Developing, nurturing, and empowering—this is you at your personal best as a coach, consultant, facilitator, or human resource professional. Anyone can learn to be a great leader—young people in high school and youth groups, undergraduates and graduate students, and executives advancing along their personal leadership journey. The 25th anniversary edition of the bestselling business classic, completely revised and updated! The world and the workplace have changed dramatically since the first edition of The Leadership Challenge went to press 25 years ago. Passionate about leadership and the potential within us all to become exemplary leaders, Jim and Barry have spent over three decades together researching, teaching, and writing about what great leaders do. More than two million people worldwide have read this BusinessWeek bestseller, in over 20 languages, and tapped into the action plans, strategies, and case studies that give enduring wisdom and practical insights for exemplary leading. A scorpion rode on the back of a monkey crossing a river and half way across the scorpion stung him. And I think the key to understanding this is to understand that from their point of view, this is not seen as evil, ita€™s not seen as bad. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) was founded by Hassan al-Banna in 1928 in opposition to Ataturka€™s abolition of the Ottoman Empire (Caliphate) in 1924 with secular Turkey in the aftermath of World War I. The Jahili system can be seen in this video of Egyptian President Nassera€™s speech in the 50a€™s when he was cheered for mocking the hijab and Salafists. That system also existed in the new secular Turkey, where Islam was more suppressed than in Egypt.
In 1999 the World Health Org reported that 97% of Egyptian women had Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).
The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis were on record supporting Islamic practices like killing apostates, amputating thieves, and FGM.
But since that 2010 PEW poll in Egypt was published months before the Arab Springa„?, why were most Expertsa„? predicting a pluralistic government that respects universal human rights would be elected, and where were those votes supposed to come from? Why is it that only the so called Islamophobesa„? warned at the start of the uprising in January 2011 that the Brotherhood was best positioned to takeover Egypt through elections, and if they did, predicted what it would look like? Many Expertsa„? have been claiming for years that the new Brotherhood has Renounceda„? violence, respects Human Rightsa„?, is largely secular with no overriding agenda, and therefore must have the opposite goals and methods than the 3 key ideologues.
Raymond Ibrahim names the most notable 2012 Fatwas in Egypt, which got bolder under the Brotherhood. He twice turned down offers to be the Brotherhood Supreme Guide or General Leader (GL) - 1976 and 2004. He drew the largest crowd of the 2011 Arab Springa„? to Cairoa€™s Tahrir Sq., around 2 million after being banned from the country for decades.
You have seen the 3 Key Ideologues whose influences are a€?impossible to exaggeratea€? according to Professor John Esposito.
5th GL: Mustafa Mashhur (1996-2002) He said the MB differed from al Qaeda only in its tactics, not in its goals. 6th GL: Ma'mun al-Hudaybi (2002-2004) - As GL, he was one of the first to welcome and justify the assassination of Egyptian secularist Faraj Fawda after a group at al-Azhar accused him of blasphemy.
In fact, a document called The Project was seized in the raid of a luxurious villa in Campione, Switzerland in November 2001. Included in the Swiss seizure was The Project - a 14-page plan written in Arabic, dated 1982, which outlines a strategy to a€?establish an Islamic government on eartha€?.
Ita€™s a flexible, multi-phased, long-term approach to the a€?cultural invasiona€? of the West using various tactics, ranging from immigration, deception, political legitimacy, and terrorism.
Developing a comprehensive 100-year plan (already 30 years old) to advance Islamist ideology worldwide. Avoiding open alliances with known terrorist organizations and individuals to maintain the appearance of a€?moderationa€?. Establishing financial networks to fund the work of conversion of the West, with full-time administrators and workers. Involving ideologically committed Muslims in institutions on all levels in the West, including government, NGOs, private organizations. Infiltrating and taking over existing Muslim organizations to realign them towards the MBa€™s collective goals.
Cultivating an Islamist intellectual community, including the establishment of think-tanks and advocacy groups, and publishing a€?academica€? studies to legitimize Islamist positions. Instrumentally using existing Western institutions until they can be put into service of Islam. Instituting alliances with Western a€?progressivea€? organizations that share similar goals. Supporting jihad movements across the Muslim world through preaching, propaganda, personnel, funding, and technical and operational support. Adopting the total liberation of Palestine from Israel and the creation of an Islamic state as a keystone in the plan for global Islamic domination. Instigating a constant campaign to incite hatred by Muslims against Jews and rejecting any discussions of conciliation or coexistence with them. What Tamimi describes is that The Project would militarize the Palestinian MB by reviving the terrorist a€?secret apparatusa€?, which eventually resulted in HAMAS December 1987. During a traffic stop of Ismail Elbarasse, police discovered he was a Hamas operative wanted on a Material Witness warrant in a Hamas case out of Chicago.
Many of these documents were entered into evidence at the largest successfully prosecuted terrorism financing and Hamas trial in U.S. Holy Land Foundation (HLF) was the largest Islamic non-profit in the United States and was a Hamas entity. There is a significant Muslim Brotherhood Movement in the United States which began in the 1950a€™s. The first national Islamic organization, the Muslim Students Association, was created by the Muslim Brotherhood. The most prominent Islamic organizations in North America are controlled by the Brotherhooda€™s Movement to include, but not limited to:A  Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), Muslim Students Association (MSA), International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) which was demonstrated to be a Hamas entity in US.
ICNA is partnered with the Muslim American Society (MAS), and their training program to Muslims across North America includes the call to a€?wage wara€? against all systems of government not under Islamic rule, and calls Muslims to a€?hate and despisea€? all un-Islamic governments. That was the same Brotherhood advising the US government, which is why Western leaders agree the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, despite a mountain of evidence that all the Islamic State is doing - beheadings, crucifixions, massacres, sexual enslavements, and the subjugation of religious minorities - is rooted in Islamic theology, and so called denunciation by stealth jihad groups in the US on theological grounds are bogus. The process of settlement is a a€?Civilization-Jihadist Processa€? with all the word means.
