Our Leadership consulting solutions focus on personal leadership effectiveness and are built by blending our client's unique context with a rigorous, practical and well-researched framework. Clients seek our counsel to develop new and deeper leadership capabilities in a variety of situations, such as when they embark on a new strategy, need to develop their talent pipeline and bench, and to improve the deployment, engagement and retention of their most senior executives. Our work is directly linked to business impact, accelerating the development of senior leadership to deliver on strategic promises, create and sustain commitment and ensure execution on business performance and results.
In our experience, the natural behavior of the participants on our programs is an excellent reflection of their leadership styles back in the workplace. Our experienced coaches and leadership consultants are excellent resources, available to assist with enhancing organizational and individual performance. For example, we have worked over the past two years with several teams and leaders from a mid-size oilfield services company.
About UsAt Pacific Center for Leadership, we help organizations thrive, using our powerful and practical approach to develop better leaders, create better teams, and produce better results.
Virtuous leadership, leading from your source of truthAt Dragonfly consultants we offer a distinct leadership development program aimed at helping you create inclusive culture.

Sign up to receive updates on Dragonfly Consultants news, announcements, workshops, retreats, events, and special offers. Innovation Leadership Consulting conducted sessions with our teams to ensure we captured all relevant inputs.
Improving executives’ ability to lead and manage a highly diverse and challenging workforce Increasing capacity of high potential people to assume greater and more complex responsibilities Increasing energy and creativity devoted to profit-generating activities Increasing retention of "top talent," whose skills and expertise are difficult to replace. Copyright 2016 Advanced Leadership Consulting - Seattle Executive Coach, Executive Coaching, Business Consulting, Organizational Development & Leadership Development. We find that even when groups are taken out of their normal work environments, they default to what is familiar and comfortable. We’ve had the chance to work closely with these teams through several programs, and have had the privilege of getting to see their culture, strategy and communication take clearer shape as their leaders grow.
In addition, they facilitated workshops that enabled us to define and optimize our innovation processes to align with our company goals and position us for future growth.

After working with and observing teams and leaders over the course of a couple of sessions, our consultants are  in an excellent position to provide feedback on strengths, challenges, blindspots and opportunities.
Because we’re uniquely positioned as neutral observers — in a way that wouldn’t be possible if we were internal resources — we’ve begun to partner in many levels of assessment and decision-making, and have worked with the Human Resources department to develop individual action plans for participants, including offering coaching and structuring mentorships.
Through a guided transformational change, we were able to execute the innovation strategy much faster then ever expected.

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