If you want to increase your team’s capacity to partner together, develop leaders, and transform lives, then this is the training for you.
Forging Alliances: Learn how to intentionally design your relationships to be maximize power, impact, and accountability. Curiosity: Learn how to employ genuine, open-ended curiosity to break through barriers, overcome conflict, and inspire others toward growth.
Intuition: Discover how to use your gut instincts as a powerful tool for breaking through obstacles and finding the best path forward.
Powerful Questions: Learn what makes a question powerful, and discover how to use them in an intentional way to lead others to deeper learning and inspired growth.
Expand works in close consultation with clients to ensure we have real insight into the development needs of a group. Many organizations lack an effective method for providing their leaders with feedback and coaching. Note: Upon completion, our consultant will hold a private session with the participant to review the report and provide personalized coaching. The Talent Insights Report is designed to increase the understanding of an individual’s talents. The Work Style Profile is a customized yet affordable assessment created by Industrial and Organizational psychologists. The ASSESS Personality Survey is an easy to use, state-of-the-art internet-based expert system that produces work-related assessment reports that focus on the way a person thinks, works, and relates to others. Como actuales o futuros directivos, una de las tareas que debemos llevar a cabo es la de fomentar el desarrollo de los subordinados, y una buena forma de hacerlo es a traves del coaching, en esta ocasion les comparto una serie de aspectos que pueden ser de utilidad para desarrollar esta tarea.

Los supervisores deberian ser capaces de asignar las tareas a sus subordinados en base a las habilidades que estos necesitan desarrollar para cumplir con su trabajo actual y futuro, sin embargo, lo que ocurre es que los supervisores asignan las tareas de acuerdo a las fortalezas del empleado para alcanzar los objetivos del negocio. Muchos supervisores ayudan a sus empleados a recapitular las lecciones aprendidas de su trabajo por medio de discusiones posteriores que se enfocan en lo que marcho bien, en lo que marcho mal y en lo que el empleado deberia cambiar en el futuro.
Identificar una leccion clave de una experiencia previa significa haber aprendido dicha leccion, el proximo paso es asegurarse que dicha leccion es aplicada de forma consistente. La creacion de un plan para el desarrollo de los empleados a traves de las tareas y proyectos es una aspecto fundamental para asegurar que se cumplan los objetivos, no obstante, se pueden presentar una serie de eventos inesperados –como el exito o fracaso de un proyecto- que tambien proveen oportunidades de aprendizaje. Es importante recalcar, que no todas las interacciones con un empleado son oportunidades de entrenamiento, si usted insiste en ello, corre el riesgo de crear la percepcion de que el esfuerzo de su empleado nunca es lo suficientemente bueno.
Basado en el articulo: Day-To-Day Coaching, Learning and Development Roundtable, Corporate Executive Board. Uso de cookiesEste sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. Drawn from the collective experience and training of some of the best Christian coaches in the country, The Coaching Leader will train you and your team in 7 practical, powerful coaching skills that will launch your team to a whole new level of connection, leadership impact and growth. This is a confidential, custom-designed, easy to use internet based system designed for Christian leaders to gather feedback from supervisors, peers and subordinates related to their leadership and compare this feedback to his or her own self-assessment.
Implemented successfully for engaging employees, coaching leaders, building better communication and selecting team members, this report explains what we do and why we do it.
It focuses on traditional personality traits as well as real life, job-centered behavioral characteristics that are important to most positions of leadership and management. Sin embargo, identificando las lecciones que se quieren aprender, antes de que inicie el desarrollo de un proyecto o tarea, tanto el supervisor como el empleado pueden estar seguros de que se estan abordando las areas que necesitan ser desarrolladas.

De hecho, una leccion se aprende de manera completa hasta que es aplicada en el comportamiento futuro.
De hecho, muchos supervisores pasan por alto estos eventos, enfocandose solamente en el impacto del negocio, desaprovechando la oportunidad de hacer coaching en el momento.
The greatest leaders are those who have the freedom to respond in the most effective way to every challenge and opportunity they face.
Whether you are considering internal succession planning, assisting a good leader in becoming even better, or are uncertain how to help a staff member who is not succeeding, these services have proven to be exceptional investment for hundreds of leaders. This assessment can be used in both pre-hire screening as well as for coaching an employee or team of employees. Logrando que los empleados apliquen las lecciones del pasado en su trabajo futuro, el supervisor se asegura que sus esfuerzos de entrenamiento estan contribuyendo al desarrolla de las habilidades deseadas en sus subordinados.
We will guide a staff member or a leadership team in thoroughly examining strengths and weaknesses and development a plan for enhancing their leadership health and effectiveness. Understanding strengths and weaknesses in these areas will lead to personal and professional development and a higher level of satisfaction.

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