In other words this strategy has already been operative in America for at least 27 years as of 2014! Political, military, law enforcement, media, and religious leaders are being duped across America by the Brotherhood leadership.A  The approach tactics differ depending on the targeted organization a€“ ie for media the approach may be a a€?civil rightsa€? basis, while for Christian leaders it will be based on the Muslimsa€™ claiming they are a€?also followers of Jesusa€?A without the explanation that to the Muslims, Jesus was a Muslim prophet.
Here is an example of that: In a 2011 LA Times op-ed, MPAC president Salam al-Marayati threatened the FBI with a total cut-off of cooperation between American Muslims and law enforcement if the agency failed to revise its law enforcement training materials by eliminating all references to Islam that CAIR and other MB front groups claimed were offensive. Our entire national security apparatus is focused on the threat of the violent Jihadis around the world. Qutb and al-Banna would be amazed if they knew the Brotherhood would take over Egypt with the help of the U.S.
Yet, American political leaders from both parties continue to disparage this request in personal terms, giving clear indication they are completely ignorant of the facts in this matter. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is the largest Muslim Brotherhood (MB) organization in North America, created to be the a€?nucleusa€? for the Islamic Movement, according to MB documents seized by the FBI in Annandale, Virginia in 2004. Because of the evidence ISNA is a Brotherhood front, as well as the numerous financial documents detailing money going directly from ISNA and their banks to Hamas entities overseas, ISNA is an unindicted co-conspiratorA in the largest Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in U.S.
When ISNA filed a motion with the federal court to have their name removed from the unindicted co-conspirator list, the government stated that ISNA exists to be a financial support entity for Hamas.
ISNAa€™s two key directors and its President, Mohamed Magid, all work with Secretary Clinton and her office. Are Senator McCain and Speaker Boehner aware that ISNA President Mohamed Magid spoke at a Counter-Terrorism training program at CIA Headquarters at Langley last week? 3) Eboo Patel - member of President Obama's Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships. 6) Imam Mohamed Magid - see above, advisor to Department of Homeland Security and Secretary of State, president of ISNA. With all that influence ita€™s not surprising Obama handed the 2011 Arab Spring in Egypt to the Brotherhood, and in 2013 will not say a word to support the people demonstrating against the Brotherhood beginning to institutionalize universal human rights abuses. John Brennan, CIA director nominee, is uniquely unqualified to be the CIA director as evidenced by him being the architect of the outreach program to the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States as well as in the Middle East. In 2014 the United Arab Emirates insists CAIR is a terrorist organization after the State Department asks why. A month later Obama revealed he just met with Muslim leaders (again) tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Ita€™s a myth that Islamic Extremistsa„? tend to come from less education, more poverty or local grievances. As I read essays about the Brotherhood that named people, orgs, companies, etc, I found many foreign names that started to sound the same. Here are some of the sharia authorities employed by important Western financial institutions, including 5 from the US MB at a Glance Chart. Edina Lekovic is the Communications Director of MPAC held an Interfaith Dialogea„? with Jamal Badawi, an associate of Qaradawi, at UCF where someone was ejected for asking a question about Reliance of the Traveller. Moderatea„? Jimmy Carter,A MPAC's Lekovic & Director Tarin Dr. Here is a list of stories showing the Egyptian Brotherhood has not moderated since the Arab Springa„?.
Yet despite the Brotherhooda€™s stated intentions and reaching many of their goals with White House support, in 2013 three times Pulitzer Prize winning Middle East Experta„? Thomas Friedman blamed global warming for the outcome of the Arab Springa„?. 1906: Availability of panchromatic black and white film and therefore high quality color separation color photography.
G+ #Read of the Day: The Daguerreotype - The daguerreotype, an early form of photograph, was invented by Louis Daguerre in the early 19th c.
The first photograph (1826) - Joseph Niepce, a French inventor and pioneer in photography, is generally credited with producing the first photograph.
Easy Peasy Fact:Following Niepcea€™s experiments, in 1829 Louis Daguerre stepped up to make some improvements on a novel idea.
It was on 6th April 1994 when I saw the landing airplane being shut down while it prepared to land on the airport. Walking, sleeping outside, hunger, no parent or friend, most of my generation is gone, everything besides me look strange. Ever since I came to South Africa, I thought that it is too late for me to resume the school after 17 years of unrest and insecurity. I felt a bit alive by having matric certificate but I was still having the question “where will I get money for Tertiary Education?” A friend told me about TSIBA and I took initiative to apply. These values being the light, I’m carrying it to the World, to the communities lost in abyss of gangsterism, lost in ignorance.
After only 5 weeks of intensive thinking, co-creating, being daring and many hours of hard work, the audience was treated to an inside look into the 5 businesses that the TSiBA students have started.
The income generated by the enterprises will go to supporting a scholarship for a student and many of the businesses used the social angle of “profit for a purpose” to garner business.
I am in awe of Tjaart’s dedication to his original vision and of the determination with which he has pursued it. I have been very lucky in the opportunities that have come my way, and by a wonderful twist of fate, the TSiBA trail running series, was presented to me at the beginning of the year. The general organising of the runs is a total ball ache – walking around a beautiful wine farm on a Friday afternoon, dealing with exceptionally nice wine farm owners and managers, drinking some wine and raising money for the wonderful TSiBA charity is just awful! One of the big reasons of me becoming a Pilates instructor was to improve lives through exercise.
Many of you have followed the blogs related to the remarkable Tsiba University, attended the Transformative Education event at LSE last year or donated to the Tsiba cycle for change campaign. To celebrate TSiBA’s successful Cycle for Change campaign, our London based friends are invited to enjoy a relaxed half hour cycle around Richmond Park, starting at 08:30 at Roehampton Gate. Today, the MCs, comedians and hip-hop singers of TSiBA Cape Town gathered around a lively crowd of students to showcase their talent. I really appreciate this opportunity & will use these tools in my growth process as a person. Saturday the 19th of April, the day after Good Friday, saw TSiBA Alumni trek all the way to Mfuleni, where we were welcomed by 49 beaming faces at Ncedolwethu Edu-care Centre. What a smile these goodies brought to everyone’s faces and such big ones on our hearts.
