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Copyright © 2014 Tattoo Design Bild, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Students who are looking for a career in business often choose to pursue an MBA, but another option is to earn an online master’s degree in management and leadership. Whether you’re fresh out of undergrad or have been working in the business world for years, there’s no wrong time to consider earning a master’s degree. The University of Wisconsin offers a reliable and affordable online masters in leadership for less than $11,000 per year.
The online master’s degree in management and leadership from the University of Wisconsin is both rigorous and innovative, focusing on the most up-to-date theories and practices used in the business world. Norwich University’s accredited online master’s degree in management and leadership offers multiple start dates a year and can generally be completed in just 18 months.
The University of Charleston offers students an online ms in management for all future business leaders. This online master of science in strategic leadership can help students take their career to the next level. Ranked as a top performing university, Indiana University offers students an affordable and credible ms in management online. This top online master’s degree in management and leadership at Indiana University covers all the topics essential to finding success in business, including operations management, entrepreneurship, competitive analysis, strategic thinking, and organizational development and change. Northeastern University’s accredited online master’s degree in management and leadership is approved by the Global Accreditation Center for Project Management. Work towards an online masters in leadership at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for about $15,000 per year. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is a top school that offers much more than training in aviation technology. Globe University offers students an affordable online masters in management at affordable rates.
Students of Globe University are attracted to its online master’s degree in management and leadership because it is designed for current industry professionals.
Strayer University helps students work towards a new career in business with an online ms in management.
Strayer University is a popular choice for students who want to earn a business degree online.
For under $14,000 per year, Capella University helps students work towards a ms in management online.
Capella University’s online master’s degree in management and leadership consists of 48 courses organized into individual 10-week courses.
For under $10,000, CUNY School of Professional Studies helps students gain business and leadership skills by offering an online leadership degree at an affordable rate. CUNY School of Professional Studies is part of the esteemed university of New York school system. Montreat College offers students a credible and affordable online masters in leadership for less than $12,000 per year. Montreat College’s cheap online master’s degree in management and leadership is perfect for students on a budget, coming in at less than $12,000 a year. Walden University is a popular online college and sports one of the best online master’s degree programs in management and leadership. Students can pursue a general degree in leadership, concentrate in human resources, or design their own speciality based on their unique interests.
Webster University helps students work towards an online ms in management for under $12,000 per year. Webster University’s affordable online master’s degree in management and leadership has received special accreditation from the ACBSP – one of the top agencies for approving global business curricula. Belhaven University offers a Master of Science in Leadership that is perfect for working professionals who want to enhance their skills. Students who want to earn a master’s degree in management and leadership online should not overlook Azusa Pacific University as an option. For under $10,000 per year, Liberty University offers students an online masters in leadership to help advance them in their career.
Liberty University’s online master’s degree in management and leadership equips students for work in a variety of fields, working for both nonprofits and large corporations.
Rigorous classes encourage students to think critically, problem solve, and apply their knowledge to the real world.
Concoria University offers students an online masters in management at affordable and cheap rates (less than $10,000 per year). Kaplan University aims to grow students and equip them with professional skill set in leadership and management with their online ms in management program. Kaplan University’s cheap online master’s degree in management and leadership is both affordable and accredited.
Recognized by Time magazine and The LA Times as an affordable institution, Western Governors University offers students a ms in management online at the affordable rate of $6,500 per year. The management and leadership program at Western Governors University is targeted to business professionals and current managers who are looking to gain more career mobility.
Programs of study cover Change Management and Innovation, Ethical Leadership, Strategic Management, Managing Human Capital, and more. For about $3,000 per year (instate) students can work towards their ms in management online at Tarletan State University. Tarleton State University is the most affordable school on this list, providing a high quality education for less than $3,500 a year for in-state students (Texas). Iris Stone began her writing career when she started working as a freelance writer and researcher in 2011. Professionals thinking about returning to school to earn an online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership will be happy to hear that there are a wealth of options available to them. Saint Joseph’s University offers a reliable and credible masters in organizational management degree accessible from any computer online.
Saint Joseph’s University understands that leadership is more than a theory – it is a real process of self-discovery, coupled with motivation and inspiration. The University of the Incarnate Word’s accredited online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership is a great choice for anyone serious about furthering their career. In order to contribute effectively to the organizational management of a business, professionals must possess both strong leadership and motivational capabilities. Work towards a career in the business world at Our Lady of the Lake University by getting an online masters in leadership.
