Leadership is about casting a vision and allowing it to seep into others so they follow the lead.
So, to be a good leader you need to be very skillful to construct bridges of empathy with people. So the leadership styles in management that we see with Gandhi famous quotes are distinctively what anyone can evolve into being. The leadership continuum was originally written in 1958 by Tannenbaum and Schmidt and was later updated in the year 1973. The Tannenbaum and Schmidt continuum can be related to McGregor’s supposition of Theory X and Theory Y. Tells: The manager identifies a problem, chooses a decision, and announces this to subordinates.
Sells: The decision is chosen by the manager only but he understands that there will be some amount of resistance from those faced with the decision and therefore makes efforts to persuade them to accept it.
Consults: Though the problem is identified by the manager, he does not take a final decision.
Joins: The manager defines the limits within which the decision can be taken by the subordinates and then makes the final decision along with the subordinates.
Forces in the Manager: The behavior of the leader is influenced by his personality, background, knowledge, and experience.
Forces in the subordinate: The personality of the subordinates and their expectations from the leader influences their behavior.

If these factors are on a positive side, then more freedom can be allowed to the subordinate by the leader. When the authors updated their work in1973, they suggested a new continuum of patterns of leadership behavior. According to Tannenbaum and Schmidt, successful leaders know which behavior is the most appropriate at a particular time.
MSG team comprises experienced faculty and professionals who develop the content for the portal. Management Study Guide is a complete tutorial for management students, where students can learn the basics as well as advanced concepts related to management and its related subjects. Their work suggests a continuum of possible leadership behavior available to a manager and along which many leadership styles may be placed. Boss-centered leadership is towards theory X and subordinate-centered leadership is towards theory Y.
The subordinates are not a party to the decision making process and the manager expects them to implement his decisions as soon as possible. The problem is presented to the subordinates and the solutions are suggested by the subordinates. In this, the total area of freedom shared between managers and non-managers is redefined constantly by interactions between them and the environmental forces.
They shape their behavior after a careful analysis of self, their subordinates, organization, and environmental factors.

You can manage people but that will only be because you have the authority to do so bestowed upon you. The continuum presents a range of action related to the degree of authority used by the manager and to the area of freedom available to non-managers in arriving at decisions.
But you can lead from anywhere, by example, so that your influence infects others and regardless of your position or authority, they follow what you say. Mahatma Gandhi was a leader who kept working on himself till he became the man worthy of gaining a country’s following.
A broad range of leadership styles have been depicted on the continuum between two extremes of autocratic and free rein (See figure 1). The left side shows a style where control is maintained by a manager and the right side shows the release of control. However, neither extreme is absolute and authority and freedom are never without their limitations.

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