If you wish to restrict or block web browser cookies which are set on your device then you can do this through your browser settings, the Help function within your browser will tell you how. Neelam Makhijani is chief executive at the Resource Alliance knowledge-building consultancy for the charity sector.
Career marketer Rebecca Salt joined her first trustee board, at In Kind Direct, a year ago. What drives us is the excitement of seeing an individual or an organisation achieve their potential. LEA Group uses action oriented, reflective learning leadership development methods, focused on transference of learning effectively into the workplace. Recent research suggests that by understanding the function of the brain, learning styles and preferences, we can be more effective in all communication, change management, performance management and in coaching and mentoring.
Analysis of current team effectiveness with practical steps to overcome five common dysfunctions and enhance team performance.
Contemporary organisations require leaders who foster collaboration, build trust, and engage teams in an environment of shared performance goals – Becoming a Coaching Leader provides practical skills to GROW the human potential of your team.
Identifying current communication strengths, building on these with five proven communication skills that ensure improved collaboration and stronger relationships, including developing assertiveness and self reflection. Applying proven approaches to achieve emotional balance, manage stress, and improve motivation of self and others through autonomy, mastery and purpose. The success of any organisation is ultimately determined by the quality of leadership at all levels.
Sheppard Associates' human resource development services can assist clients attract, develop and retain the staff they need to succeed. A report by Bersin in October 2008 reinforced that it is more important than ever for organizations to invest in leadership. The competitive environment of today’s global venues provides a strong reason to develop leaders. What is the leadership culture of your organization?  The concept of culture is wildly popular if not always understood. Vision Casting: the ability to define a preferred future, communicate it to others in a way that inspires commitment, confidence, conviction and contribution in others. Ensure Long-term Results: the ability to think strategically by integrating industry knowledge with organizational knowledge and knowledge of your customers. Build Strong Teams: the ability to help the members of your work translate strategic goals and initiatives into specific responsibilities and priorities. Managing Outcomes: the ability to set up measurable outcomes and create systems for monitoring progress toward them that includes ethical evaluation and specific activities. Developing Others: capacity for building the strength and continuity of the organization by recognizing individual potential and acting to developing them through training, coaching, and performance evaluation. Delegate: readiness to explain expectations, give appropriate resources, and assist with regular and unscheduled coaching.
Decision Making: ability to stay strategic, results oriented, and productive without losing sight of the complexity of issues and the diverse views of others. Courage: the ability to speak out in the face of opposition, acknowledge conflict, and work openly toward strategically aligned solutions. Resilience: ability to solicit and act on constructive feedback, challenge yourself with tough assignments, and demonstrate resilience and courage in the face of setbacks and opposition. Test your leaders for these competencies via your performance appraisal process and the use of the Leadership Praxis 360 degree leadership assessment. Succession planning is not a luxury – it is a necessity even in organizations that simply do not anticipate a change in any of its critical leadership roles.
Increase efficiency in succession planning by using technology systems to support the succession planning process.
Companies that support career planning for their employees gain in retention, engagement, and protection of the leadership pipeline. If companies do not offer employees with career planning and advancement opportunities, their competitors will. Combining employee development and career planning enables employees to explore potential career paths and to watch and progress through the development activities necessary to meet them. A well designed leadership development program is the key to identifying, attracting, filling, and retaining world-class organizational leadership. The benefit of a semiotic approach is that it values the context in which communication occurs and thus helps to avoid drawing broad generalizations that effectively mislead one into believing they have captured the full impact of cultural differences when in fact they possess only a thin perspective. Effective global business leaders develop cultural understanding by listening and inquiry. Desired: the statistically validated values that characterize the mental programming of a group.
Desirable: the ontologically stated values of a group that inform the assumptions behind ethical decision-making and choices of action.
So what should you be attentive to in trying to understand cultural values?  Hofstede suggests using the following contrasts to define how a culture thinks and behaves.
It is not only important to understand how these concepts are defined but to capture the reasoning behind the definitions (remember the focus is behavior).
Learning to listen for values by the way is a skill that enhances leadership in one’s own cultural context as well. There are times every leader find themselves in the middle of difficult conversations filled with accusations and counter accusations, angry words, hurt feelings and painful betrayals. Wherever people are involved the choice to do good or evil exists and the choice is not always for the good. So, what does accountability look like?  What does the quest for justice look like?  Does it look like a quest for admission of guilt? As I reflect about my life, influence, and future plans on my birthday, I also reflect on my own mortality. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
Clinton’s point that leaders live with the end in mind is reflected in the renaissance works of western art. What do you see?  Notice the juxtaposition of the skull with the picture of the resurrection the illustrated text. The regrets of the dying illustrate the importance of beginning with the end in mind and exercising this kind of reflection on our own mortality. In what ways might you be more effective as a leader if you adopted these behaviors and perceptions? In a literature review on mentoring for a graduate course I ran across a table outlining gender differences. Chart 1 record the gender roles assigned by Elmore to women (the red line) and the self selected characteristic of the women who responded to the survey (the blue line). Similarly results contrasting relational focus to results focus were not as distinct as Elmore observed but much more nuanced. The male respondents demonstrated that they were much more feeler oriented than Elmore implied and much less categorical. The differences highlighted in Chart 3 between men and women are extremely nuanced in this sample and do not correspond with Elmore’s ideals. Here’s my point, trying to decide who you are by the use of gender differentials is about as futile an exercise as can be engaged. If hormones determine the roles, one would expect to find the same sex occupying the same roles in all societies. Men and women both can find a new sense of identity and confidence in being themselves, unique, gifted, wired like Jesus.
