The Alameda County Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) is a free, award-winning program that gives high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to learn about and discuss County programs and services, develop leadership skills and meet students from schools throughout Alameda County. The Academy consists of five 3-hour Saturday morning sessions (9 am - noon) that focus on different aspects of County services such as Heath Care, Social Services, Public Protection, the County budget and Careers. Each session provides a forum for participants to learn, speak out and be heard about issues that affect youth and their communities. To be eligible, applicants must be a high school junior or senior at a school within Alameda County and also reside in Alameda County. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, with consideration given to geographic location to ensure representation of all five supervisorial districts. Due to an overwhelming response the 2015-16 Academy is at capacity and no more applications can be accepted at this time. We thank you for your interest in the Youth Leadership Academy and hope you will revisit this website in fall 2016 to apply for the 2016-17 Academy.
I was really close to putting “lower abs” in quotations, because technically, there’s no such thing.
If you’re still unsure of what I’m talking about, the lower portion of the abs is the area beneath the belly button, or what many of my clients lovingly refer to as – their “pooch.” Anecdotally, the lower portion of the abs are tougher to target, and the area below the belly button usually lags a bit when it comes to seeing those muscles to the naked eye. There have been studies that have said that since the rectus abdominis is one muscle, when it’s active, the entire muscle is active, and that’s that. 3 Best Exercises to Work the Lower Abs According to the study I mentioned above, which measured lower rectus abdominis vs. Note that my butt is pressing into the ball, thereby allowing my abs to kick back and relax while my hip flexors take over the workload. Notice how you can physically see my glutes turned on, thereby taking my hip flexors completely out of the equation (as far as workload is concerned.) By pushing my tailbone toward the ceiling, my abs are already in activation before I even begin the crunch, and the main place I can feel it? It’s something that could be easily looked over, but something that makes all the difference! Your posts are always so informative and helpful but I particularly appreciate that you talk about (and show!) incorrect form on the stability ball crunch!
Oprah has had many dreams over the years, and one of her most ambitious was fulfilled this January when the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls graduated its first senior class.
Though the girls shrieked with delight when they first saw their dorms, adjusting to this new world wasn't easy. Since many of the students come from backgrounds marked by poverty and trauma, Oprah built a strong support network of teachers, psychologists, and social workers to help the girls succeed academically and heal emotionally. The next morning, the students assembled in the academy's theater for what would be the last time. Near the end of the ceremony, the graduates stepped forward, one by one, to receive their diplomas and pose for a picture with Oprah as the audience applauded wildly.
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About 100 University of Toledo students from across campus took a major step to enhance their personal and professional lives recently as they participated in the sixth annual Advanced Leadership Academy, which was presented by the College of Business and Innovation.
Michael Miranda, a PhD candidate in chemical engineering, noted, “The Advanced Leadership Academy has been a great experience.
Puja Pradhan, a graduate student in physics and astronomy, said, “I am an international student from Kathmandu, Nepal. Yuriy Romanovich Yatskiv, a graduate student in the field of bioinformatics on Health Science Campus, said, “I would recommend attending to anyone who is serious about their professional future.
Longenecker thanked Michael Miller, CEO of Waterford Bank Ltd., for his ongoing support of this year’s Advance Leadership Academy. Alumni, Business and Innovation, Engineering, Features, Law, Medicine and Life Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, UToday .
During the early 2000’s, government encouraged the establishment of a series of specialist leadership centres, each working with one aspect of public service. I played my part; responsible for setting up the (then) Leadership Centre for Local Government.
When the Leadership Academy was created, my concern was ‘would its perspective be solely internal, or would it embrace the wider agenda?’ Of course, given the challenges the NHS faces the majority of the Academy’s time and resources needs to be dedicated to helping develop the leadership within the NHS. The Academy has sought to reach out and make the connections with other parts of the system; those of us concerned with adult services, or children at risk or public health or related issues. We have begun to know how to develop leaders within organisations (or systems) but as you take on more senior roles, more and more of one’s time is spent not looking within our organisation, but linking with other organisations – organisations that might have slightly different value sets or use different words to describe things (or mean different things with the words they use). With the financial and demographic pressures facing us, this cross organisation or cross system perspective is vital. The Academy is prodding others in different parts of the system to collaborate, and develop more shared understanding.
