Our recommendations of websites that are resources for you.  These are websites that I believe are high quality sites! Keep Your Home Cooking Beautiful site by Lori Ramsey who gets the credit for my updated site look!
Keep Your Home Cooking This is a helpful site for home cooking, good housekeeping tips, parenting tips and tons of easy and delicious homemade recipes. Naturally Lose Weight Fast Jason's website is an encyclopedia for great tips on how to lose weight fast.
You can still hear SAGE, Archangel Michael and the Goddess Isis at this enlightening, energizing 2-hour training to heal your relationship with money and experience a spiritual shift you don't get at other programs! You will learn the essential Spiritual Abundance Golden Keys to have a MAGnetIC relationship with money.
Sage's trainings go beyond head-based information (like you'd get at so many teleclasses and coaching programs).
JOYFULLY MAKE A MUCH BIGGER DIFFERENCE AS THE HEALER, CREATRIX OR LIGHTWORKER YOU CAME HERE TO BE! You want 2012 to be your best year yet - and the start of a whole new chapter in your life.
You need clarity on your LIFE PURPOSE, or you need to monetize it more & attract abundance and true wealth. You long to connect more with the power of the DIVINE FEMININE, with SPIRIT, with your own SOUL. 2.Understand (and learn how to overcome) the insidious power of limiting negative beliefs about money, work and your worth.
Archangel Michael revealed to Sage the 8 subconscious "Biggies" that all need to be overcome and reprogrammed for you to prosper AND fulfill your passionate purpose.
Whether you prefer a "virtual" (yet very real and powerful) online training with live coaching and TelAttunements, or an in-person 4-day Divine Feminine Abundance Immersion retreat, either way you choose to accelerate your abundance and spiritual awakening by working with Sage and AA Michael, you will quickly benefit from "40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness" this summer! If you register quickly, you will even qualify for a FREE 30-minute Intuitive Reading and Energy Scan with Sage!
Are you ready to accelerate your awakening AND your abundance so you can BE a prosperous goddess™?
SUBSCRIBE ABOVE TO SAGE'S LOVE, SPIRIT & SUCCESS FREE EZINE AND GET THE "MANIFEST ANYTHING!" COURSE AS A FREE GIFT! You will also receive BONUS RESOURCES including Law of Attraction ebooks and a subscription to Sage's "Love, Spirit & Success!" inspirational, transformational E-zine. By enrolling in this Mastermind program, you will benefit from MASTERMINDING AND SUCCESS COACHING with a transformation coach who walks the talk and has gone from bankrupt and broke to earning SIX FIGURES -- FAST.

You will gain unprecedented clarity and higher guidance through LIVE CHANNELING of Archangel Michael, the Goddess, and other ascended masters.
You will deepen your prosperity consciousness via MIND-BODY REPROGRAMMING with an expert in meditation and hypnotherapy.
You will vibrationally align with success through ENERGY HEALING, chakra attunement -- and benefit from the wisdom of an incredible group of women worldwide who are committed to personal and planetary transformation. This rich, Spirit-guided, heart-centered training in manifestation, prosperity consciousness, energy mastery, and spiritual awakening will enlighten and empower you to be the totally prosperous woman you came here to be, without sacrificing your values or playing small another minute.
Thanks to Archangel Michael, Sage has discovered THE 3 GOLDEN KEYS TO ABUNDANCE that you absolutely need to utilize a€“ consistently and properly a€“ in order to deeply align with the abundance you desire.
So if by now you are really ready to leap into YOUR best life as a prosperous goddess™, accept this scholarship as a gift from the YOUniverse. I quadrupled my clientele during the first 2 months in her program, and my money and business just keep growing! And I am experiencing divine signs from my spirit guides, truly amazing spiritual and intuitive shifts! P3 is not a typical success program, it's a life-enhancing, empowering complete system for transforming your relationship with yourself, money, and Spirit. In 1994, Sage experienced a dramatic Third Eye opening in the Baja Desert in Mexico, with three Near-Death Experiences and an angel encounter. Archangel Michael taught Sage several NEW healing methods including Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Healing™ & Omnidimensional Healing Modality (OHM)™, in which the wounds of many lifetimes can be healed instantaneously.
SAGE is an inspiring example of the power of the teachings she channels, having used these advanced Law of Attraction techniques to overcome disabilities, debt, disease and divorce, rising from bankrupt and homeless to making 6 figures and living her dream life, married to her Twin Flame soulmate for 14 years. In fact, SAGE has been accused of being a transformation CATALYST who will stop at nothing to help her clients get clear and in gear for their best lives - their blessed lives - so you should only work with her if you are ready to move energy!
SAGE passionately empowers Lightworker women and holistic entrepreneurs (and those who want to be!) to love themselves, life & Spirit while making more money and more of a difference -- and remembering who you truly ARE: LOVE. What I, of course, love is that she recommends flax oil on popcorn and flax oil in smoothies -check out her recipes and read more about eating healthy! Be first to find out about great discounts, delicious flax recipes, valuable health tips, flax seed articles and info! You'll learn the essential mindset and energy field shifts you absolutely need in order to BECOME A MONEY MAGNET! A gifted channel, Sage provides a transformational SHIFT when you experience a new TelAttunement™ vibrationally adjusting your beliefs and energy field - with Archangel Michael and the Goddess Isis! These are the EXACT steps Sage and many of her clients worldwide have used to double, triple, even quadruple their income in just a few months.

It IS all about REAL prosperity consciousness - how to BE RICH NOW so you become a money magnet!
Of course, you can unsubscribe anytime, but you probably will want to stay connected to get these awesome angel-inspired abundance resources to support your path. She helped me finally heal deep-seated issues and clear out blocks so I could become more abundant and succeed in my business as never before. Sage's spiritual Law of Attraction PROSPEROUS GODDESS™ PROGRAM goes beyond typical motivational success coaching programs.
Use of any material from this site or anything associated with it is prohibited except by written permission. The Prosperous Goddess™, is a 6-figure Abundance Acceleration Coach, intuitive Archangel Michael channel, soul and energy healer, hypnotherapist, author and dynamic transformation catalyst.
Ever since, shea€™s been gifted with the ability to read auras, facilitate healing and channel divine guidance. She is the ONLY provider of these healing methods on the planet, and she also provides Akashic Journeys to help you understand your true destiny, as well as Archangel Michael initiations! She is creatrix of the revolutionary Aligning with Abundance Theta reprogramming audio and founder and spiritual teacher of The Prosperous Goddess™ Mastermind and Loot Camp™ for Women retreat. These 3 keys are not taught in any other Law of Attraction course to this degree of depth, if at all. Sage's clients and students love her for her (and AA Michael's) wit as much as their wisdom and find that their lives improve rapidly once they start working with her. Archangel Michael provided this crucial mind-soul reprogramming and healing methodology to Sage to share with the world. An inspirational speaker, SAGE has been featured on radio, television, global telesummits and shared the stage with T.
Isis and Archangel Michael guided you here today, as did your own Highest Self, so receive from your YOUniverse and enjoy the replay! Sage is also a Reiki Master and Teacher, ordained interfaith minister, mystic poet and shamanic healer.

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