We think the best way to get a flavour of our approach to leadership training is to take a look at some of the courses we've run for our clients. After taking a look at those, come back and read more about our general approach to leadership training programmes. Our training courses in helping people and teams develop their leadership skills fall into two categories - courses for groups from a single company, and leadership development courses for individuals.
The way we cover leadership skills varies enormously, and depends heavily on a joint pre-courses assessment of what the needs are, and the flexibility during the course to change and adapt the approach as needed.
We've found that using Myers-Briggs (MBTI) profiling as part of creating an understanding and appreciation of differing leadership styles and approaches hugely valuable. By looking not only at the individual dichotomies, but looking at specific combinations, we can access a rich resource of information about people's preferred leadership styles. As with all our courses, we introduce the theory, use real-world, practical, and usually outdoors experiential learning to flesh out and internalise the knowledge gained, and then focus on reviews to really capture the essence of what has been learnt and ensure that it is translated into practical benefits back at work.
An emerging area, embodied leadership training is all about using interactive training methods that teach people how to lead authentically with presence, gravitas and charisma so that they get results.
Sounds obvious, but common sense is missed far too often on training courses, overruled by the latest fancy theory and snazzy quotes from the "gurus".
Our skill here is in genuine, open facilitation, and in creating the environment for people to come up with their own answers - much, much more powerful than listening to a lecture.
Winning and retaining new business in today's competitive environment is ultimately down to the strength of your sales team.
Our sales leadership programmes range from fundamental through to advanced level and are designed to deliver immediate and lasting results. Immaculata University's Organization Leadership programs provide practical personal and professional development for current leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles. While MBA programs cover management disciplines with emphasis on quantitative skills, here you learn and practice leadership skills including recognizing opportunities to lead, engaging and motivating individuals and groups, and how and why followers choose the people to lead them.

The 16 credits required to earn this certificate are designed for the working professional who wants to sharpen their skills in a certain area of expertise. The master’s degree and the certificate in organizational effectiveness are guided by the competencies for change agents set forth by the American Management Association (AMA).
Changing behaviour for a different outcome: How do you break free of the same old patterns? In the days after the death of Margaret Thatcher I’ve been struck by the enormous depth of feeling about her and her policies that many people still demonstrate on whichever side of the political fence they sit. Sign up for our newsletter and receive free tips, tools and techniques each month covering topics of interest like Handling Nerves, Giving Feedback and Giving Your Presentation the Edge. Free trainingFrom time to time we're happy to offer free places on our public courses to deserving cases.
The Zone 33 Rotary Leadership Institute conducts over 25 events each year in the states of Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and The District of Columbia The program consists of the separate sessions, Part I, Part II, and Part III.
Each session is highly interactive and, therefore, contains a minimum of lecturing and provides lots of opportunity for participants to share their experience and ideas.
As with all the management training tools we use, we don't "teach" MBTI as a subject in itself, but use it effectively to deliver the leadership training our clients need.
This knowledge is then advanced to develop the skill to both adapt our own leadership styles as well as create a greater appreciation of the styles of others, enabling the individuals and the team as a whole to be much more flexible, resourceful and successful in their leadership. We studiously avoid imposing leadership techniques and systems, because, for us, leadership is about passion, enthusiam and natural energy, not systems and processes.
In some respects, that's true - because they are leading something that they genuinely believe in, and in a way that is theirs.
Emotional intelligence and personal impact are critical success factors, yet most training does not address leadership and the body. We see enormous parallels between leadership and coaching, as they are both much more long-term, fundamental aspects of personal development and growth.

We focus on helping you develop key leadership and business skills that are relevant in any industry or work setting. Immaculata University is conveniently located on the Main Line between Malvern and Exton, 20 miles west of Philadelphia and close to the Great Valley business area.
You’d think the apparent high level of emotional response and political argument her death has generated would signify a clear memory of that era and the decisions made. Attendees progress through the three part on separate days and complete the program at their own pace. The sessions are led by Rotary leaders who have been trained in the facilitation techniques that maximize the learning experience. What we actually do is to help people understand more about their natural abilities, how to refine these, and how to apply them wherever and whenever they want. But everyone can benefit from developing their leadership skills, and broadening the techniques they use to get the results they want. Our executive and management training consists of some simple physical non-athletic practices relating to posture, breathing and non-athletic movement, combined with linguistic, emotional and traditional training.
Great leaders coach and inspire others rather than manage them - people simply want to follow and learn from them. By giving teams the opportunity to undertake challenges and tasks, and then simply reviewing with them what went well and what didn't, it's (no longer, to us!) astonishing what comes out. With these skills, you can motivate yourself and inspire others to higher levels of performance.
As a great leader, using coaching with your team can really help to engage and inspire them, and spread your passion and enthusiasm.

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