Hi Joe, I chair the Cross Sector Leadership Exchange, CSLE, a consortium of senior leaders from across the public and voluntary sectors. Every spring we take the Presidential Leadership Academy on a trip to some location to consider the leadership challenges facing that community. The fact that so many of the New Testament texts in particular were conveying messages of hope in a time of persecution.
For example, we were at the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery, AL yesterday and learned of Dr. At that moment, I experienced the presence of the Divine as I had never experienced God before. One of our students asked, given that we are a far less religious society (and far more diverse in what religions are observed) what language or foundational experience can we appeal to today?
The expectation is this: students will read the newspapers (NY Times and Wall Street Journal digital subscriptions are provided by the PLA) with particular focus on the topic of the week.
So, why do we provide so little directed readings and simply ask you to “go out and learn”? No matter what field you choose to go into, very early in your career someone will simply hand you an assignment for which you have little background and you will have to go and learn. All it takes from you is initiative and perseverance, two traits that are fundamental to any leader. Every year our Academic Team meets with the associate deans and honors advisers in the various colleges at UP as well as with our biannual meeting with the Honors Consortium, the directors of the honors programs at Penn State’s other campuses. Our resources are limited and therefore so is the number of students we can enroll, I believe it is extremely important that the SHC (and any honors college or program) have a mechanism for taking in students after their first year. I also believe that the this egalitarian approach is in keeping with the ethos of Penn State. We also strive to have a positive impact in the Penn State community, moving outwards into the rest of the university. Honors education is a place where we, our students and faculty, can experiment, try different teaching methods, subjects, and curricula. This is the kind of loss that no one should have to endure and yet the reality is that millions have, do, and will. Of course we did not set out to take on this role and I still eschew it, feeling woefully inadequate to lead anyone in anything so personal.

The consequence of all of this is that we have become even more mindful of the impact of our words and actions. Our discussions tonight, led by Abu’s question, brings up the value of a degree, especially with respect to becoming an entrepreneur. To educate men and women who will have an important and ethical influence in the world, affecting academic, professional, civic, social, and business outcomes. For those of us at Penn State this has been a year-plus of assessing the impact of others on our community and making decisions about what sort of influence and impact we are having on those around us. So now and again, do consider where your breakfast cereal came from and whether or not the people who made your shoes earned a fair wage. Recent Comments3music on How to use TrackBacklow sugar wines for diabetics on Schreyer Conference 2011: Academic Contributions to Student Leadership Developmentlaptop on What am I passionate about?
At each session, staff, department heads, or elected officials make presentations and facilitate group discussions regarding the role and programs offered by the hosting departments as well as incorporate team exercises so that participants can apply what they have learned. Actually, good form is important on all exercises, but the stability ball crunch is one I see being done wrong ALL. Doing a crunch like this may allow your back to get further upright, but it’s providing very minimal benefit to the abs. Can you do one of these about exercises that target the lower abs that don’t require any equipment? I never really took note of this and now I totally see how it takes the glutes out of the equation!
The idea for the school was sparked more than a decade ago, in a conversation over tea with Nelson Mandela at his home in Qunu, South Africa. After an admissions process that included an interview with Oprah, the school accepted 152 seventh and eighth graders—tuition-free. Clint Longenecker, Stranahan Professor of Management, talked to students attending the Advanced Leadership Academy.Students were invited to participate in the academy based on their academic and professional records of success as well as the recommendations of graduate faculty. The program highlighted the qualities that make a successful leader, with emphasis on emotional intelligence, work relationships and public service. I have been at UT for almost five years, and now I am in a stage where I should start looking for the job.
Whitner, a 2016 doctor of pharmacy candidate in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, said, “This program opened my eyes to new concepts and shed light on unique ways of thinking about traditional approaches to leadership.
Gary Insch, dean of the College of Business and Innovation, for his strong support for the academy. Like any sensible leadership agency we look and borrow ideas and practices that the Academy has evolved (and I am sure that it is reciprocal). It has been a leader, not just within the NHS, but more widely – as a catchphrase leading for health, not just leading for the NHS. The pace at which these pressures confront us means that we simply do not have the time to spend a decade or so evolving ways of better understanding our respective perceptions.
