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China's natural features had a powerful effect on the development of its early civilization and its history, and they continue to affect us today!
The 6 Themes of Social Studies are the greatest tool students will have this year to help organize their thinking! After reviewing for and taking the test, we began our study of our home, Shanghai! In getting to know where we live, we'll be learning the political geography of Shanghai's 16 districts, comparing and contrasting Pudong and Puxi and getting to know what some of the other districts are most well known for.
After concluding our in-class presentations of individual provinces, we studied a large view of China, discussing what makes each of its 4 types of zones (Provinces, SARs, Autonomous Regions & Municipalities) different and unique.

You will need to know where each of these provinces are located as well as what their capitals are.
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Which we will be highlighting in this presentation to help us cultivate leadership in ourselves and one who surrounds us.
And the spreading desertification is will make that effect larger each year unless people continue to stand up and do something about it!
To better understand China in detail, we will first take a broad look at the effect of mountains and rivers on people in general, focusing specifically on the Himalayas, the Tibetan plateau, the great Yellow and Yangtze Rivers and the Three Gorges Dam.
It is very important that they know these themes backward & forward, as we will soon enter a study of 4,000 years of Chinese history! Speaking of Climate, what factors determine an area's climate, and how does that affect China's population?

Although we have spent most of the first quarter on Geography, the other 5 will be just as important in our analysis of Chinese history. Students will be able to take the skills the build this year and use them to organize and analyze their S.S.
This wraps up our primary focus on geography, and next week is the beginning of our study of Ancient China!

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