In parting, we as the TSiBA Alumni would like to thank all organisations and individuals for your kind donations. Ncedolwethu’s Mama Florence, is a foster mother to five children who were orphaned at very young ages. We are IQEarboardz, a student company that has just been started out by a group of eight students studying at the tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA), majoring in entrepreneurial leadership. We seek to create earrings that promote different organisations, political parties, sports teams and music bands etc.
The aim of our project is to raise funds that will go towards a student’s scholarship (which costs about R48 000 per year).
The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) is a private, not-for-profit business school founded in 2004. We would like to thank The Socio next Challenge and TSiBA education for have given us the opportunity and platform to entrepreneurship. Thanks for your support and making us proud finishers of the ‘Cycle for Change’ initiative of TSiBA! The cramps let go and off I went to enjoy the race, improving my racing time steadily and enjoying the great scenario.
The last hill – Suikerbossie – a large TSiBA crowd cheered for me and up I went without any major problematic to enjoy the last downhill and straight line to the finish! Stefan arrived after 4:08, so we met up and quickly went for a beer before my father reached the finisher line after only 5:38! Thanks again, and if you want to enjoy this experience again, TSiBA is racing next year’s Cape Argus on March 8th!
The main theme of his talk was his time in government which he called the “belly of the beast” meaning the rough and tumble of politics.
Reverend Chikane ended his talk with a reference to his concept of a “dream” to end what he called the nightmare that we are currently living through. TSiBA Campus Director, Sandy Ueckermann, took Reverend Chikane and his wife Kagiso on a tour of the campus. We woke up early around 4:30am to go to the Kingfisher Cycle Race Competition that was held at Hoekwil. After all the tribulations we’ve been through, we managed to shine above our expectations.
I had that opportunity during the first Open Day for 2014 to give back and it was an amazing experience to be part of this day.
I am so grateful for the opportunity I wanted to be part of the recruitment team and participate in the open day. I appreciate TSiBA giving me the opportunity to take our prospective students on a tour of the campus. I realize that as current student we need to play a part to in who become future students at TSiBA.
On behalf of Gr8 Learning, Outcomes, Ocean View High School, Masiphumelele High School and the Desmond Tutu Youth Centre I would like to sincerely thank you for all the effort you put into hosting our children at your open day on Saturday. Both Lelo and Sippy gave very encouraging feedback about your supportive training environment such as although you provide scholarships, the money would have to be repaid if the learners did not complete the program. We commend TSiBA for its very bold initiative in tackling tertiary learning for the disadvantaged child. James & Amy Irlam and friends at a Make-Your-Own-Pizza Charity Evening held on 1 March 2014.
Our TSiBA Cycle for Change charity team leaves at 9h00 so please look out for us along the way and cheer us on. We’ll stop briefly at Mostert’s Mill just before 9h30 to greet family and friends - it would be great to see you there too! THANKS again for your donations towards scholarships for TSiBA (details below if you still wish to donate). Ever wondered who those faces are on the walls of TSiBA as you pass the reception on your way to class? Some of you would have heard that they are the TSiBA graduates, alumni or the ones who have successfully completed their journey and have graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.
Although the above descriptions are correct, the TSiBA Alumni wishes to define itself as: “A community of TSiBA Education graduates, brought together by a common set of values and a need to bring about social change”. The alumni consist of a diverse set of individuals, spread across various industries, most commonly, in the financial industry. The year 2014 for the alumni is about creating awareness amongst TSiBA students about who we are and what we do, and to also create a direct channel of communication (through myself and social media) for exchanging ideas and supporting alumni and student led initiatives. TSiBA Alumni Society also wants to take this opportunity to collectively wish TSiBA Education, a very happy 10th birthday.
If you wish to find out more about the TSiBA Alumni Society, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via email, social media or telephonically. This meeting was coordinated to develop a training programme to help people in communities such as Mitchell’s Plain and surrounding areas develop and learn entrepreneurship and business skills.

During my stay in Johannesburg I was introduced to influential business people who have indeed taught me valuable life skills, given me business guidance and allowed me to network whilst I was gaining exposure. I’ve come back wiser in the decisions I make, richer in experience and even more determined to let others know nothing is impossible, you are your biggest obstacle. As for the future of this project I extend an invitation to anybody who is interested in broadening their horizon in entrepreneurship and the corporate world. In exactly one month, 20 employees and friends of the Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) will be at the Civic Centre in Cape Town starting in the 37th Cape Argus Cycle Tour in Cape Town. The cyclists’ goal is to raise several scholarships valued at R48,800 each; one scholarship allows one student to study for one year at TSiBA Education.
TSiBA boasts extraordinarily high throughput rates and 95% of degree graduates are employed, enrolled in postgraduate study or entrepreneurs in their own businesses. TSiBA Alumni wishes to welcome all new students that joined TSiBA in 2014, and congratulate them on being successful throughout the recruitment process. You are here today, enrolled as a TSiBA student, because we believe that you have the capabilities of leading your community, your country and your future with the education provided to you by TSiBA. Khanyisa Mtombeni, 2008 TSiBA Graduate and current MBA candidate at ESMT European School of Management & Technology. Adeeb Samsodien, 2010 TSiBA Graduate and current Bond & Money Market Fund Administrator at Curo Fund Services. TSiBA Alumni wish you all the best throughout your journey and look forward to welcoming you to the TSiBA Alumni family at your graduation in four years! When I saw the email that TSiBA were looking for people to work in the holiday call centre, I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to get involved in. The aim was to get experience as well as a taste as to what the future potentially had in store for me. And leadership can be a powerful tool for good—whether leading a team or developing your individual potential to achieve your personal best.
