Merriam Webster took me on an odyssey to get to a definition of leadership.  I seem to remember being taught in school to not use the root of a word to define that word.  Someone should have told Merriam that! Leaders that do not achieve results will not have followers.  Without followers, there is no leader.
Leaders do not settle for satisfying the wants of the led.   That describes a politician, not a leader. Leaders guide people towards what is best for them – not just towards what they want. I would like to see the word leadership used only in a positive context.  I believe Hitler had influence, but he was not a leader because of what he used his influence to accomplish.

Character is what separates great leaders from people who just exercise influence.  In my mind, since leadership is inherently a positive word, only people of high character are actually exercising leadership. Videos & ResourcesVideos, downloadable PDF's and more to help you build a winning culture for your team.
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