National Nurses Week is celebrated every year from 6 May to 12 May, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Infection control at hospitals is very essential as hospital-acquired infections also increases mortality rate. 2016 seems to be a lucky year for the international students in Canada, including nursing students, for that matter. From the last five decades, nursing profession has seen remarkable transformation and is still continuing.
According to the Federal Bureau of Health professions - In 2000, the National supply of FTE registered nurses was estimated at 1.89 million, while the demand was projected at 2 million, a shortage of 110,000, or 6 percent. However, there are valid reasons that securing a nursing job in the Philippines is more of a survival of the fittest. As per the report of Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is stated that over the next six years, registered nursing is regarded as the occupation with the highest potential for job growth.
There's always a catch-cry among the people, whether nursing is a female or a male profession. In present scenario, when the job opportunities for Nurses are quite limited in Philippines, most of them are willing to relocate themselves to study and work in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA. I had a pretty good day at work yesterday, day 2 at my new job, I enjoyed it for the most part, yay! I made Florentine quiche last night for hubs supper and it was D E L I S H, very fresh and tasty.

Not sure what I am going to cook for him tonight, I may pull a meal out until my creative juices start flowing although I plan to do one little bit of ironing and some CE's later on that may not happen! Puppies were both sick last night after their supper and I have a feeling it was these new treats I bought them to chew and clean their teeth so I am not giving those anymore. Work was fairly busy, had a situation to deal with but after several hours was able to find a resolution to the situation. I will go and do a grandchild run this afternoon as the rest of the fmily will be watching wrestling. I discovered I have to do the grand run tomorrow and will even get to keep my DGD overnight.
Thanks Netglow I have read this before and I never buy these products but I appreciate you posting me the link.
Unfortunately, it is one of the most devalued and under supported part of healthcare infrastructure. Thus, it obviously becomes important in such a changing environment to stay awake and informed about the emerging trends in order to explore a successful career path in nursing profession.
This shows nursing profession as a promising field with surplus of specialties to choose from; however, to be more competitive in the job market, apart from getting good grades, some traits can make you a more desirable candidate for the potential employers. While almost everyone will agree that nursing job is a female profession, the report is taking a stand regarding the dominance of the female nurses in the field of health care but also a rise in the male nursing professionals too. He requested to take some for his lunch today so I doubt I will get to freeze much of it but it is nice and light.

I will take them out and play with them again today and just clean up doggie doo doo while ensuring the yard is free of anything icky, which I know there is not because I cleaned up yesterday morning. Today is laundry day so I'll be doing that, tomorrow I'll probably do the grocery shopping.
It's you who'll have to decide whether to stick on the same predicament and wait or just take the high road. In addition to this, these people too have some kind of wish that they want to achieve before they die. As a result, they are high in demand in number of patient care settings like hospitals, emergency units, physician’s clinics, and more.
With the help of hospice care professional, they get a chance to live the moment they always wished for, like – to go on a flight, trek to a mountain peak and finally lose their breath with the support of Hospice Team.
The Canadian Nurses Associations predicts - a staggering 60,000 nurses will be needed by 2022 in order to fill labor shortages.
When she stood up to walk out of the room she felt stiff and it took a moment to warm up her old bones and get moving. I was totally spent from the MD appointment and my head hurt like the dickens yesterday where they placed the bone cement so I ended up having to take a pain med which I really despise but I had to do something.

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