Since Spring 2013, Golddigger Trust have been training other organisations outside of Sheffield to deliver our acclaimed ‘I’m The Girl I Want To Be’ and ‘Made Of More’ courses in their locality. Learn today how you can get your professional development hours and become a better teacher today! Having changed hundreds of lives in Sheffield, we’re excited to see Training has proved already to be a huge success, with participants on the first leaders course hailing it as “by far the best course and resource they had ever experienced!” Training takes place over 2 days, compromising of 6 sessions of led teaching and discussion.
We work it into every interview answer possible and wouldn’t dream of writing a resume without such a vital buzzword.
Empowering. When you lead people effectively, you make them feel like they can achieve more than they could before.

Whether you work in a leadership position, or simply care about people, leadership is important.
Try to focus on the good things you see them accomplish, building them up a little each day. You need to be a good listener, even when faced with criticism, whining, tattling, complaining, and crying!
Proper guidance doesn’t involve forcing people to do things—it means naturally directing them toward improvement and success. Good teaching and positivity will drive people to try harder and do more, thus, empowering them.

Your students need to know you have integrity in order to build trust in your leadership capabilities. Additional places for extra team members can be purchased for ?190 per person, along with extra resources.

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