Our Lady of the Lake’s master’s degree in organizational leadership can provide a great boost to baccalaureate graduates looking to take their career to the next level. Colorado Christian University offers a reliable masters in organizational management for students seeking to build their careers and learn more leadership skills. This affordable online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership consists of 36 credit hours organized into seven-week long sessions.
Learn more business, leadership, and organizational skills at the University of Wisconsin at Platteville by getting a masters in organizational management. Students who are truly seeking a university with a great return on investment should consider the University of Wisconsin for their graduate degree needs. Regis University has an accredited masters in leadership and organizational management online for ambitious students seeking a successful career. Regis University’s top online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership is available in an accelerated format for those looking to kick their career into high gear. Brandman University offers a credible and reliable online masters in organizational management. Brandman University, part of the Chapman University system, offers a graduate program in leadership that focuses on critical analysis, change management, collaboration, and ethics.
Work towards a online masters in leadership and organizational management at Thomas Edison State College online directly from any computer. Organizational Leadership is an important area of focus within Thomas Edison State College’s graduate degree in management program. Learn more about leadership and management at Mount Vernon Nazarene University by getting a masters in organizational management.
This university’s online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership is delivered as part of an extensive MBA program. National University offers a reliable masters in organizational management at affordable rates. This affordable online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership from National University provides a rigorous curriculum to those who are up for the challenge. This 22 month long graduate program caters to working adults who already have some work experience under their belt. California Baptist University offers students an online masters in organizational management at affordable and cheap rates. California Baptist University’s online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership is designed specifically to help individuals climb the career ladder.
Work towards an online masters in leadership at Concordia University Wisconsin at under $10,000 a year.
Concordia University at Wisconsin takes a unique approach to organizational leadership, emphasizing a Christian viewpoint in all classes. Colorado State University is ranked 6th on it’s 2015 list for top online colleges and it offers a masters in organizational management at less than $10,000 per year. Colorado State University’s Global Campus offers a top online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership that can give professionals the boost they need to make it into executive management.
Crown College offers a masters in organizational management for students seeking to learn more about leadership and management.
This Christian-focused degree program calls itself “significantly different,” training business leaders to be models of Christian ethics in the wider corporate world.
Ranked as a top university by Forbes Magazine, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota offers a credible and affordable masters in leadership. Professionals who have their sights set on a serious pay raise should consider Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, a school committed to helping students open doors.

Work towards an online masters in organizational management at Lincoln Christian University for under $8,000 per year. Lincoln Christian University offers one of the most affordable online master’s degrees in organizational management and leadership.
For under $7,000 a year any students can work towards an online masters in leadership at Columbia Southern University. Columbia Southern University is an online college that often attracts students for its incredibly affordable tuition. The School of Education Studies at Dublin City University offers a two-year part-time Masters degree in Education and Training Management in eLearning and Leadership.
This degree type supplements basic business education with specialized training in how to be a successful leader.
They’re all a little different, from the subjects they cover to their program durations, but they also share a few similarities: they are accredited, affordable, and provide an education that can help get you ahead. The degree has a focus on organizational change, meaning that students learn about the nature of and need for change, but the origins of resistance. Students take all classes online, but still benefit from a small campus feel, thanks to courses that are capped at only 15 people. With a format designed for adult learners, the program focusing on training students how to make sound career investments and be real-world leaders.
The 30-credit program is extremely flexible, and can be completed over a timeline spanning anywhere from 15 months to five years.
As the world’s leading association for professionals in project management, this stamp of approval is a clear indication of the program’s rigor, quality, and applicability.
ERAU also offers a multitude of business programs, including an online graduate degree in management and leadership. The curriculum is extremely flexible, allowing learners to take courses all year round and finish with their degree in just 18 months.
The school’s affordable online master’s degree in management and leadership consists of just 12 courses in areas such as contemporary business, organizational behavior, strategic management, information systems, and leadership strategies.
The program is designed to help students learn the skills they need to compete for top leadership positions at some of the nation’s biggest corporations. It offers a variety of graduate degrees to adult learners, including an online master’s degree in management and leadership. The curriculum is built around a unique focus on building relationships, with training in how to motivate employees and communicate with stakeholders.
Responding to the ever changing nature of leadership, top faculty at the university constantly update their lectures to include the most relevant topics in conflict resolution, team development, change management, strategic thinking, and mentoring.
