Making the shift from technical expert to effective leader is a challenging one for many senior people in scientific, research and high-tech industries.
Shift Coaching Group is a specialty coaching firm focused on helping high-potential experts and established technical leaders make the tough but rewarding shift from driving process to leading people. In the life sciences and high-tech fields especially, scientists and other professionals are used to working as individual contributors. Chris is an executive coach and facilitator with 20 years of experience in the research and drug discovery industry as both a scientist and business development executive.
Letizia’s coaching is a rare combination of business pragmatism with creative vision and global mindset. Sean Casey LeClaire is a speaker, facilitator and executive coach who has worked with a wide range of organizations in the life science, high tech, robotics, consumer goods, and construction industries. Shea brings evidence and wisdom-based insights to her executive clients, integrating her passion for research and analysis and her on-going training in mindfulness practices and somatic learning.
If you are faced with questions that seem to have no answers, or are grappling with how to make your teams see the bigger picture and transcend above their silos, get in touch with us at The Orange Academy. Intégro's leadership executive coaching process, based on the Leadership Development Process, focuses on five leadership skills that are needed to develop innovative, high performing teams that adapt quickly and effectively to change. The Leadership Coaching Process is a three-staged process designed to provide leaders with the skills and tools they need to increase their leadership effectiveness and create high performing teams.
In addition to the commercial, strategic, financial, economic, political and interpersonal demands, leaders are also likely to face personal challenges in their roles. The support of a psychologist with experience in this field can be exceptionally helpful in providing the self insight, support, frameworks and strategies to enable you to excel and embrace your own leadership challenge. Ainsley Salsbury is a psychologist with a breadth and depth of experience in addressing psychological issues including executive coaching, leadership and managerial development, work stress, performance management, bullying and interpersonal conflict. In addition to her credentials as a psychologist, she has a Bachelor in Human Resource Management, and has worked in specialist capacities within large organisations, and consulted extensively as a Corporate Psychologist. She has spent 12 years of her professional life working with clients from a wide range of backgrounds from Corporate Executives, lawyers and accountants to those in manufacturing, correctional services, health, government, school children and recent humanitarian (refugee) entrants to Australia. Her work in the field of stress and workplace issues is enriched by her largely Cognitive-Behavioural therapeutic orientation, extensive insight into Organisational Dynamics and Behaviours, knowledge and application of a wide variety of Management and Leadership Models, and a fierce commitment to achieving practical outcomes for her clients.
If leaders are to remain relevant in a fast changing, globally-charged business environment they need to continually improve. Over the past 15 years, Doug Van Dyke has coached hundreds of professionals in a wide-range of industries, with topics ranging from communication to leadership to sales to entrepreneurship. Perhaps you are seeking to sharpen your skills, or maybe someone on your team needs to upgrade their performance – fast. Sysco Foods was looking to help their leaders improve efficiency, increase productivity, and to get better organized. Sysco’s Vice President of HR contacted Doug Van Dyke regarding his Building a Powerful Day program.

When executives at Nielsen Media Research were looking to raise the bar of excellence, they contacted Doug Van Dyke. Landmark Engineering & Surveying had two leaders whose success was dependent upon successful collaboration with each other. Two leaders who collaborated more effectively – beginning the day after the working agreement process began! If like others, your organisation aims to excel, to reach higher levels of success and to outperform the competition, then how do you support and prepare your people so they consistently deliver outstanding results? Since I’ve had coaching I have a greater self awareness of my actions and consider how these affect other people. Just as these individuals have reached the pinnacle of their professions, they find that the intellectual horsepower that has driven their success in the past is no longer enough to propel them forward: they now need to lead and influence people.
Together, our team has 80+ years of practical business experience in a range of professional and specialized industries.
We thrive on the challenge of developing leadership in top talent for pharmaceutical, drug discovery, architecture, and high-tech industries.
Individually, our coaches are seasoned professionals with advanced skills and intuitive coaching styles. He combines this unique professional experience with decades of leadership training to provide coaching, training, and facilitation for seasoned executives, technical experts, high potential employees, and teams.
A business executive for more than 25 years, Letizia has extensive experience in corporate strategy, business development, strategic alliance creation, business transformation, and government relations. Sean has privately coached over 750 business leaders, scientists, artists and athletes, as well as thousands of people in group settings. Shea provides executive coaching with a focus on professional technical skill sets and leadership in the healthcare, life sciences, natural resources and high-tech industries. If you, as a leader, can’t inspire your organization to buy into that bold vision and get your teams to work collaboratively to implement the plans to achieve that vision, will you be doing justice to those who repose faith in you?
I have improved so much on my inter-personal skills and I know what it is to think like a leader. When we went through the leadership program it really helped me learn strategies that can motivate my team and help them achieve their set goals. What is the best way for you to make sense of it all and apply these principles in manner which helps you achieve results, cultivate a sense of professional satisfaction and reward for you as a leader, and engender a culture and attitude from your staff which is best aligned with continued future success? Despite the diversity of Doug’s client base, there are a handful of qualities that are always present with the people he coaches. Contact Doug Van Dyke today for a free consultation on how you or your team leaders can acquire the tools and techniques necessary to thrive, and blister the competition. In a nutshell, they were seeking a management coaching program that would give their leaders, at a variety of levels, fresh time management tools and concepts that would somehow manufacture time for their people. Over the course of a few hours, Doug worked with Sysco’s leaders to improve their ability to manage time.

We know what it’s like to make the difficult leap from technical expert to leader, to build high-performing teams, and to manage dynamic and complex organizations with global reach. This specialization has generated an outstanding track record of helping technical experts worldwide to build emotional intelligence and gain the leadership skills needed to succeed in today’s global business environment. Collectively, we have a wide range of educational backgrounds, trainings and certifications, and multi-cultural experiences that supercharge our team with a wealth of tools, techniques, and insights.
Chris is an executive coach in Harvard Business School’s Executive Education program and is the founder of Shift Coaching Group.
She has a track record of success in private and public sectors, including global pharmaceutical companies and international agencies in developed countries and emerging economies.
So the question becomes: In order to receive a significant return on the executive coaching experience, what traits should a professional possess? In addition, the leaders were coached in such a manner that they could easily present the tools and techniques they learned to others in the organization.
Their business was changing rapidly and they needed to communicate effectively across departmental lines, as well as geographic boundaries. We apply neuroscience to the design and delivery, so it’s engaging, effective and sustainable.
This real-world expertise allows us to coach individuals and teams with an insider’s understanding of their challenges and the empathy of someone who’s been there. At the same time we never lose sight of the individual’s need to align their personal values and achieve both fulfillment at work and an appropriate integration of their work and personal lives.
This depth allows us to be flexible, responsive, and creative in adapting our coaching approach for each client’s unique situation. In the second half of her career, her interest in the underlying drivers of business success led her to shift from profit center focus to organizational and leadership development, with personal development and training in Jungian psychology. With over 30 years of business experience, Sean Casey LeClaire is a seasoned corporate executive. Doug structured a series of management coaching sessions that helped their leaders communicate powerfully, succinctly, and with more stickability. John Prue, one of Humana’s Sales Directors, contacted Doug Van Dyke to look for solutions. I am more aware of my own actions and behaviour and what I need to do daily to keep things in perspective.
Doug not only worked with the sales representatives and the leadership team, but he conducted several workplace teambuilding events that helped their entire team come closer together.
In order to solve their collaboration issue, Landmark called Doug Van Dyke regarding executive leadership coaching.

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