And based on the following research by JB Training Solutions, I can understand the concerns expressed in point #4 above. 57% of Millennials would consider an offer from another company while still at their current job. Ironically enough, based on my experience with Millennials, I believe one of the reasons that this generation is inclined to make moves so quickly is actually due to the lack of training and coaching they receive. When companies opt for scenario #4 above and choose not to invest in the employee, everyone loses. But all four scenarios shared above are real and all four have a relatively simple solution. You have to properly invest in Millennial talent if you want them to stick around and become long-term valuable contributors.
Tru Access was born out of a need to provide insight, perspective and access to communities and organizations that may not otherwise receive the value and benefit of our experiences and life lessons. What are some factors that influence your philosophy for training up leaders in the local church? If you really examine the local church, every part of our ministry is about training people. How do you think this applies to interns in local churches while they are training to serve in fulltime ministry?

What are your thoughts on training the next generation of leaders, specifically those who are college age? One of the most recurring issues that I’ve heard from my Millennial clients, customers and friends all year long this year, is their frustration with the lack of training they receive from their employer. But lets take a look at some potential reasons why that’s happening and some ways to address it. We are proud to provide relevant and actionable messaging and solutions that uplift, edify and transform the lives of the communities we serve. As I look at my responsibilities right now, aside from preaching, my biggest emphasis is placed on encouraging the growth of new leaders.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. And if they are not properly trained on the job, they are not going to deliver at a high level and they wont be happy with their level of contribution and neither will you as the employer. I often tell our staff and deacons, who are core leaders in the church, there are three main things to remember as the focal points in our church: First, are we winning souls to Christ?
So, my question to the men in our church training to serve in ministry is often this: “Who did you influence to be a new soulwinner? It is a great opportunity for them to learn how to win college students’ hearts and often work with students who have no background or knowledge of God.

It’s the ability to just have that face time with them and talk, not trying to overwhelm them, but realizing that they have real life issues. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Who are you influencing by helping them in discipleship?” You must have an effect in someone’s life to have influence.
It can also be done through teaching—I use around seventy-five leadership lessons from the lives of Moses, David, Nehemiah, and Paul.
It gives experience in soulwinning, discipleship, how to run meetings, organize sessions, etc. It is excellent preparation for the mission field, the pastorate, or even work as a layperson.
When they sit down and see what the Bible says, God will begin to break down those barriers.

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