We were only about one month into the 2013 lawn mowing season when we decided that we had had enough. After researching how much work it would be to add a new electric motor, and how short the runtime might be, we decided instead to use an old Neuton CE 5 mower with a 24 volt DC battery. The next step was to acquire two old wheelchair motors, which were 24 volt DC motors, to drive the main chassis of the MowBot. The wheels were found at Harbor Freight, and the lug nuts for the wheels lined up nicely with the holes in the wheel hubs so no modifications were needed. The Neuton mower was mounted with some 1-inch aluminum bars that were hung from the chassis sides.

After the batteries were installed on the back of the chassis in two appropriately-sized battery boxes, we mounted an electronics box on top which would contain all of the electronics necessary to control the MowBot. In the electronics box, we used a Sabertooth dual 25 amp motor driver (2×25) from Dimension Engineering to connect to the receiver from the remote control, the batteries, and the motors.
Although many of the devices had heat sinks attached, we didn’t expect them to heat up much in the electronics box.
Oh and instead of buying a picoswitch, there’s an instructable for hacking a normal servo motor into a picoswitch, for when you add your lights!
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Are you planning some sort of sensor fusion to get the inputs to keep the unit driving relatively straight lines?

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