 Hz) and involves connecting to the body in a specific area where a lot of emotion is stored.  In the 3 hour webinar, I outline a new foundation for understanding our subtle energy anatomy based on 12 chromatic chakras as opposed to the existing old system of 7. The key thing that happens is that under prolonged stress, your frontal cortex- your brain’s executive command center, is hijacked by your limbic system or the emotional brain. With the 4 week Stop Emotional Eating Program, you learn 3 quick and easy self-regulation techniques that use the innate power in your heart to make better choices. The first two, Notice and Ease and the Power of Neutral, are helpful to stop cravings as soon as you become aware of them.
One of my greatest passions is to decode the vibration and resonance of word and names to reveal the deeper meanings behind things. I have been using Pythagorean numerology for years as a foundation of my coaching practice.
We are aware of what the date is and what we have scheduled day by day, often referring to our calendars and datebooks to set our schedules and remember what we’ve planned to do.
Very simple!  In my estimation, numerology is not just a little game or something interesting.
These two laws are the foundation of all other Universal Laws that construct our reality.  If you are interested in my online webinar, the 12 Laws of Universal Creation, click here.
If you take a minute to think about last year, you will undoubtedly see how this theme played out in your life. When we do this process, it becomes very easy to move forward into this year of opportunity, expansion, expression and love! And created a big rush of tingling all over which feels like a physiological confirmation about fundamental truth?

The awareness I had resulted in synthesizing a powerful, effective method for mastering our own life circumstances. When you do this, you then have the capacity to consciously interact at the quantum level with the Law of Assumption – the 12th of 12 Universal Laws.
At first, I thought it was another nice meditation that resulted in inner calm and balance. Before my discovery, I would NOT have used the word “faster” because I had an experienced-based belief that transformation takes time – a long time. For example, I had been searching for an explanation and a cure for a mystery illness one of my children had been struggling with for a few years. I’ve figured out how to translate this new understanding into our own lives and shift out of old patterns! At best, I would feel peaceful for a day or two after deep meditation or spending hours on a process or technique to “clear things”.  You name it, I’ve cleared it!
Last summer, in the midst of a lawsuit, I had to find a solution for my intense anxiety and rumination.
I could choose not to worry, but a circumstance would arise and I would be irritated, or annoyed or frustrated, or confused in that moment.  And depending on the issue, the emotional state would run in the background and I simply was not feeling peaceful. In my own life, I have been dealing with a 22 year old son who has been diagnosed, finally, with a psychological condition that requires lifelong management. In my experience, it was all relative to what I was expected to say to either, 1) cover the lies of my parents or 2) try to avoid punishment or suffering.
I thought bingeing was just about food and now there are all these shows about cooking under extreme stress, that you can binge-watch, while I guess, also binge eat! BARs is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life with out any effort. I saw people grumbling, huffing big annoyed sighs, eyeball rolling and outright complaining along with some yelling. I call “dark stress”, the kind of stress that you take on just because it’s all around you.  This has a real and detrimental effect on the health of our bodies, the state of our emotions and the quality of our thoughts. I looked directly at him heart-fully saying, “Thanks so much!” as he gave me the “all clear” signal. When we can lessen others’ stress, if only for a moment, we receive the gift of continuing on our journey with more lightness and joy inside our hearts.
This condition is a slowly, simmering one that can eat-away at the foundation of your life purpose and mission. After all, most of us have had little to no education about emotions and how to effectively manage them as a key part of our lives. That’s exactly how I created my new Triple Heart Technique that very easily moves stuck energy and emotion out of the body, mind and spirit and creates room for new things to blossom. Below I offer 3 questions and a simple activity you can play with over the next 48 hours (and all Leap Year!) to really move your projects and goals to a higher level.
As I understand it, cytokines are the real bad-guys of fat, because they cause inflammation and can lead to all sorts of diseases including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Having a specific technique to address feelings that get stored as fat in the body is an essential part of  any weight loss program. I had just been introduced to the show Cupcake Wars by my kids and was amazed by how stressful making cupcakes could be! This makes us feel temporarily better (due to chemical responses in the body such as serotonin), but then it leaves us feeling sluggish, tired and craving more. My online webinar is ground-breaking and encourages you to change your belief around your energy anatomy. It’s nearly impossible to make consistent and good decisions when you’re experiencing this brain hijack process.
