In 2010, the Alpha Plus Group Ltd approached the Optima Partnership Ltd and discussions were entered into over the development of a new, creative and innovative leadership development programme that might be offered to middle leaders across the group’s schools and colleges.
The Alpha Plus Group Ltd is responsible for the governance and management of many independent sector schools and colleges in Central London and nationally.
The Alpha Plus group were open to the design of a newly developed programme to be adopted subject to a pilot programme.
In the discovery phase, we learned that previous development programmes had lacked meaningful delegate support, appeared to deliver a ‘once size fits all’ model, did not really create change in the delegates at an emotionally intelligent level and provided no evidence of continuing transference of learning into the workplace.
The Optima Partnership set about the production of a programme that would meet the needs of the organisation and would succeed where many competitor programmes would not. Evidences continuing transference of the learning into the day to day setting of the delegate. The pilot programme ran in 2010 and has been a feature of the Alpha Plus Leadership and Management Development portfolio every year since then. At Optima we believe that leadership, at all levels of an organisation, is the most significant factor in creating an environment in which people want to work and excel. Hello readers, in this article you can get information about Leadership Development Programme Nus Executive Education.
Contents singhealth institutions 02 chairman’s message 04 group ceo’s message 08 academic medicine 16 infrastructure development 24 patient care 36 education. Prepared by student education, career guidance committee 1 ‘a’ level minimum subject requirements by faculty for university admission in 2015.
Developing a singaporean core in our workforce 2 developing a singaporean core in our workforce, faizal bin yahya, ips update, december 2013. Download Leadership Development Programme Nus Executive Education Prepared by student education, career guidance committee 1 ‘a’ level minimum subject requirements by faculty for university admission in 2015. Download Leadership Development Programme Nus Executive Education Developing a singaporean core in our workforce 2 .
Download Leadership Development Programme Nus Executive Education Self-study report - 2016 hindu college - university of delhi vii list of ssr committee members steering committee dr. Download Leadership Development Programme Nus Executive Education Uwe bristol futures award 6 activity details requirements introduction to association for project management e learning course. Effective practice in the design of directed independent learning opportunities professor liz thomas, dr robert jones and dr james ottaway. The leadership development programme is designed to help leaders and senior managers advance their leadership skills and build their capacity to lead successful change. Our leadership programmes help transform competent managers into great leaders from learning to lead a team for the first time and negotiating for success, to. Women leadership and impact in asia creating an environment where talent can thrive and rise to the top is critical in achieving fully productive organisations and. Find out more about available mba scholarships and awards for nus program participants including eligibility requirements and how to apply.. Iss is the leading centre for professional development in information technology related areas..
Above you can read article and ebook that discuss about Leadership Development Programme Nus Executive Education.
A Leadership Development Programme was conducted by the SLAF at Royal College Colombo on 11 February 2013.

Whether you are a manager wanting to develop your leadership ability, a leader of others within a department or business, or the leader of the organisation, this leadership programme will provoke a profound shift in your understanding and insight of your leadership capabilities.
By cultivating awareness, insight and confidence and practising effective methods that engage and empower others, you will expand your ability to be a confident and more effective leader. This unique 6 day, residential (3 days per month over 2 consecutive months) leadership programme integrates the very best of both practical and theoretical development frameworks that provide a transformative learning experience. It is a highly interactive programme that effectively combines formal learning with the wealth of experience and knowledge of the participants in an informal, relaxed and stimulating environment. Another unique feature of this programme is that it can be assessed against NZQA unit standards.
Existing leaders of organisations wanting to enhance and extend their leadership influence and effectiveness within the organisation.
Enable and enhance employee competence and capabilityPlan, implement & maintain a business operation.
LIBER’s ambitious international leadership development programme is designed to shape the next generation of senior leaders in European research libraries. The programme features a combination of high level workshops, training and individual tutoring.
Second and last seminar in Helsinki (June 26th to 28th 2016, dates to be confirmed), with courses and shared experience.
If you have any questions about this seminar, please do not hesitate to send an email to Julien Roche, Universite Lille1, France, Chair of Reshaping the Research Library Steering Committee. The participants and instructors of LIBER’s Leadership Seminar at the 2013 Annual Conference. The Programme, which was launched in 2011, is aimed at people who are already in positions of senior management but who wish to do more to enhance their leadership qualities in preparation for the step up to the next big challenge – that of taking responsibility for leading an organisation through changing times.
Due to the success of this Programme, the Leadership and Workforce Working Group is proposing the development of a LIBER Leadership Programme for library directors themselves. I built myself a european network with the other participants and through the mentorship experience.
The Leadership Seminar is a process where you confront to your feelings, have to reveal yourself, trust in each other… it’s a strong feeling.
I had my mentorship at the Imperial College of London with Robert HALL, Library Services Dept. After my mentorship I made some small but concrete changes in Oslo, for example in the workflow.
Fill out this form to find out more or to register your interest in the next leadership seminar. Website LicenseAll site content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. The group takes great responsibility for developing its people both with a view to personally and professionally developing people in order to continue to deliver the gold standard in education as well as a means of ensuring succession planning within the group.
In other words the programme contains a requirement to work on a change project within the delegate setting and ergo, learning is transferred and embedded during the life of the development programme.
Change of leadership effectiveness requires deep and often uncomfortable self-reflection and self-analysis and this was to be the starting point of the developed programme over an initial two-day residential element.
There are very few development programmes that track transference of learning into the work-place.