Explore this website to find the tools you need to train and coach aspiring leaders to achieve the extraordinary.
If you're in the business of educating emerging leaders, we're here with the evidence-based resources to help you build the foundation for transformative leadership education. Yet while the context of leadership may have changed, the content of leadership has endured the test of time. Even though the Brotherhood was outlawed for decades in Egypt they were tolerated to some extent which allowed them to change the society gradually. This practice is sanctioned by Reliance of the Traveller and other authoritative Islamic sources. So ita€™s not surprising that a year after the 2011 Arab Springa„?, after the Brotherhood initially said they would not take a leadership role in the Egyptian opposition coalition, they and the Salafis won a combined 80% of Egypta€™s Parliamentary vote, then Brotherhood candidate Morsi was elected president, soon began controlling the press, forced out military chiefs, granted himself sweeping new powers, and drafted a new sharia constitution that passed in public referendum, all before the end of 2012. There is so much known about the MB in their own words, the fact there is still any debate at all about what their goals and methods are shows how extraordinarily successful their deception has been.
Wrote Jihad is the Way, cautions Muslims not to rush to Jihad until Jihad is prepared and timed fully for maximum benefit.
The target was Youssef Nada, director of the Al-Taqwa Bank of Lugano, who had active association with the Muslim Brotherhood for more than 50 years and admitted to being one of the organizationa€™s international leaders. US and Swiss investigators had been looking at Al-Taqwaa€™s role in money laundering and funding a wide range of Islamic terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda and HAMAS. According to testimony given to Swiss authorities by Nada, the unsigned document was prepared by a€?Islamic researchersa€? associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. As can be seen in a number of examples throughout the West a€“ the plan outlined in The Project 30 years later in 2012, has been overwhelmingly successful.
The 1st Caliph Al Bakr al-Baghdadi has a PH.D in Islamic Studies and was a Muslim Brotherhood leader before he rampaged across Syria and Iraq to create the new Caliphate. The Ikhwan [Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and a€?sabotaginga€? its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Goda€™s religion is made victorious over all other religions. In approximately 1993, the Brotherhood begins establishing between 80 and 120 new non-profit organizations annually. The latest blast came from leaders in the GOP, publicly defending a senior advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to the U.S. The federal judge agreed stating the government provided a€?ample evidencea€? and left ISNA on the list. McCain and Speaker Boehner aware that Secretary Clintona€™s official position on the so-called a€?Arab Springa€? was that it was a freedom movement led by students who organized on Twitter? Or that ISNA advised Senator Richard Durbina€™s Senate committee before his hearings in the summer of 2011? Also a presenter at John Espositoa€™s Georgetown conference in 2008 Is There a Role for Shari'ah in Modern States?
5 of those leaders are covered in the Key Faces of US MB, and Tariq Ramadan has his own page.
Videos have come to light in which he [President Morsi] lashed out against Jews with venomous hatred, referring to Qura€™anic curses of them as a€?apes and pigsa€? and declaring that there could be no negotiations with Israel.
In the course of the investigation conducted by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, we discovered that there were at least four hundred visits in the three years between 2009 and 2012 to the White House of radical Islamic groups, some of whom were unindicted co-conspirators in terrorism trials, but all of whom had been involved in establishing radical Islamic rhetoric, including support for Hamas, Hezbollah, denigrating the US, calling this a war against Islam by the United States.
I couldna€™t tell if I came across someone already, and if I did who or what they were connected to. In 2005 he already demonstrated his astounding ignorance of Islam and therefore the Middle East, when he nominated Grand Ayatollah Sistani for a Nobel Peace Prize, and even insisted he was serious. Talbot was active from the mid-1830s, and sits alongside Louis Daguerre as one of the fathers of the medium. Niepcea€™s photograph shows a view from the Window at Le Gras, and it only took eight hours of exposure time!The history of photography has roots in remote antiquity with the discovery of the principle of the camera obscura and the observation that some substances are visibly altered by exposure to light. Again employing the use of solvents and metal plates as a canvas, Daguerre utilized a combination of silver and iodine to make a surface more sensitive to light, thereby taking less time to develop. These values also act like lifesaving jacket which I’m carrying to the Word drowning in the rivers of poverty.
He had a vision for supporting the development of talented youth in South Africa by collaborating with youth in Europe to raise the kind of scholarships that organisations like TSiBA and Study Trust offer. But this morning that initial vision became realised as I attended the group presentations of the TSiBA Innovation-3 class and witnessed first-hand the powerful journey that the socionext social entrepreneurship programme has set our students on. Their business ideas were original (thanks especially to Charles Maisels!) and their presentations included feedback on marketing & costing strategies, financials and key successes and challenges. TSiBA is deeply appreciative of his generosity and of how he has run the pilot socionext challenge while managing the time constraints and other hurdles that arise when trying something brand new.
The rap battle was so packed that many students stood just outside the door trying to overhear the rap verses inside.
That is why I am here today,” began Craig Ross while addressing the TSiBA Cape Town students. In addition to JamiiX, Ross also started Digital Factory, the world’s biggest digital agency.
I am a complete blonde, with a passion for fitness and healthy living, an obsession with shoes (especially bright trainers), who doesn’t know my right from my left, and just wants to make the world a funner (totally a word) place by spreading the endorphins of exercise. My mother has a close affiliation with Jenni Rorrison, who started the runs for TSiBA Eden Education 7 years ago.
That dream has been taken one step further now and it makes my heart smile to know that my efforts of organising these events, impacts so much onto the lives of others, and those others who in turn are effected by them. We are inspired by Tsibas innovative approach to transforming individuals and society in South Africa and impressed by their success – in terms of the quality of graduates and the significant awards won, including 5 Mandela Rhodes Scholars and a Kofi Annan Scholars. Join Adri to hear how TSiBA facilitates this very special and impactful relationship and how you can make a positive contribution to a South African’s young life in a very direct way. Bring your bike and helmet with you and join Adri for breakfast thereafter at Roehampton Cafe. Dimitri Louw, a TSiBA student and organizer of the rap session, explains that the informal, chill rapping atmosphere gives some of the students confidence to express themselves in ways they wouldn’t in a more formal, academic setting. In addition to completing the race, Paul made contact with Triathlete Hannele Steyn, who has donated them some sports kit. We had a workshop on mentorship, where we discussed the roles of a mentor & mentee equally.
