Don’t forget to check out the 2nd Management & Leadership Quiz at the bottom of this page! Remember – these are the easy questions – the more difficult questions are at the bottom of the page! Deming & Shewhart worked together at Bell Laboratories where the Control Chart was first introduces. Juran and Crosby both understood the value of Statistical process control, however neither specialized in its development or expansion. Ishikawa contributed to all three of those concepts along with others like the Cause & Effect Diagram (Ishikawa Diagram). Almost every single Quality Guru stressed the importance of Continuous Improvement as a requirement for long term Quality & success. This statement is true because change generally results in improvement, which usually results in improved customer satisfaction & financial performance. This statement is true because without change, your product or service will eventually become outdated & irrelevant. Change generally results in improvement, which usually results in improved customer satisfaction & financial performance. Change makes employees nervous about keeping their job, which generally improves employee performance and morale.
Process improvements can be made with a paper based documentation system, and it can be made without a multitude of statisticians on staff. One common approach to overcoming barriers to quality improvement is to constantly communicate the downsides of the current approach & the benefits of the future state. Almost all barriers to quality improvement are deficiencies in the front line employees – this is incorrect. Leadership formation steps back from the grandiosity and the hubris of the Messiah discourse, which aims at the transformation of organisations and followers. This also reminded me of the amazing Go Dundee Learning Journey I was part of a few Saturday’s ago. If you are interested in some of the articles or posts and want to know more about my work in Lifetree click here. We invite you to learn about our 100 Day Leadership On-Boarding Road-map to Success during an easy-to-attend Webinar on Tuesday, 14 Feb at 12 Noon EST and again on Thursday, 16 Feb at 2PM EST. An agreement on how to make a first impression to build trust with superiors, peers, direct reports and staff.  The “cultural fit” game plan to win respect and support. An understanding, agreement and “cascade alignment” of the performance expectations established by the organization, the senior leaders and immediate supervisor (hard metrics).
An understanding and agreement with the leadership effectiveness and cultural – engagement expectations established by HR (the PMEC and TMEC soft metrics). The flexibility to change and adjust the game plan based upon potential changing conditions, dynamics and assumptions.
This entry was posted in RPR2 Blog and tagged Affordable Care Act, Leadership, On-Boarding, Road-maps, series, Success by Right People Right Roles. The answer might depend on whether you are looking at the question from the perspective of impressing a university professor, or if you are presenting the topic to a group of managers, who, frankly, dona€™t really care about elaborate academic distinctions, and might even be hostile towards them. This article was put together carefully as part of a review of over 100 articles, definitions and descriptions of leadership and management.
Leadership is very concerned with the ability to influence others (including staff, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the media), building trust and strong relationships, and shaping the best systems and teams humanly possible a€” all while being as humane as possible. Situation: Your plane crashes into the water near a remote island and only 20 people make it to shore. Leadership is your ability to look at the situation and determine the course of action that is best for the well-being of the whole group (not just you personally), then stepping-up and persuading the group of the strategy, motivating them to take action, and using your social skills to work the group into a cohesive unit and build their capabilities along the way.
Management is the ability to make use of resources efficiently; divide up the remaining rations in a way that will make them last as long as possible, assign teams of people to search for supplies and gather fire wood while giving them a timeframe and a suggested search zone, bandage the wounded as best as possible so as to prevent infection, etc. If you are no fan at all, this article will partly explain why it has such a large fan base and captured the imagination of many. In business terms,  true leaders develop and expand their businesses by boldly taking educated risks and charting unmarked waters.
On a marketing level, its the need to seek out gaps and leave no stone unturned in the search for new opportunities. This iconic sentence is uttered during the introductory segment of all Start Trek episodes as its guiding mission.
A state of open-mindedness and curiosity at all times can form the basis of an adaptable organization primed for constant improvement and innovation.