Over the coming months watch this space as you see a series of cutting edge collaborative ventures which the Academy has played a key role in creating, and all this done whilst simultaneously rolling out a series of exciting initiatives for leadership development within the NHS.
We deliver in partnership leadership programmes bringing together police, NHS and healthcare, fire, probation, civil servants and local government.
I wanted to share a bit of the discussion we had yesterday regarding the fact that most of the leaders of the movement in the 50s and 60s came out of the Black church. While Christianity has been used to oppress others, at its heart Christianity is a religion of and about liberation. In the first century people who were confessing Christians were being arrested, beaten, and killed for their faith. King’s “Epiphany.” It was a moment when his family was threatened with bombing if they did not move out within three days.
With my cup of coffee sitting untouched before me, I tried to think of a way to move out of the picture without appearing a coward. Men like Jeremiah would stand against the king and the Temple leadership pointing out their hypocrisy and calling God’s people back to obeying the Law.
Throughout their time in the PLA (while classes are in session) all PLA students are expected to blog weekly and keep up with the news, combining those two assignments when relevant. Over the last two weeks there has been some discussion about the fact that in these four courses, however, we have very little assigned reading.
Admittedly this is the way in which graduate courses are run rather than most undergraduate courses, but the benefits to students are tremendous. We expect that they will continue to stay abreast of current events with particular focus upon those issues that are of interest to themselves.
I remained a pre-med student long enough to know that “osmosis” is the process by which molecules can pass through a membrane from one region to another.
The “Gateway” entrance to the SHC was already in place long before my arrival seven years ago, but I saw it as a strong affirmation of my own convictions and an excellent solution to the challenge of finding the right size for an honors college. The SHC should never be a “cloistered” community, set aside with few coming in and even less light going out.
These are programs, communities, or groups that provide the resources and capital necessary for entrepreneurs to move their ideas to products. This can happen because we have a great combination of engaged and creative faculty and highly motivated students. It makes for an exciting environment, full of new and nimble minds with committed and excited participants.
It is simply my nature to share my thoughts and feelings through my blog, very openly and honestly. While I had actually done quite a bit of academic research into the question of theodicy and lament in Judaism and Christianity, we are hardly experts in the psychology of grief or counseling. They clearly have a huge impact on others, it is just that most of the time we never see it.
Last year I shared this info-graphic and found it again on this blog post, from which I took the title. As leaders have stepped aside or left the university and new positions have been created, new men and women have stepped up and in. I am not suggesting, by the way, that we are to always live in a heightened state of awareness, constantly considering how our choice of breakfast cereal or shoes is influencing someone or impacting the world. Think about how your angry comments online are influencing others’ views and contemplate whether inaction is a form of condoning. However, there have also been studies that report we can contract one portion more than the other,   – and that’s what we’re going to talk about today!
When he said that poverty could be defeated through education, Oprah agreed, musing that she would like to build a school in South Africa one day.
The Watch OWN app is free and available to you as part of your OWN subscription through a participating TV provider. Academy members included master’s and doctoral students from most colleges across the University.
He contained such energy and zeal that it would have been a difficult task to not be motivated and enthusiastic. We are visiting key sites of the Civil Rights Movement including Atlanta, Birmingham, Selma, Greensboro, and Washington, DC.

It is an important point that is often overlooked in our teaching of the Civil Rights Movement, as demonstrated by the fact that it took so many of our students by surprise.
This resonated with the black communities from the fields of slavery to the streets of Birmingham. In this state of exhaustion, when my courage had all but gone, I decided to take my problem to God.
This Law includes caring for the widow, the orphan, and the stranger in your midst – the most vulnerable in the community, loving your neighbor as yourselves, and allowing love to be the hallmark of their faith. He makes the equivalent clear and concludes with the refrain that is so closely associated with Dr. If we are wrong, Jesus of Nazareth was merely a utopian dreamer that never came down to earth. You could start with a search of the NY Times (there is a very interesting opinion piece from July on how IP reinforces inequality) and the WSJ (an OpEd there is about India and the effects of their policies on US companies).
Rather than simply reading what I or the President feel is a useful article (and we will occasionally point those out) you each will bring those articles that you have found to be of interest and relevant.