After everyone had worked up an appetite, it was time to enjoy some traditional Easter foods like; fish, hot-cross buns and of course Easter eggs.
I think the Alumni will agree with me when I say that the day was more of a treat to us from the children than the other way around. She runs the ECD with the help of her daughter, some helping hands from the community and a very kind volunteer who helps source food, clothes, educational materials and other essentials. We are final year students and one of our courses this year is Innovation and Knowledge Management offered by SocioNext. We do this by bringing a new and unique type of promotional item that can be worn not only by females but by males as well. As final year students who also study on scholarship, we are also using the opportunity to help the TSiBA raise more scholarships for other students. TSiBA’s mission is to be an innovative learning community that graduates entrepreneurial leaders who ignite opportunity and social change. We were 20 cyclists taking the challenge and raised a total of almost 5 scholarships for TSiBA! The first elevation was going, the wind was against us and the muscles were cold… So, I told Stefan to go ahead and race. 1h30 I arrived in Simonstown for a quick pitstop and thinking about doing a quick Physio for my cramping leg, but no, I got convinced and hopped back on the bike!
If you have never done this race, it is difficult to imagine the amazingly stunning beauty you pedal through and the amazing atmosphere with all the fans!
By referring to his three books, starting with his autobiography No Life of My Own, about his time in the struggle, written when he was only thirty six years old, he tried to explain how we have arrived at the current political situation.
He called on everyone to look at our country and see what they want to change and to dare to dream how to change things. The feeling is so gratifying to know that you are part of something bigger and can make a difference in people’s lives. I enjoyed the willingness the prospective students shown to learn and respect for the TSiBA students. We will certainly be looking at your terms and conditions and fine print to make sure that the kids who have expressed a desire to attend TSiBA are well briefed on the expectations they will have to live up to. Since we all work in this environment, we are very aware of the need for a more nurturing tertiary learning environment for the learner coming out of the township school system. The training is over and we’re feeling good and looking forward to joining about 35 000 others at the starting line next Sunday. Many have advanced to post graduate education with some currently enrolled in their masters. The Mankind Project, the Zanokhanyo Children’s Safety Home and the Spirit of Youth, to name a few. May the institution continue to ignite opportunities and change lives through education which is the most potent weapon against poverty and an enabler of social transformation.
In December 2013 I was introduced to Stanley Subramoney, Deputy Ceo of PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC) at a Golf Day hosted by Minister Trevor Manuel. PwC is the leading company making this project possible as they already have an existing business skill foundation that trains people and creates a platform for these individuals to start their own businesses.
PwC upholds many of the values that are taught at TSiBA, with not just profits as their common goal, but rather a willingness to train and empower the community. This programme recognises ordinary people’s potential to grow and prosper irrespective of one’s upbringing. They will be “Cycling for Change” and raising funds to enable bright young South Africans from disadvantaged backgrounds to study towards a Bachelor of Business Administration at TSiBA.
TSiBA is a private, not for profit institution that does not receive any subsidies from the government. In a six-year period, TSiBA has already produced 2 Kofi Annan Scholars, 2 Allan Gray Orbis Candidate Fellows and 5 Mandela Rhodes Scholars – ten times more Mandela Rhodes Scholars than any university in South Africa. I will be riding together with my daughter, Marisa, and her partner, Stefan, who are flying in from Switzerland just for the event. Heck, will you help us raise twenty scholarships, one for each rider, and join us for some fun while we do so? As TSiBA Alumni, we know exactly what it feels like when you receive that phone call saying that you have been accepted to study at one of the best Tertiary Education institutions in South Africa.
Initially, I wanted to do an internship or get a job in the corporate world, regardless of what the position was. After numerous applications, I realized that I had acted too late as most companies informed me that it was either short notice or that they did not take on interns who had not graduated yet. There has been many a phone call and I personally have learnt so much from our extended community. And in this much-anticipated fifth edition of their classic work, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner bring current the research and personal best leadership experiences of ordinary people around the world achieving extraordinary things. And they’ve distilled all of that wisdom and experience down to five clear Practices available to all who accept the challenge to lead. See how much it changed under gradualism while Turkey did not during the same time by comparing these 2010 PEW poll results taken just before the Arab Springa„? 2011. More later on his ties to al Bannaa€™s grandson Said Ramadan, and Nadaa€™s Swiss Nazi banking connections going back to the 1950a€?s in the US MB History at a Glance Chart. Here is video of Islamic State stoning woman to death for adultery, which Islamic law permits because Mohammad did it. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. Today, there are over 2,000 Islamic non-profit [501(c)(3)] organizations in the United States.A Not all are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, but many are. Later in 2012 Obama picked Marayati, who defends Hamas and Hezbollah, to represent the US at a human rights conference. But again in a June 2012 post on Twitter, Billoo wrote as a a€?public service announcementa€™ that, a€?ita€™s never a good idea to speak to an FBI agent without an attorney. A three-judge appellate panel unanimously agreed and left ISNA on the unindicted co-conspirator list.
She blocked Middle Eastern Christians' access to White House to discuss their fear of sharia coming to Syria like it did in Egypt.
The OIC is in a full-scale campaign to intimidate Western governments into adopting Hate Speecha„? codes that will effectively quash criticism of Islam - including quoting what theologians and jihadists say. Those who are protesting against his regime, on the other hand, are in favor of genuine democratic rule, without Sharia restrictions on the freedom of speech and its denial of equality of rights to large segments of the popular.