The programme commenced after the address by the Principal of Royal College Mr Upali Gunasekara.
It takes two years to complete and is aimed at people at the second tier, who are willing and capable of becoming library directors in a few years.
It will launch in 2015 and will focus on the role of the library leader in Reshaping The Research Library, one of the strategic goals of LIBER.
The Imperial College Library was a good choice : the University has a comparing size with the University of Oslo, more or less the same culture, but they have a different way of centralizing their services and specializing their staff. For me, it’s because I met one of the organizers a few years ago and he convinced me of the interest of such a Seminar. You have to listen to others’ points of view : it makes you discover another side of the problem ! It is that you come to the Seminar impregnated with your national culture ; and then you have to check your culture and compare it to others. You give and receive to and from everyone and several feedbacks are always more interesting than one only. It opens up your perspective, you meet people working on the same things than you but in a different way, in a different context, following different rules and coping with different restrictions. The Seminar organizers and mentors have to keep the level of efficiency and success this high!
This report sets out why many leadership programmes fail, Optima has gone on to develop a programme which achieves success in several ways and meets the requirements set out in the report. It is well known that adults retain about 10% of what is learned in a classroom setting whereas up to two-thirds of learning is retained through the process of actually delivering work-based projects. Identifying some of the deepest, “below the surface” thoughts, feelings, assumptions, and beliefs is usually a precondition of behavioural change—one too often shirked in development programmes. Some pay lip service to it by using the traditional end of course ‘happy sheet’ but this has no baring o course effectiveness in delivering measurable performance change.
The DETE Air Vice Marshal RJ Pathirage a distinguished old boy of the College did the Introduction on the programme and the following presentations were conducted thereafter. Two 2,5 days working sessions near the Liber Conference, + one week of Internship in a library of your choice in another country to check very practically what is behind leadership. At one moment, we all felt so nice together, we felt like we were almost creating a european library of our own ! An example might be that knowing what motivates people by learning about it is ‘all well and good’ but if the leader has no awareness that their behaviour fails to inspire or even ‘shuts down’ staff creativity then why would anything in the workplace improve?
Social Etiquettes and Dress by Wg Cdr MDAG Senevirathne, Teams and Team Building by Wg Cdr KMK Keppetipola, Leadership, Discipline and Punishments by Sqn Ldr TB Premarathne, Communication Skills by Sqn Ldr TM Abeynayake, Time Management by Flt Lt NSM Medagama and Motivation by Gp Capt MA Jabir.Certificates were presented to the students who took part in the programme and the Command Quality Assurance Officer of the Air Force Air Cdre AWE Wijesuriya did the honours.
When comparing to your country, you see better how your national network is built, what your national library provides or not in terms of services, etc. Command Research and Development Officer Air Cdre TGJ Amarasena and Wg Cdr PN Fernando were also present at the programme.

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