DJ Sbu continues to inspire a generation of hopefuls from disadvantaged backgrounds with his enthusiasm, hard work and wisdom, workshops, inspirational talks and leadership seminars. The Leadership 2020 Seminars DVD features speakers Tony Gaskins, Phuti Mahanyele, Nomonde Scott, Rorisang Moselli, Timothy Maurice Webster and more at the Leadership 2020 Living With Purpose Seminar.
The audio version of Orrin Woodward’s first solo project RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for Life, an All-Time Top 100 Leadership Book Selection, conveys the essence of Orrin’s proven leadership principles in a format that enables you to just sit back and listen as you soak up the powerful, life-changing information.

Each morning I pop in one of these CDs and each morning my husband will say at least two times, "Wow, this is a really good CD set. I've only listened to the Introduction of the RESOLVED audiobook with notebook in hand, and I'm thrilled. The book looks back in time to recapture what made America great, while at the same time, it beckons men and women to step up and live by those principles today.

It is at once a list of resolutions to assist a person in forging himself a true leader, a textbook of instructions to guide in tackling life’s toughest challenges, and fully inspirational in capturing the heart and soul of leaders who have lived and achieved using the principles espoused in this book.

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