In this article I apply Maeda’s 10 laws and 3 keys of simplicity to employee engagement. I encourage you to read Maeda’s book and focus on how you can design simple employee engagement at your work.
A lot has changed in the technology world since I first wrote it, so I hope that you can use the parts (and laws and keys) that are still standing the test of time. As you strive to simplify employee engagement keep your eyes open for failure and what can be learned from this.

What obvious drudgery can be removed from work so that the most meaningful of efforts can be added to the employee’s effort and experience. Empowerment can be a pathway to engagement and reduction of hierarchical power can create more power within employees to power up their own engagement. Open book management has been a powerful way to gain engagement from many employees as they become a real business partner in an organization. For example I like to organize employee engagement interventions into 3 dimensions: organizational, leadership, and employee.

Mostly in a leadership position, learn from the people closest to engagement Рyourself and the employees!
Can you use the tools of Web 2.0 to create an open environment — open to communication from all levels and equally open to change because of this communication?

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