The battle begins on a hillside, where Theodore Roosevelt and 4 of his Rough Riders are congregating with each other.
Meanwhile, Lawrence of Arabia and his men make their way up the other side of Colonel Roosevelt's position, unbeknownst to him and the gunner.
The other Bedouin aims his SMLE and fires, hitting Roosevelt in the left arm and forcing him to kneel.
There is evidence to suggest that Lawrence suffered from PTSD due to his experience in WWI. Lawrence once claimed to have been captured by the Turks; being raped and tortured by them. Born to a wealthy family on October 27, 1858, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was a politician, naturalist, explorer, hunter, author, and soldier.
In 1897, Roosevelt was appointed as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, a position he would resign from at the onset of the Spanish-American War.
After leaving the Army, Roosevelt was elected as Governor of New York in 1898, and was selected as President William McKinley's running mate in 1900.
The reason for Roosevelt's victory was the reliable and deadly nature of his Gatling Gun, along with the accuracy of his Krag Carbine. Roosevelt is the youngest man to assume the Office of the Presidency by any means as Vice-President at age 42, he became president following William McKinley's assassination. Despite the Rough Riders' name and status as a cavalry regiment, the group fought almost entirely on foot as their horses had been left behind in Florida when the Rough Riders departed for Cuba.
Teddy Roosevelt is the second warrior to win with only 1 weapon that had the edge, after the Shaolin Monk. Despite being famous for his hunting, Teddy has made great strides in environmental and animal protection laws. Theodore Roosevelt, the All-American hero who led his famous Rough Riders on a suicide charge that turned the tide of the Spanish-American War.

Most historians debate this event; most claimed that Lawrence exaggerated most of it, some claimed it never happened. Lawrence of Arabia, Great Britain's first Special Operative who built a fierce Arab army to fight the Turkish Ottoman Empire and helped seal the Allied victory in the first World War.
In 1881, he was elected to the New York State Assembly as its youngest member.? After spending several years as a deputy sheriff in the North Dakota Badlands, he returned to New York and gained fame fighting police corruption. While serving as Vice President, Roosevelt did little, but a few days before McKinley was assassinated, he delivered his "Big Stick" phrase. Disappointed with Taft's performance and unable to retake the Republican nomination, Roosevelt formed the Progressive Party (also known as the Bull Moose Party).
Even though Lawrence won in the majority of the X-Factors, Teddy Roosevelt's Gatling Gun scored the most kills in the simulation, specifically 10,316 kills. Crazy Horse episode, as the Rough Riders being killed by Lawrence are shown falling dead as if they were killed by Pancho Villa. His life was cut short in 1935, when he was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident at the age of 46. The rifleman slowly makes his way down the trench, aiming his rifle in front of him when Lawrence suddenly comes around the corner, jambia knife in hand.
In September 1901, McKinley was fatally shot at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York and Roosevelt became the President of the United States at the age of 39 (making him the youngest US President in history). Although Democrat Woodrow Wilson would win the 1912 election, Roosevelt finished second, becoming the only third party candidate to do so. It is rumored that in one of his expeditions, Theodore Roosevelt witnessed pirahnas and their infamous ferocity as they tore apart river animals. Roosevelt distances himself slightly to measure up the stranger when Lawrence suddenly motions with his hand, summoning his Phantom Army of 4 Bedouin Arabs carrying weapons and machine gun parts. The rifleman tries to hit Lawrence with the stock of the rifle, but Lawrence ducks and counters with a slash to the Rider's shoulder, knocking off his hat.

Under his leadership, the Rough Riders became famous for dual charges up Kettle Hill and San Juan Hill on July 1, 1898.
During his two terms in office, Roosevelt was well-known for his aggressive attempts to curb the power of large corporations, for passing laws such as the Meat Inspection Act of 1906 and the Pure Food and Drug Act, the construction of the Panama Canal, and for negotiating an end to the Russo-Japanese War, for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
When World War I broke out, Roosevelt strongly supported the Allies and denounced Wilson's foreign policy of neutrality. Roosevelt calls for his men to prepare the Gatling Gun as Lawrence and his men prepare the Vickers machine gun and fire their SMLE rifles. Angered, the Rough Rider attempts to draw his knife, but Lawrence follows up with two slashes to the chest, killing him.
For his actions, Roosevelt was nominated for the Medal of Honor, though he was disapproved (he would be posthumously be awarded the Medal of Honor in 2001). Roosevelt takes aim and fires with his Krag rifle as the Rough Riders cart out their Gatling gun and aim it up the hill.
Roosevelt takes aim and fires with his Krag rifle as the Rough Riders cart out their gatling gun and aim it up the hill. The Vickers gunner opens fire on the Rough Riders, killing one of the gunners as he tries to run behind the Gatling for cover. Seeing their opponents flee back down the hill, Roosevelt orders the Gatling gunner to cease fire as the two riflemen run up the hill, inspecting the machine gun site.

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