But more importantly, you will feel the difference and even maybe see it on the scale if over-eating is an issue!
Quick Coherence is the main technique we use to change the pattern of stress eating and to sustain commitments you make to having a healthier lifestyle. And as I stated above, neither one of them focuses on dieting, restrictions or calorie counting!
And also learn to activate either the brain or the heart’s power to learn new skills for managing life’s every day stressors before they get overwhelming or out of control. It forms the vibrational foundation of everything.  This aligns with the first two Universal Laws which are the Law of Vibration and the Law of Resonance.
It is about stepping outside of our personal roles and goals, and expanding into something that is helpful to others on a larger scale. The Law of Assumption is the highest manifesting law and in mastering this, many new possibilities expand into reality! But when I started using it with consistency and a higher level of understanding of the Laws, I began to notice that things were changing very, very quickly! When our reality or paradigm shifts suddenly, whether it’s caused by an unexpected diagnosis or any other sudden shift of our reality, we will go through these stages. I believed that true and deep transformation is related to many factors, internal and external.  And that a big part of it was the repetitive and consistent practice over time of learning to master emotions. After countless and frustrating attempts to uncover what was at the root of his symptoms, the answer came in a day after we did the Triple Heart Healing Technique together!
And because our culture emphasizes the intellect and the mind, we learn early on in life to ignore the wisdom and intuition of our hearts – and in doing so, disconnect from our most powerful energetic organ that we have! The latest discovery in quantum physics is upending the current understanding of Quantum Wave Mechanics- you know, the theory that we probably first encountered either in advanced science classes or in the “What the Bleep Do We Know?” film; if you saw this film you may remember the particle-wave duality that was briefly explained.
Depleting emotions, repeating or destructive thoughts, core negative beliefs, karmic ties, ancestral lineage…. When that happens, our heart’s internal broadcasting system, its electromagnetic field, sends out signals of distress into our environment. You know – that sense of “here comes Debbie Downer?” That is real and the signal comes from the stressed out heart. It is not dependent on technology or workbooks or worksheets once you practice it a few times. This has been so difficult to handle, because, as a mother of 4 kids, I have always been able to find a way to help them. I believe that this is the #1 reason that sometimes we find ourselves in a place we didn’t intend to be! I’m not suggesting that someone stays in a situation that is unbearable, but I am saying, that understanding what is really going on, deep within, will create a clear pathway to a new experience. Getting engrossed in these shows, I can’t help but wonder- when did cooking become a competitive sport and so very, very stressful? I may be behind the curve with this trend because I didn’t ever know it existed, until I found myself binge-watching cooking shows. As well you clear all the points of view about those two Bars in relation to eachother, allowing for exponential change. I am so grateful and recommend everyone get in touch with Liz now and get yerself a session of healing…you will feel amazing!
We all know what this feels like, and if we take on enough of it, it internalizes and leads to all kinds of health problems. As an element, water is most often associated with emotions – so it doesn’t take much of  a leap to see the connection with undetected rot-itis and emotional seepage! Accepting ourselves as we are is the starting point for change, but settling for a new norm of fat-ness can and does have far-reaching health consequences.
And stuffing is easiest done with a comfort food, a mindless TV show or getting immersed in social media of some kind. In doing s0, you can easily access stored feelings and let them flow – without getting stuck and without going into past pain! And in past years, I even bought into clearing entities or discarnate beings, hoping maybe that was the source of my lack of lasting peace.
That wasn’t a solution for me, and thank goodness, I found Brain Tek’s Behavioral Entrainment Program!
It involves simply opening the energetic hearts within the physiology and letting go of emotions, attitudes or actions that are creating the conditions for lack of peace. This lasted a few days until my kids and I were watching one episode that was very high stress and ended up with a cooking fire in the kitchen!
Thank goodness, it only took me a few days to get out of the grips of the adrenaline carving, binge indulging cycle! Indeed I was all clear and I knew that in that moment, I had contributed to a clear space around me and maybe even brightened the young TSA agent’s day. I vote for living in a body that feels good, moves well and stays vibrantly healthy as we age! The cool thing is that the more you let your feelings flow, the less you find yourself reaching for food to stuff them! I have had to rely on the expertise of others, and to accept that I can’t do anything to make it different than what it is. This appeals to me and I’ve delved deeply into numerology and use it to decode the world around me!

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