Sistani is also serious about his interpretation of Koran 9:28, posting for years on his website that all non-Muslims are as filthy as dogs, pigs, semen, poop, urine, and the sweat of animals that eat dogs, pigs, semen, poop, or urine.
Porta (1541-1615), a wise Neapolitan, was able to get the image of well-lighted objects through a small hole in one of the faces of a dark chamber; with a convergent lens over the enlarged hole, he noticed that the images got even clearer and sharper. Though he is most famous for his contributions to photography, he was also an accomplished painter and a developer of the diorama theatre. As far as is known, nobody thought of bringing these two phenomena together to capture camera images in permanent form until around 1800, when Thomas Wedgwood made the first reliably documented although unsuccessful attempt. Currently I am studying my Higher Certificate in Business Administration (HCBA) on a tuition scholarship at TSiBA (Tertiary School in Business Administration) which is a non-profit business school with campus in Cape Town. We call it “Pay it forward” Philosophy!  I do this through tutoring mathematics at ARESTA and EDUCATION FOR AFRICA.
I was not totally clear on what his plans entailed but was inspired by Tjaart’s imagination, enthusiasm and his passion for making a difference. I’m impressed that so many of the businesses have the potential to become sustainable enterprises and that the students managed to get so much done in such a short period of time – but that is what entrepreneurial business leaders do and what both socionext and TSiBA are all about. Ross grew up in less than ideal conditions in Bridgetown, Cape Town, in which he struggled with substance abuse and gang affiliation. Ross ended by encouraging TSiBA students to unpack the three enemies: the unknown, the impossible, and the unimaginable. Having done a couple of trail runs, I knew what fun they were and I had no hesitation in turning back flips when Jenni asked me if I would like to take them over. A Saturday morning doesn’t get much better than running around a beautiful wine farm and enjoying a delicious wine tasting to follow. The only truly hard thing is setting my alarm for 4:30am on a Saturday morning, let’s be honest, even Ghandi would get a little upset over that. Next time, Louw hopes for an even greater crowd to support the rappers and continue to push the performers forward. We also discovered various things about ourselves through the different activities which was arranged for us.
After all the tummies were filled, it was time for the handover of goods we had collected for the children. We also hope that this inspires at least one reader to reach out to the children of Ncedolwethu. As part of this course we were required to start an innovative business that could change the current South African way of doing business.
The idea to use an earring as a promotional tool was inspired by the traditional Zulu earring called the Isiqhaza (in the IsiZulu language). The item is unique in the sense that it is an earring which is not normally used as a promotional tool and the design can be made to our customers’ specifications. Up to date TSiBA has had a 50% throughput rate in the degree programme versus the national average of 25% for students in three-year degree programmes in contact education.

I was ready to go back home just after the start, where a wind canal hit us and all cyclists actually had to push the bike for a few meters!
I was actually racing to get to the finish line underneath 5 hours (two years ago I arrived after 6 hours). There was no transport to take us there so we had to ride 20km from the TSiBA campus to Hoekwil.
One of our team members, Siphosethu Majini placed in 7th position which means he falls in the top ten. At TSiBA Education this philosophy is not only adopted by the organization but by the students as well.
At the Open Day I had an opportunity to show prospective students around the building and answering the questions they had. It was like I was getting to know TSiBA all over again and remembering what I love about this place. The atmosphere is so friendly and fun, it gives that feeling that you are in a remarkable space of learning & understanding. While I was talking about TSiBA to our prospective students I’ve learned a few new things from them and hopefully gave them enough knowledge about TSiBA and the family vibe around campus.
Since I personally come from the Private High institution sector, I say a big HATS OFF to you guys. Despite many alumni working or studying full-time, as much as 80% of TSiBA Alumni, continue to actively Pay it Forward.
The alumni society is currently in the process of establishing a trust fund which will be managed by TSiBA’s very own IMACS students. During our brief discussions I was offered an opportunity to take flight to Johannesburg as a representative of the youth in Cape Town as well as the voice of the recipients of the Mitchell’s Plain Bursary and Role Model Trust. With paying it forward as a one of their key principles and having leadership, such as Stanley Subramone, a company has the potential to excel beyond their expectations.
The cost of scholarships includes textbooks, food and lodging for the students at our rural campus (TSiBA Eden), a wide range of student support services and many experiential learning opportunities such as internship programmes every year, mentorship and wilderness leadership programmes. The more time goes by, the easier it is to see, and as the MB imposes Islamic Human Rightsa„? in Egypt, with a new epidemic of rape, and calls by prominent clerics to destroy Egypt's Great Pyramids begin. The OIC seeks to re-establish the global Islamic State (Caliphate) and implement Islamic Law. This individual's immediate family founded a Muslim Brotherhood front group which, at a minimum, raises questions about Abedina€™s position inside the government. If Abedin is not aware ISNA is a Hamas support entity, she is incompetent at her job and should be relieved of her duties. Secretary of State refer to the Muslim Brotherhooda€™s revolution in the Middle East this way? Is the Secret Service aware that the leader of a Hamas support entity has been coming into the White House? Schulze mixes chalk, nitric acid, and silver in a flask; notices darkening on side of flask exposed to sunlight. A daguerreotype, produced on a silver-plated copper sheet, produces a mirror image photograph of the exposed scene.
I was introduced to the dehumanised styles of life which is beyond any language to express.
This entire scene was recorded in not only in my memory, but the memory of many young and older people of that time.
I started with ABET Level 2 then Level 3 and level 4.I also succeeded to in obtaining basic computer skills such as networking and computer repair. Students can tackle these three enemies using their unique perspectives and skills to do something good for their communities.
We have been very lucky with our wonderful sponsors who always give radical prizes to the runners out of the goodness of their hearts. However, the complete reward of seeing the smiley (albeit sleepy) faces at registration and the love for trail running totally makes it all worth it. I now look forward to getting my assigned mentor (as promised by Coronation) and to the many experiences that i will make at Coronation.
