Commissioner Cassano’s career with the FDNY began with his appointment as a firefighter on Nov. While a firefighter, he attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Science.
The attire for all events will be business casual for civilians and service dress for military unless otherwise indicated. From 2001 to 2006, he served as Chief of Operations - a position he was appointed to immediately after Sept.

He steadily rose through the ranks with promotions to lieutenant (August 1977), captain (April 1984), battalion chief (August 1987), deputy chief (June 1993), deputy assistant chief (November 1999) and assistant chief (April 2001). He is the 32nd Fire Commissioner in the 145-year history of the New York City Fire Department. Both as Chief of Operations and Chief of Department, Commissioner Cassano played a crucial role in rebuilding the Department in the wake of Sept. Five times during his career he was cited for bravery, each time for rescuing New Yorkers from burning buildings.

In the years that followed, more than 6,000 new firefighters were hired and 3,000 others promoted to various officer ranks as the Department went through a difficult but remarkable resurgence. Not only is the FDNY better equipped, trained and prepared than ever before in its history, it also has achieved unprecedented success with the fewest civilian fire fatalities ever and the fastest response times on record.

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