Through the program, individuals can grow their knowledge of the legal, economic, social, and political forces that shape the country’s business environment. Graduates have moved on to become business development managers, small business owners, corporate executives, organizational managers, and project coordinators. Paul offers an affordable online master’s degree in management and leadership for less than $9,000 a year. In fact, the program wields a special ACBSP accreditation, a symbol of its stellar commitment to business education.
Graduates enter the workforce with the skills to develop high-performance teams, manage dynamic situations, enhance organizational performance, and analyze data to drive decision-making. In 2008, TIME magazine labelled WGU “the best relatively cheap university you’ve never heard of,” and in 2010 the LA Times praised the school for its remarkably affordable tuition.
Like other top universities on this list, TSU has a global business accreditation from the esteemed ACBSP. Her freelance business soon took off and she now owns and operates a writing and editing firm that works with clients all across the country.
However, the large number of schools with graduate programs in leadership might not fit the bill for everyone. The university has channeled this unique approach to the subject into an online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership. Students enhance their understanding of basic leadership practices while also building practical analytical and problem solving skills. The online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership at Lewis University accomplishes just those goals. The interdisciplinary program is “firmly rooted in ethics” and takes an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach to the theory and practice of leadership. Colorado Christian University also provides students with the unique opportunity to to attend a 3-day national leadership conference on its campus in Colorado Springs. Not only does Regis have a great business program, but the entire college was named a “top tier” Western school by U.S. The interdisciplinary nature of this online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership allows students to take elective classes in psychology, criminal justice, education, human resources, and even healthcare administration.
24 credits focus on general principles of management, and then learners enrolled in the accredited online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership concentration take specialty classes in “Contemporary Issues in Leadership,” “Global Management,” “Leading Change in Complex Organizations,” and more.
In addition to organizational management, MBA students at Mount Vernon Nazarene University may also seek a speciality degree in Finance, Human Resources, or Healthcare Administration. The program accepts a diverse group of students in order to encourage individuals to gain the skills needed to succeed in an international business environment.
All courses are held online and are accessible from any computer with access to the internet. Students can conveniently take all courses in this master’s degree in organizational management and leadership online, which allows them to apply their newly learned skills to their current job as they move through the program. The department asserts that spiritual principles blended with management training help “empower today’s minds for tomorrow’s world.” The 39-credit online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership can be customized through numerous concentration options, such as Risk Management, Corporate Communication, Public Administration, Environmental Studies, Marketing, Healthcare Administration, Management Information Systems, Human Resource Management, or International Business. Graduates of the program find work in human resources, benefits administration, executive management, industrial and operational supervision, and more. The cheap online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership is available for just $8,000 a year. The online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership is only 20 months long, but crams five semesters of meaningful classes into that time. At just over $7,000 a year and with a program that takes approximately a year and a half to complete, students can acquire this top graduate degree for less than the cost of a year of undergraduate school at many universities!
In addition to being low-cost, CSU is also a great choice for veterans and was named a top military school by Military Advanced Education magazine.
Participants are drawn from across the primary, post-primary, further, higher, and adult education sectors as well as from corporate industry, nursing personnel, governmental departments, and other state agencies. Here you can find some new design about University of Wisconsin-Platteville for your current screen resolution. Graduates with such a degree are often very accomplished at motivating employees and encouraging collaboration between groups. You can take all your classes over the internet while keeping a regular job, taking care of your family, and keeping all other obligations. They are listed from most to least expensive, with public schools organized based on an average of their in-state and out-of-state rates. Reputable faculty deliver powerful lectures on how to establish a vision, assess readiness, and communicate effectively.
Norwich attempts to develop effective leaders by teaching strategic thinking, communication skills, ethical convictions, and even emotional intelligence.
Courses include such intriguing topics as, “The Leadership Challenge,” “Strategic Thinking,” and “Human Side of Organizations.” Students who do well in the program may be eligible to move onto the Doctor of Executive Leadership program.
Although the program is online, students do benefit from an in-person “Kelley Connect Week” to complete their residency requirement. Courses include “Developing Your Leadership Capability,” “Transforming Organizations,” and “The Ethical Leader,” plus a required Capstone.
Graduates of the program are eligible for careers in business and management, but also consulting, education, human resources, projects and operations, the government, and even the aviation industry.