We got to meet new people as well as engage with people on campus whom we had only seen when walking through the corridors. As noted by the history of the Isiqhaza earring we will be offering a promotional tool that has a historically ethnic origin. Stefan and I were able to raise 2 scholarships (out of the total 5) and this thanks to you! 4 CHF per minute below a total of 7 hours – didn’t want to interfere with his fundraising target!
That feeling that a quality education is being received in an environment that promotes learning is a brilliant feeling.
The objective of the fund is to enable the alumni to contribute towards initiatives that will ignite opportunities and create social change. This experience has indeed added value to my life and has taught me lessons I wish to implement at TSiBA as well as in my community. What was meant to have been a vacation of personal development seemed like it would be fruitless instead.
I looked forward to coming to work in the morning, knowing the great possibilities that lie ahead. The book also features an interactive companion mobile app, new case studies, illustrations, and examples that reflect how even when times change, problems change, technologies change, and people change, leadership endures. You think to yourself - are you telling me a billion people really are hell-bent on subjugating the world? Here is a video of a Jordanian pilot being burned to death, which Islamic law also permits.
If we keep in mind that from the Brotherhood perspective, this is an Influence Operation, not a a€?terrorista€? operation, their operation here might beginA to make a little more sense. Or that Mohamed Magid has worked with the National Security Council and sits on the Department of Homeland Securitya€™s Advisory Committee? The only two mass popular uprisings in Muslim countries that he has not supported have one thing in common: both have been against pro-Sharia Islamic supremacist regimes. They are striving in the way of Allah, a Muslim mansa€™s burden to do their part to Liberatea„? the world from the Oppressiona„? of man made secular law.
Ita€™s useful at a glance, but if you are really skeptical there is so much info here that you could spend hours on it to see their country of origin, education and degrees held, professional history, leadership positions held in these orgs (ie, Founder, Director, President), criminal convictions if any, political connections, and timeline. The alchemist Fabricio, more or less at the same period of time, observed that silver chloride was darkened by the action of light. Chemistry student Robert Cornelius was so fascinated by the chemical process involved in Daguerrea€™s work that he sought to make some improvements himself.
Moving here and there has modified the sense of belonging and, generally the whole thing I am was buried underneath like the volcanic lava covers the land. Through the process of learning from ARESTA I gained hope that I can make it to grade 12.I had the opportunity to have passed my grade 12 through EDUCATION FOR AFRICA by 2013. It was an interactive and fun-filled session which ended in a great lunch with new found friends.
Speaking in public is something I was terrified of doing but evens in my short journey so far at TSiBA I’m finding my voice. We have several employees participating, volunteers, sponsors and long-time friends and family of TSiBA. The Muslim Brotherhood, like the OIC and Al Qaeda, seeks to re-establish the global Islamic State (Caliphate) and implement Islamic Law. Since Abedina€™s parents co-founded the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs with backing from the Muslim Brotherhooda€™s Muslim World League, questions about her loyalty and affiliations are not only proper; they are required as a matter of policy for such a position in our government. Perhaps the influence exerted by the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhooda€™s Hamas-supporting entity ISNA has something to do with it. Are the American people aware that the very agencies legally charged to support and defend the Constitution and this nation are working with the leader of a known Hamas-supporting entity? For the moment just glance at them to see how big and unified the spiderweb of relationships is. It was only two hundred years later that the physicist Charles made the first photographic impression, by projecting the outlines of one of his pupils on a white paper sheet impregnated with silver chloride. It was commercially introduced in 1839, a date generally accepted as the birth year of practical photography.The metal-based daguerreotype process soon had some competition from the paper-based calotype negative and salt print processes invented by Henry Fox Talbot.
And in 1839 Cornelius shot a self-portrait daguerrotype that some historians believe was the first modern photograph of a man ever produced. The spike in enthusiasm and attendance from last week proves that TSiBA students are eager to hear from their peers through this energetic and informal medium. I must have been a very good girl, as I was brought 2 spectacular parents, a wonderful boyfriend, ridiculously special best friends and two awesome TSiBA students who help with every single run. TSiBA’s pay it forward initiative is what grabbed my attention in the first place, followed by the exceptional idea of finding potential leaders and entrepreneurs and giving them the skills to take their lives and the lives of others to a whole new level.
I have learnt so much from this experience and am now using the advice we received with my own mentor. For example Paying it Forward, Igniting Opportunity, Values and other terms we use to describe so much of what TSiBA Education is all about. I learnt a lot about myself with regard to the open day and I enjoy being an ambassador for TSiBA.
It may have been too late, but never the less, I updated my CV, forwarded it to Sharifa Fredericks at TSiBA and hoped for the best. All of the enemy doctrine can be found on the internet, in books, in speeches, in their training curricula, and coming out of their mouths on a daily basis.A When the MB says they have a€?renounced violencea€? they are a€“ hold onto your hats a€“ lying. But because it is the Muslim Brotherhood, which many American leaders have either coddled, worked with, or ignored, these five Members of Congress who are abiding by their oaths of office and asking for a legitimate investigation into this potentially damaging espionage issue, are being attacked by Senator McCain and Speaker Boehner. I could not do it on my own by any stretch of the imagination, and these guys work silently and tirelessly to help me ensure that the runs always go without any hiccups! It also opened up a new platform of knowledge as I am now able to communicate with these new peers if I have any issues (academic or work related).
You will always hear students talk about we are a family and that’s cause you are more than just a student number and TSiBA Education is about developing the whole person. Myers says it is obvious all these leaders must be aware of the general methods and long term goals. The photos were turned into lantern slides and projected in registration with the same color filters. And it was seen as a good thing, just like a€?The White Mana€™s Burdena€? was articulated as - we need to bring civilization to the savages, for their own good.
