We can support you and your managers to deal with or prevent difficult situations arising - not only avoiding costly tribunals or time consuming interventions, but also ensuring you build cooperative, inclusive teams based on dignity and respect. Your Managers have a direct impact every day on the motivation, engagement and performance of your people. People are your greatest asset - and how they are managed and led will make all the difference between a struggling, demotivated and under-performing team or a loyal, engaged and high performing team.
For most managers, ensuring everyone is performing to their potential, getting on well together and producing great results is a work in progress!
Sometimes a manager’s role is about stretching a high performing team to produce exceptional results, and sometimes it is dealing with really tricky situations, where communication has broken down and teams are not working well together.
How “Inappropriate” does Inappropriate Behaviour need to be, for Organisations to take action? The Centre offers a range of leadership programmes from an introductory level through to focused personal and interpersonal development for senior managers. Our approach is practical and applicable, providing leaders with experiences and development that impacts on how they manage themselves and how they manage their work place relationships. We work with groups in a relational and emergent process, which means we tailor our programmes to the needs of the group on the day and work in response to what is happening within the group as well as the experiences they bring.
We generate learning through creating fresh experiences using interactive activities, discussion of personal experiences, critique of management and leadership models and personal reflection. We utilise practical, interactive tasks and the outdoors to provide "here and now" experiences, which support the raising of self awareness. We run our leadership development courses from our exclusive venue in the New Forest, just outside Lyndhurst. We can set up our mobile activities and provide facilitators for leadership development programmes off site at your chosen location - your offices, hotel, conference centre or country park. For an informal discussion about how we can able to help your company or organisation with a leadership development course please contact the office on 02380 284 401 or email us.
The experts in outdoor team building in the New Forest, Hampshire The New Forest Outdoor Centre is owned and managed by Activate Outdoors Ltd Company Reg No. WhereResident courses for LAMS are offered at TRACEN Petaluma, TRACEN Yorktown and the Leadership Development Center (LDC), which resides at the Coast Guard Academy. Submit an Electronic Training Request (ETR) through Direct Access to attend that exportable class. Reserve members are authorized to only utilize ADT-OTD for exportable training in accordance with policy. Provide a classroom and two separate break-out rooms for the entire five-day course, resources for PowerPoint presentations, two flip chart easels, chart paper, and a dry-erase board. Leadership development is not limited to individual leaders but can also encompass an entire group—fostering peer leadership. Organizations that capitalize on leadership development and training know that the strength of their successful operation is in the hands of good leaders.

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Want Your FREE Gifts!Leadership Training!=> 101-page e-Book=> In-depth Articles=> Great "Power Tips"=> Live "Power Chats" & Discussion Topics!
All-the-Tools-You-Need-to-Lead!The Leadership-Toolkit for Self-Paced Success!Lead & Succeed, Today!
Need FREE Gifts!Leadership Tools!=> 101-page Leadership Power Book=> In-depth Tutorials=> Weekly "Power Tips"=> Join Live "Power Chats & Discussions", Today! Now you have a virtual educational resource to help you ascend from basic to intermediate to advanced to the highest plateau of leadership skills development. Previously, leadership skills, strategy or behavioral education involved a costly, slow, and impractical process. You will want to consult it, study its lessons and use it whenever you encounter problems or opportunities. You will have additional advice, counseling, updates and tips from leadership experts, coaches, mentors and tutors, and me, Bill Thomas, available to you. AMA faculty are not only first-rate instructors, but also industry experts in the topics they teach. Learn insider tips on career development for women with webcasts, breakfast briefings, and networking events. But good managers don’t just happen by accident; they need support and guidance to develop the skills and confidence to manage their teams effectively and get the best from them. Focal Point can help through a range of tailored training, coaching and development solutions.
We aim to develop leaders through supporting individuals to raise their emotional intelligence in order for them to become more effective personally and interpersonally. We explore beliefs and attitudes, embrace diverse values and journey with curiosity into the dynamics of groups, culture and leading people in a complex organisational environment.
On going coaching and facilitation of action learning sets can be included to enhance the learning.
With a diverse range of outdoor activities as well as indoor facilities, our site is an ideal venue for an outdoor-based leadership development course.
A nights stay on site, either in our Shepherd's Huts or camping in tents or shelters always augments a course, with the delegates benefiting from an evening together away from it all. All of our programmes are tailored to meet your specific objectives so we do not publish a price list - but please do not let this deter you from making an enquiry. The Leadership and Management School is a one-week course designed to enhance supervisory skills for first line supervisors.
Use the Coast Guard Business Intelligence (CGBI) Leadership and Management School cube to identify members who have not yet completed this training.

It is recommended that the POC for LAMS be your Command Chief or a leading member of your Chief's Mess. No leader can operate alone and must work proactively and collaboratively with others to solve the complex problems facing organizations today. With the help of leadership development, an individual is given the opportunity to improve their skills, develop their talents, manage their weaknesses, and reinforce their ability to use their personal knowledge and organization resources.
Survey DIY Leadership Analysis DIY Teamwork Analysis Tool Blog LMA Library Courses What do you need? Membership, you will learn, nurture and empower your leadership talents at your own pace - and then practice each concept in your 'real-life' situations, challenges or events, too.I encourage you to take advantage of our affordable introductory price for the Leadership-UltraNet! You will join forces with your peers, practice in small groups, and get feedback in either a virtual or physical classroom.
Learn to use yours to build a network of support, take smart risks, and pursue your goals with positive energy.
We support individuals to become more aware of their personal connection of thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physiology and to use this awareness to understand and appropriately meet their needs. We provide first-class catering for all of our tailored programmes and can arrange cold buffets, hot suppers, bbqs and hog roasts.
The course develops skills in the following areas: communicating effectively, influencing others positively, creating an environment that motivates performance, getting the job done while taking care of subordinates, encouraging personal ethics, and promoting teamwork.
Therefore every employee should be given the opportunity to gain greater self-awareness and learn how to be a peer leader and a leader of a group or team. Additionally, it builds confidence and unity, which significantly improves the success rate of employees achieving individual and organization goals. To perform their acts of stewardship, leaders must practice and master three essential tasks:=> Engage people=> Empower people=> Encourage peopleMany leaders have a problem applying those 3 "E"s to their leadership goals, actions and conversations. This supportive environment enables you to demonstrate assertiveness techniques, flex your leadership style preference, and incorporate new tools into everyday practices.
In a supportive learning environment filled with personalized coaching and intensive feedback, let’s step up and craft your own authentic leadership story. This course has been evaluated by the American Council on Education, which recommends LAMS have three college credits.
Whilst there is no absolutely defined path that fits everyone, we believe most people benefit from progressing in accordance with this career development process. LMA team development coursesView LMA courses for teamwork and professional development courses.

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