Students can also shorten their stay at Globe by earning credit from past academic and work experience. Students can also take more specialized classes in topics like conflict resolution and women in business. Graduates have found work in both the public and private sectors, at small companies, large firms, and nonprofit organizations. This program is grounded in a broad set of business courses, which provide general education in economics, finance, management, law, ethics, and entrepreneurship. Courses are organized into three essential areas of management: human capital, research methods, and ethics and the legal environment. The program is divided into 8 week terms, where students work in project teams to solve problems, think critically, and learn about management from a Christian perspective.
Liberty is a particularly attractive choice to servicemen and women, and Military Times rated it a “Best for Vets” in 2014. Each course is 7 weeks long and is part of a 36-credit plan, which means that students can earn their entire degree for less than $20,000.
Core classes cover all the fundamentals, including leadership theory, human resource management, financial analysis, organizational change, and consulting skills. Dedicated faculty encourage students to take on the most challenging responsibilities facing managers today, including the need to change and adapt in a dynamic marketplace.
Despite the time it takes to run a business she still does much of the writing herself, and her work has included a variety of content related to education policy, colleges and universities, academic programs, and graduates’ careers. Some are not fully accredited, some are not very affordable, and others simply don’t offer a high grade of education.
Here you can see descriptions of 19 cheap online master’s degree programs in organizational and management and leadership – in fact, the very cheapest. The curriculum provides students with the maximum opportunities for interaction through a dynamic online system. The courses are organized into a format that is convenient for adult professionals, with six sessions of 8-week long courses. The curriculum consists of 37 credit hours in such topics as leadership studies, social responsibility, and conflict management. Students take all courses for the master’s degree in organizational management and leadership online, supported by a robust network of resources and engaging faculty.

Although this feature requires travel, it is a great experience for students who want to hone their leadership skills and network with industry professionals.
The program is also extremely flexible, featuring 100% online courses and a pace that allows students to take up to seven years to complete the program. Students can choose to take all courses online or can attend classes at one of the university’s West Coast locations.
TESC has long been lauded as a leader in distance education, and was given the National University Technology Network “Distance Education Innovation Award” in 2011 for the development of its unique FlashTrack course delivery system.
Targeted to current business professionals, the curriculum allows current industry employees to hone their knowledge while learning how to be influential and effective leaders. The unique program focuses on topics as varied as information technology and service to others, melding the practical with the relational. In fact, Azusa Pacific encourages learners to use their company as a “laboratory for class projects,” combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice. News for both its MBA and general business grad programs, making it one of the best online master’s degrees in organizational management and leadership out there. In addition to exploring the theoretical aspects of leadership, CSU online students also practice decision-making and communication, and even study psychology.
What’s more, 98% of students receive some type of scholarship or financial help, making it an especially affordable choice. The curriculum is based on five adjectives that SMU says describes an effective leader: strategic, global, adaptive, connected, and learning.
You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer. These skills are attractive to many businesses and are often at the root of a company’s growth. These degrees also tend to be quite affordable, which means your budget will feel minimal impact. The program does not require an entrance exam, but applicants should have maintained a decent GPA in a business-related undergraduate program or have relevant work experience. In addition to other benefits, students who choose to attend the master’s degree in management and leadership online join an academic community that is regularly rated one of the top universities in the South. IU has one of the top business schools in the country, and in 2015 the online MBA and online master’s degree in management and leadership programs were all ranked #1.
Students can choose to concentrate in health management, human resources, organizational communications, project management, nonprofit management, or leading and managing technical projects. The program contains 36 credits, and potential applicants can test their interest in the school by viewing a series of free Webinars. Department surveys indicate that nearly 90% of Strayer graduates believe that this degree has helped them to achieve the professional and career goals. Capella consistently monitors their students’ experience at the university, and the latest surveys reveal that nearly 90% of graduates are satisfied with their education and would recommend the school to a friend.
It is ideal for professionals who want to find work in marketing, consulting, accounting, banking, or human resources.
Students also come to Montreat for its religious affiliation, and many classes include a focus on developing Christian values. Webster markets this graduate degree mainly to students and professionals who seek a broad understanding of business and leadership. The top online master’s degree in management and leadership includes such courses as Ethical Problems, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Leadership, an Conflict Resolution. Students learn all the basic skills they will need to excel in business, such as how to improve performance and increase their competency on the job. The highly flexible curriculum offers multiple start dates throughout the year and is delivered completely online, although students in Minnesota can also take on-campus classes if it fits their schedule. Students can then choose to specialize in one of six areas: Healthcare Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Organizational Design, Project Management, or of course Leadership.
All online learners need is a bachelor’s degree, an internet connection, and basic computer skills to access this online master’s degree in management and leadership.
