Executive coaching will equip you to maximize your wellness, leadership impact, and professional success with one-on-one confidential coaching.
Leaders shoulder a huge load of responsibility—ensuring quality production, responding to customers’ needs, creating an environment that inspires innovation, keeping tabs on individuals’ morale and ongoing development, and more. As compared to traditional training and in-house mentoring, leadership coaching provides several distinct advantages that yield the highest rate of return for your development investment.
Put simply, Leadership Coaching is a proactive, goal-focused series of one-on-one interactions between the leader and coach designed to elevate the leader’s effectiveness at meeting the rapidly changing needs of the organization. Want a team that is strong, effective, aligned with the organization's goals and objectives, playing by the same rules and not afraid to hold one another accountable for results? The Manager Bootcamp Program is a unique, public professional development program for supervisors and managers who are responsible for a team and want to further develop their ability to motivate, coach, plan, direct, execute, manage change and more effectively hold their team accountable for results.
Executive Impact is an organizational development firm focused on increasing your culture capital by empowering leaders and developing high performance teams. We are committed to equipping our clients to develop and execute a talent and performance management strategy, complete with the tools and resources needed to select, on-board, engage and motivate, manage and pro-actively retain top leadership talent. It is said, "without a vision, the people perish." We believe this to be true, especially in today's economy. About UsExecutive Impact is an organizational development firm focused on empowering businesses and organizations to achieve greater results through their people. Garfinkle Executive Coaching has worked with more than a thousand coaching clients in twenty-five countries and has been recognized as one of the top 50 executive coaches in the U.S. Joel’s 17 years of experience in developing, producing and implementing executive coaching programs have proven valuable in knowing the top five factors to consider when creating a successful executive coaching program.
Joel’s coaching helped me identify and implement new strategies that allowed me to take my career to a new level. Garfinkle Executive Coaching takes into account your organization, its culture and your specific work relationships. As you receive practical, real-time feedback and counsel from the executive coach, you will be able to identify specific behaviors that can be improved immediately.
Note: When companies and organizations look for an executive leadership development program, they should make sure the coaching firm under consideration has a strong track record of delivering in all three areas described above.

As a talent development specialist, Joel will help you advance your career quickly, create lasting change and experience long-term success. The relationship you and your executive coach build together will help you understand your needs, values and belief systems, as well as help you gain a greater awareness of your strengths and limitations. Success comes to those who know themselves – their strengths, their values and how they best perform.
Drucker is right: to be a self-aware leader, you must know what you feel and think and be aware of how you act. When employees leverage self-awareness, they improve their performance by capitalizing on their strengths and minimizing the number of mistakes.
When you look closely at the specific, measurable results as well as the intangible benefits of our executive coaching program, you’ll easily be able to identify the value and return on your investment. Career Advancement BlogSign up to receive the blog via email and get a free tool that tracks your value to the organization. Joel Inspirational Speaker Learn Why Joel Garfinkle is Sought-After Professional, Motivational and Keynote Speaker. Despite the long list of duties, organizations often throw leaders into situations that they are woefully under prepared for, and then wait to see if they survive—a rather Darwinian approach to leadership development. Working with a professional leadership coach offers the leader a level of support, challenge, and structure that permits a deeper level of dialogue and encourages the promise and fulfillment of meaningful commitments to change. Are they planning, directing, motivating, coaching and achieving optimal results through their team? As an executive coach, Joel has extensive first-hand experience working with many of the world’s leading companies, including Oracle, Google, Amazon, Deloitte, The Ritz-Carlton, Gap and Starbucks. Joel provides valuable guidance and perspective and his passion is evident in every session.
You’ll learn what motivates and inspires you and become more honest about what you are capable of achieving. Through coaching you will learn to be in touch with your needs, values, belief systems, emotional and intellectual intelligence, strengths and limitations. Self-aware employees develop excellent decision-making abilities as a direct result of their self-knowledge.

As an executive coach with two decades of experience, Joel makes sure that an outcome-based action plan is created and followed.
We’ve found a better way to help individuals strengthen their abilities as a leader while they tackle their day-to-day challenges—Coaching. The coaching partnership provides a solid context to make changes and implement developmental goals. Lack of strong internal sponsorship by top management, key stakeholders, human resources and the executive’s immediate boss is the number one reason why coaching programs fail. The value and bottom line impact of the coaching program will be clearly seen in an extremely quick time frame. He starts by ensuring the client is fully committed to the coaching process and dedicated to taking the necessary time required to create success. Advising tends to be oriented to the near-term and, particularly where behaviors are concerned, is limited in its ability to provide long-lasting change. Having the boss support coaching by being actively involved throughout the process is critical. You’ll be truthful and honest about who you are and what you can do — your capabilities, performance and potential. When obstacles or roadblocks appear, Joel will work with you to take concrete and positive steps forward.
Coaching supports the leader in addressing current challenges in real time through examining thought processes and expanding the leader’s awareness—changes that fundamentally shift the leader’s ability to respond to future challenges. In addition, senior management needs to actively advocate for the program and its importance. All the players need to notice and express the progress, successes and continued improvement directly to the coaching participant.

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