Here are 27 well educated US operatives named in a 2013 Egyptian newspaper investigative report. There are MB branches in around 70 countries, and these charts show just the tip of the U.S. In 1802, Wedgwood reproduced transparent drawings on a surface sensitized by silver nitrate and exposed to light. Whether ita€™s done through violence, force, colonialism, conquest or whatever, it is the same exact thing in Islam. Nicephore Niepce (1765-1833) had the idea of using as sensitive material the bitumen, which is altered and made insoluble by light, thus keeping the images obtained unaltered. Long before the first photographs were made, Chinese philosopher Mo Ti and Greek mathematicians Aristotle and Euclid described a pinhole camera in the 5th and 4th centuries BCE. Everyone who attended the training was selected to work because the entire group proved to exceed all expectations.
The more I read the longer it got, and eventually I had to call it good enough to make an exclamation point! He communicated his experiences to Daguerre (1787-1851) who noticed that a iodide-covered silver plate - thedaguerreotype -, by exposition to iodine fumes, was impressed by the action of light action, and that the almost invisible alteration could be developed with the exposition to mercury fumes. In the 6th century CE, Byzantine mathematician Anthemius of Tralles used a type of camera obscura in his experimentsIbn al-Haytham (Alhazen) (965 in Basra a€“ c. It was then fixed with a solution of potassium cyanide, which dissolves the unaltered iodine.The daguerreotype (1839) was the first practical solution for the problem of photography. In 1841, Claudet discovered quickening substances, thanks to which exposing times were shortened. More or less at the same time period, EnglishWilliam Henry Talbot substituted the steel daguerreotype with paper photographs (named calotype). Wilhelm Homberg described how light darkened some chemicals (photochemical effect) in 1694. Niepce of Saint-Victor (1805-1870), Nicephorea€™s cousin, invented the photographic glass plate covered with a layer of albumin, sensitized by silver iodide.
The novel Giphantie (by the French Tiphaigne de la Roche, 1729a€“74) described what could be interpreted as photography.Around the year 1800, Thomas Wedgwood made the first known attempt to capture the image in a camera obscura by means of a light-sensitive substance.
Maddox and Benett, between 1871 and 1878, discovered the gelatine-bromide plate, as well as how to sensitize it. As with the bitumen process, the result appeared as a positive when it was suitably lit and viewed.
A strong hot solution of common salt served to stabilize or fix the image by removing the remaining silver iodide. On 7 January 1839, this first complete practical photographic process was announced at a meeting of the French Academy of Sciences, and the news quickly spread. At first, all details of the process were withheld and specimens were shown only at Daguerre's studio, under his close supervision, to Academy members and other distinguished guests.
Paper with a coating of silver iodide was exposed in the camera and developed into a translucent negative image. Unlike a daguerreotype, which could only be copied by rephotographing it with a camera, a calotype negative could be used to make a large number of positive prints by simple contact printing. The calotype had yet another distinction compared to other early photographic processes, in that the finished product lacked fine clarity due to its translucent paper negative. This was seen as a positive attribute for portraits because it softened the appearance of the human face. Talbot patented this process,[20] which greatly limited its adoption, and spent many years pressing lawsuits against alleged infringers. He attempted to enforce a very broad interpretation of his patent, earning himself the ill will of photographers who were using the related glass-based processes later introduced by other inventors, but he was eventually defeated.
Nonetheless, Talbot's developed-out silver halide negative process is the basic technology used by chemical film cameras today. Hippolyte Bayard had also developed a method of photography but delayed announcing it, and so was not recognized as its inventor.In 1839, John Herschel made the first glass negative, but his process was difficult to reproduce. The new formula was sold by the Platinotype Company in London as Sulpho-Pyrogallol Developer.Nineteenth-century experimentation with photographic processes frequently became proprietary. This adaptation influenced the design of cameras for decades and is still found in use today in some professional cameras. Petersburg, Russia studio Levitsky would first propose the idea to artificially light subjects in a studio setting using electric lighting along with daylight.
In 1884 George Eastman, of Rochester, New York, developed dry gel on paper, or film, to replace the photographic plate so that a photographer no longer needed to carry boxes of plates and toxic chemicals around. Now anyone could take a photograph and leave the complex parts of the process to others, and photography became available for the mass-market in 1901 with the introduction of the Kodak Brownie.A practical means of color photography was sought from the very beginning. Results were demonstrated by Edmond Becquerel as early as 1848, but exposures lasting for hours or days were required and the captured colors were so light-sensitive they would only bear very brief inspection in dim light.The first durable color photograph was a set of three black-and-white photographs taken through red, green and blue color filters and shown superimposed by using three projectors with similar filters.
It was taken by Thomas Sutton in 1861 for use in a lecture by the Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell, who had proposed the method in 1855.[27] The photographic emulsions then in use were insensitive to most of the spectrum, so the result was very imperfect and the demonstration was soon forgotten.
Maxwell's method is now most widely known through the early 20th century work of Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii. Included were methods for viewing a set of three color-filtered black-and-white photographs in color without having to project them, and for using them to make full-color prints on paper.[28]The first widely used method of color photography was the Autochrome plate, commercially introduced in 1907. If the individual filter elements were small enough, the three primary colors would blend together in the eye and produce the same additive color synthesis as the filtered projection of three separate photographs.
Autochrome plates had an integral mosaic filter layer composed of millions of dyed potato starch grains.
Reversal processing was used to develop each plate into a transparent positive that could be viewed directly or projected with an ordinary projector.
The mosaic filter layer absorbed about 90 percent of the light passing through, so a long exposure was required and a bright projection or viewing light was desirable. Competing screen plate products soon appeared and film-based versions were eventually made. A complex processing operation produced complementary cyan, magenta and yellow dye images in those layers, resulting in a subtractive color image.
Kirsch at the National Institute of Standards and Technology developed a binary digital version of an existing technology, the wirephoto drum scanner, so that alphanumeric characters, diagrams, photographs and other graphics could be transferred into digital computer memory. The lab was working on the Picturephone and on the development of semiconductor bubble memory.
The essence of the design was the ability to transfer charge along the surface of a semiconductor. Michael Tompsett from Bell Labs however, who discovered that the CCD could be used as an imaging sensor.

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