For example, I know that one PLA member  is particularly interested in food and meat science. Honors education may be thought of in these terms, to a certain extent, taking in students at different stages while at the same time the college should be making contributions to the rest university. Aside from financial concerns, the primary constraint for any honors program is ensuring that our students will have the faculty support and direction they need. Rather we seek to collaborate with colleges, institutes, programs, and student organizations to make a real and positive impact on our community.
We have a student organization at Penn State that strives to be just such a place for our students, Innoblue.
We have come across a number of excellent books that are helping us along the way and as we read them we have shared their insights. Everyone has some sort of impact on the world, just take a look at It’s a Wonderful Life. A question we must ask ourselves on a regular basis is what sort of impact am I making in this world?
Cute, no?) Whether we like it or not, as parents or children, there is no doubt that this relationship is formative and lasting for both parties. I was particularly impressed when I read a story about our new General Counsel (a position we had not had on a permanent basis before), Steve Dunham, who was asked why he would want to leave Johns Hopkins and take on this position at Penn State at this time.
Pangborn, many board members and many, many others have also stepped into the breach, enduring criticism even before they had taken up their new positions, all because they understood that we all have an impact on our community and our world.
To make that reality and not rhetoric means we each need to know how our different services impact on citizens – hopefully how they complement each other, but also where the gaps or confusions are. The people are looking to me for leadership, and if I stand before them without strength and courage, they too will falter.
On this “tour” I have been sharing with our colleagues my two “pillars” of honors education. The Gateway selection is determined by the student’s major department, thus the department is able to ensure that they do not accept more students than they can supervise and support through their academic career, culminating in the thesis. When we invite major speakers, such as with our Shaping the Future Summit (more on that to come!), we may set aside a dinner for a smaller group of students and faculty, but the primary event will be for the entire community, both within Penn State and our geographic region. I am their adviser, but a number of Scholars, both alumni and current students, are a part of this exciting enterprise. Our faculty can try something new, knowing that our students will be able to give them instant, critical, and valuable feedback. What has surprised us is how many people have thanked us for being so open with our grieving.
We could have stopped sharing, taken down the posts, and become very quiet and kept to ourselves in this process of mourning. We all must consider this, not so that it leads to a paralysis, constantly worrying about how what we say or do might be construed, but keeping in the back of our minds that we are constantly leading in some way.
The way I handle a flat tire on a road trip will be remembered by my children far longer than the monologue they heard me deliver at Late Night with the Dean. They took on these responsibilities because they wanted to make sure that their impact was positive and constructive, not passive or pathetic. By contemplating it now, however, we prepare ourselves so that our actions become not only positive in nature, but instinctive.
Also, I appreciate that you use actual scientific research to back up your exercise claims. Read the stories of serious failure, it’s rarely a story of deliberation, and nearly always one of misconceptions or failed connections.
Thus Paul’s letters to churches enduring persecution reminding them that the suffering of this world was short and of little consequence to the everlasting prize waiting for them in Christ provided Dr.
And we are determined here in Montgomery to work and fight until justice runs down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream. Abernathy understood that they had to find the common beliefs and experience that not only spoke to their community, but would also move those in power. Through discussion we will apply our critical faculties to seeing which arguments or positions are the strongest and most valid.
That is, the two ideals that I view as foundational for how honors education should be experienced at Penn State.
Some were grateful that we were simply open to conversation, making it easier for them to talk with us about Mack and their own feelings of loss.
Because he knew he had a chance to make a real and positive difference in our institution and in the lives of those involved with the football program. The fact that you have researched it yourself rather than passively receiving the information will further reinforce it within your memory. Others shared that they too had lost a close relative (it is surprising how often it was a child) and often these are people we are fairly close to and yet did not know of their loss. His feeling is that why take on a job that is not presenting a challenge and an opportunity to do good. Discussing it in class and writing about the topic in the blog after reflection (or as an act of reflection) continues the learning process.
If not, we have the information needed to know whether we can simply tweak it and get it right or if it really isn’t going to work after all. Finally, if it really works and is scalable we can take that to the rest of the university and everyone will be enriched. The spiritual songs that continue to be sung in the Black community are often rooted in the language of Exodus.

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