Her interests actually span far beyond writing, and she is currently studying to be a physicist!
Although some are more expensive than others (they range from about $6,000 to $14,000 a year, with the more expensive programs listed first) and they all take a little bit different approach to management education, you will be glad to hear that they all offer great academics and a price tag that will fit most budgets. Learners complete group assignments and team building exercises, and are required to attend a four week residency program in “Change Leadership” on the SJU campus. Online learners can take just two classes at a time and still complete their degree in the traditional time frame. Students also get to choose from one of five specially-designed concentrations: Higher Education, Not-for-Profit Management, Organizational and Leadership Coaching, Training and Development, or Organizational Management.
The diverse program is useful for students interested in anything from healthcare management to education to the military. College Prowler survey participants reveal that 90% of students would choose CCU again, and nearly 75% found the career center very helpful. Core courses cover all the basics of leadership and business, including organizational behavior and communication, theory and practice, research, strategic thinking, and motivating change. The department describes itself as “intensive,” and requires applicants to hold both a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of related work experience. Many graduates of the program have successfully entered the increasingly competitive workforce and found rewarding jobs as project, staff, and operations managers. Classes include “Ethics and Classic Theories,” “Leadership in the 21st Century,” and “Conflict and Power Dynamics,” and includes an optional specialization in Community Development.
The school has committed itself to creating quality curricula, and since 1964 has earned nearly 20 separate general and program-specific accreditations, including one from the prestigious International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. Students benefit from advanced training in decision making, conflict resolution, organizational change, human resource management, and leading multicultural organizations. The vast majority of students who completed surveys on College Prowler reported being very satisfied with CUW and the knowledgeable professors there. Many consider CSU a premier provider of distance education, and ranked it 6th on its 2015 list of top online colleges.
Religious students also appreciate that the school was named one of the “Top Online Christian Colleges” in 2013. Forbes rates the university in its top 500 schools nationally, and also includes SMU on its list of top schools in the Midwest. By taking courses back-to-back, online learners move through the degree efficiently, getting to know 12-15 students in their cohort as they go. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. The degree is particularly attractive to students who have a focused interest in one of the program’s concentration options: Leadership, Project Management, or Marketing Management. AffordableCollegesOnline currently lists CUNY as the most affordable college in New York – an admirable accomplish, considering the expensive real estate in the city.
In addition to its main accreditation, Montreat’s online master’s degree in management and leadership is also approved by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Although students can take courses online, on-campus courses are also available at more than 40 U.S. Learners also study how to recruit and train employees, guide organizational change, and foster a culture of teamwork. Courses include Applied Moral and Ethical Leadership, Project and Quality Management, and Financial Management for Leadership. Individuals with a particular interest in leadership will study mentoring and coaching, transformational leadership, leadership strategies, and organization design. It may be the most expensive school on our list, but Saint Joseph’s is nonetheless a great investment: Kiplinger’s Personal Finance named it one of the best private colleges in 2014, and PayScale placed the school on it’s list of top regional business schools for ROI. In addition to other rankings, UIW currently holds a top place on U.S News’ list of the best colleges in the West. According to College Prowler, more than 90% of students consider the professors knowledgeable, while 71% say the administration makes the financial aid application process easy. The program also allows students to choose a specialization area or even to pursue a dual degree. Among other recognitions, NU has been praised for awarding a higher than average number of graduate degrees to minority students.
The program is also broad enough to be beneficial to professionals in diverse career fields, including education, administration, sports, retail, philanthropy, and politics.
The curriculum covers strategic planning, research, organizational communication, and the spiritual roots of effective leadership.
The small setting for classes also allows LCU students to get more attention from faculty and understand the material more comprehensively. In addition, elective classes allow students to explore employment law, human resource management, and advanced marketing. News currently rates NU as one of the best universities in the North, and also places its online business program in the top 100. College Prowler reports that 90% of students at Globe are happy with their experience and consider their education valuable.
News places Belhaven in the top 30 schools for veterans, and also names it one of the top 200 online colleges. Azusa’s two different accreditations from the IACBE and WASC, plus its designation as a “Yellow Ribbon School,” make it one of the best online master’s degrees in management and leadership available. Students must also complete an integrated Capstone Course in order to demonstrate their aptitude and comprehension of the degree material. In the “Best and Worst” section on College Prowler, LCU is recognized happy students and extreme affordability.
This online master’s degree in organizational management and leadership also allows students to dive further into an area of particular interest through an applied research project.

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