If your organization relies on strong R&D and sensitivity to the changing economic landscape, this should be your mission speak. Getting out from behind the desk is an exercise all leaders and managers need to build into their calenders. What better way to both observe the operational challenges first hand and the real time performance of their teams?
It is about knowing your business inside out, not losing touch with your core customer, your competencies and of course motivating your staff. The core of your organization is the greater than the sum of its balance sheet, the building it inhabits or the number of people it is composed of . It is an idea , a concept and an ideal that should be easily reinvented and strong enough to undergo a process of creative destruction if necessary, as you chart your way through a changing economic landscape.
The diversity of the Enterprise’s crew contributed both varied experiences and versatility to their shared purpose.
This form of leadership values a 360 degree approach in decision-making and the innovative results that can emerge from such a varied crew.
In Star Trek the Prime Directive was a guiding principle that valued non- interference in another society’s development.
Does your organization have the same sense of preparedness and well defined job roles found on most military vessels? Have you a plan for worst case scenarios and a clear modus operandi or drill for your team to follow and snap into when you have to move up a gear operationally? There was a special test in the Starfleet Academy that simulated a no-win situation for aspiring commanders.
In Short,  it never hurts to aspire to such an utopian set of ideals even if you know it’s going top be a long time before we get there. I hope you had as much fun reading these Trekkie Lessons as I  have had writing about them. Elish Bul-Godley does Content Marketing and Copywriting with Digital Agency Ebow and is a Community Manager and Copywriter for guerrilla festival Bloom Fringe. Great post – never thought of Star Trek like this – must remember your ideas the next time I need to illustrate a business situation!! Rob Marr and his co-founder, Gareth Duffy have put something together that provides ownership and action. Many organizations have developed procedures for project team formation and project team behavior. This concept is useful for clarifying the team roles and responsibilities of project team members.
Extreme in nature and the dedicated team is needed to quickly respond to changing circumstances. Over the years I have found that effective Project Leaders have mastered two vital aspects of project management. The Project Leader must manage the communication between the project team and stakeholders. Blanchard is an effective tool for project leaders to use when determining a leadership interaction style. P - Processes: the actual project processes or activities are defined, estimated, and planned. If that is the problem, we resolve that issue and usually the Interpersonal relationships are re-established.
The Thomas-Kilmann Model provides a suggested negotiation strategy for different conflict contexts.
Almost all barriers to quality improvements are deficiencies in leadership & management. The best answer is always the shortest answer, therefore a good quote is more meaningful and straight to the point compared to a 1000 words essay. The overall process incorporates a combination of diagnostic tools, leadership assessments, goal prioritization steps, milestone timelines, action-planning functions, coaching plans, and performance metric determination and resource needs. While we don't believe it is a very good idea to make an attempt to keep management and leadership neatly and perfectly separate at all times (in business the two disciplines constantly overlap), we do think there are some key ideas worth picking out in the vast and infinite sea of literature on this topic. A leader is someone who leads a group, as small as two or as large as many thousands, in the direction of a goal.
Some of the surviving passengers think that staying close to the crash site on the beach is the best chance of being rescued. Management is concerned with doing things correctly, using resources wisely, improving the speed of tasks, finding better ways to do things, on-time delivery, and monitoring the teama€™s performance. Reality: There are lots of ways of looking at leadership, which is evident by the enormous number of books on leadership styles, skills, and theories.

Reality: Leadership can be displayed by anybody in any organisation in any position (if only briefly). Reality: A manager in modern-day business must be skilled at both management & leadership in order to be called a successful manager. It was based on a coherent set of  idealistic principles the background to which; were the emerging political tensions within American Society during a phase of economic expansion, the Cold war and the Civil Rights movement. Either way, read on to discover how the principles and tenets behind this episodic scifi franchise present some useful lessons in both leadership and management. The theme of constant exploration and learning reminds us it’s a worthy exercise to build in continuous learning and exploration into your business practice or corporate culture . Every time there was a crisis the Captain would assemble his team in the war room and called for everyone’s views before deciding on the course of action. Here I see a valuable lesson in Personnel Management, whereby HR personnel development models should leave some space for self discovery and an individual pace of learning. The key lesson here was to teach future Leaders how to cope and develop the necessary strength of character and discipline required in a losing battle.  It forced future leaders to take full responsibility for their predicament against the odds. I  think the key lesson is to keep trying and the life lessons during our journeys into leadership are the most enjoyable part of anyone’s enterprise big or small. I suspect there is an ever so slight gender bias in all things Trekkie and these terms are so much a part of the lexicon of the average fan, we take it for granted. It is a series with lots of scenarios played out on the bridge and in battle sequences that can be great presentation tools on the topics of strategy and HR management.
It continues to amaze me that this well-done series has influence in management and leadership situations.
Speaking from the other side of the ocean, I can confirm that it is one of the most friendly countries ever. Just to add a grumpy voice of dissent, I will say I *hate* Paddy’s Day with an absolute passion! At the bottom of this post, you’ll find another 45 question post-quiz, that’s a bit more challenging!
People who were carrying out significant acts of leadership, often in the face of real personal risk, to make a difference in others lives. This webinar will also be used as refresher training for those who have already had the initial training.
Organisations expect managers to be able to interact effectively with their teams, so that their team members will accept instructions and work together smoothly. It encapsulates a progressive and optimistic take on the future that had great faith in technology. Sometimes Leaders should also take heed and remember to leave teams to do their jobs without too much uneccessary interference. Have you had a  Kobayashi Maru Test in your own career and what would you do in a no win-situation? And for those of you who are not fans, did you find anything of value? Live Long and Prosper!
A lot of the jargon also comes from the military as well – I suspect there’s a whole new blog in that idea! Government has a role.That said, there is nothing like pulling together and providing solutions for one another. And the ethos of the Go Dundee group to nurture some of these leaders by making opportunity to connect with others of like mind, like heart. It implies a degree of formal authority or rank within an organisation, or social stature outside of an organisation. If a manager lacks even basic communication skills, it compromises the performance of the team a€” everyone will be less creative, productive, engaged, and turnover will increase. Elish is also an experienced B2B Events Professional with Retail management, Visual Merchandising, Project management experience. The key takeaway here is really the sense of inclusivity, curiosity, openness and courage that we aspire to and associate with visionary organisations and leaders regardless of their context. Leadership exists all around us, but so much of it present goes unnoticed and it uncherished, at the expense of organisational success and social well-being.
Born in Singapore, now in Dublin having negotiated the associated Cultural changes between East and West.

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