I surround the management zone with the leadership zone (rather than vice versa) in this model, since most researchers who move into leadership positions start out with a reasonable level of management ability and need to expand their skills and capabilities into the leadership zone. If you would like to find out where your centre of gravity is between management and leadership, carry out the following experiment: write down your six most important tasks (not necessarily most time-consuming). Your organization may have folks who have moved up the corporate ladder and have assumed a leadership role without any prior training or experience.
You may have supervisors or managers who have to take the next step and delve into the role of division or group leader who are wonderful at their current job but without any experience leading others.
We conduct Leadership Training Courses where natural leaders can develop the skill and insight to become great leaders and where new leaders learn to lead with panache and authenticity.

Leadership Development may be just what you need to help your entire company progress to their next level.
Our Tailored Leadership Training Courses come in many formats from one-on-one to fully tailored corporate wide programs. January 2012 by CJ Fitzsimons • 2 CommentsI’m often asked about the difference between leadership and management. An excellent leader with no management skills can develop and communicate wonderful visions; however, these will never materialise. You always seem to know when it's missing regardless of the size or type of organization that you are working in.

While it is helpful to be clear about the differences, you need to be able to both lead and manage, if you want to produce top results and people.
Some tasks will be at one end or the other, others will be somewhere in-between; this reflects that they need a blend of management and leadership. When you look at how you’ve positioned these six, you get a sense of whether your center of gravity for the six is closer to management and leadership.

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