I have a growing number of clients (privately held and controlled businesses) that have begun the transition to the next generation. The best family-led companies do four things well: they establish a baseline of good governance, preserve family gravity, identify future leaders from within and without, and bring discipline to their CEO succession. It is generally understood that the person who is right for the highest-level positions in a firm must possess competencies including: strategic orientation, market insight, results orientation, customer impact, collaboration and influence, organizational development, team leadership, and change leadership. The best family firms find their future leaders early and invest in them – whether they are cousins and grandchildren, existing nonfamily employees who show promise, or outsiders with no previous connection to the firm. True, some businesses seem driven solely by profit and are sometimes willing to sacrifice friendships, people, family, and care for the environment to make a greater profit. It helps to have a comprehensive model of leadership development that illustrates a three-dimensional approach to defining leadership. Possessing a model like Figure 1 allows a leader, or those charged with developing leaders, to imagine a holistic process of development. Terry’s consternation in attempting to synthesize what he knows about leadership was compounded by the fact he has participated in a variety of assessments.
I saw in the real struggles Ted expressed the same patterns I found reading through the Prophet Amos (common to both Christian and Jewish Scriptures). Leadership Development models offer a way to guide development, integrate new material, measure behavior, and diagnose derailed development. We reserve the right to delete or amend any comments that do not adhere to these standards.

How leaders behave determines how staff behave and how both behave determines the future of their business.
The speed at which competitors rise requires an agility that can only be accomplished by exercising a range of leadership skills across organizational functions.
Only 36 percent of companies surveyed in 2008 felt prepared to immediately fill leadership positions – See Figure 1. When Mulally took the helm in 2006, Ford was losing billions of dollars and was on the brink of bankruptcy.
The significance of starting with a view to what makes up the way your organization actually works is that all leadership action is done in a context and must be appropriate to that context.
What are the implicit rules of operation, relationship to power, the nature of vendor relationships, the rules for relating to stakeholders, and the rules to promoting up,  etcetera?
Leadership Praxis measures these competencies using a statistically reliable and validated 360 leadership assessment.
Spirituality enables yourself and others to discover the essence of being, their deepest values, and meaning by which they make decisions. Capable of making implicit assumptions explicit prior to acting and anticipates potential outcomes to all actions. Then assess the goals to development and the length of time it will take for a leader to be ready to assume a position.
What are the values that show a leader understands the concept of service in behavior?  These values determine how a leader relates to their environment and people and offer the foundation for sustained performance. The opposite is a victimization posture that yields personal responsibility for wellbeing and performance to forces outside oneself. The opposite is the failure to learn from experience so that work patterns are simply engaged with greater intensity without regard to outcomes. The opposite is a culture of one-sided task demand that fails to recognize the impact of employee engagement, commitment, and direct and indirect contribution. The opposite sees employees as expendable resources to be controlled and discarded when their immediate usefulness is exhausted. It considers the life-cycle stage of the organization, the competency development of candidates, and the cultural behavior of the organization’s leaders. If your organization has not leveraged a HRIS this information should be on file in your personnel office. Life is unpredictable and no organization escapes the disruption and employee trauma that occurs when key leaders leave the organization.
Competencies tied to relevant development activities can be incorporated into the performance review process and thus support succession planning.
This makes it far more likely that the organization will retain its investment and capitalize in significant returns through talent retention and performance.
The benefits of an optimized leadership develop program include: a pipeline of leadership talent, talent aligned with corporate goals, improved morale, increased retention, improved leadership skills, and consistent measurement through development and performance management. For example the context of an Inuit family living on the frozen tundra of the north frame these basic needs in an environment that is radically different from a Maori family living on a South Pacific Island. It is the structure or general rules of language that guide users in developing meaning and communicating that meaning.
Was it an involuntary movement of the eyelid, or did it have a meaning-based, communicative function?
As noted previously one must engage in language learning to be effective in the global market. This means that before a person is truly effective in cross-cultural interaction they own the realization that their own behaviors are informed by a culturally based set of values that are not de facto universal and may in fact be getting in the way of understanding.
If a person assumes that the way they are accustomed to working is universally effective frustration and ineffectiveness occurs. Place this scope into a global corporation and add the challenges of cross-cultural communication and multinational socio-political realities and leaders can find themselves facing a variety of challenges personal and organizational that exposes them to the various face of evil.
I have experienced the pain of betrayal by leaders, I have comforted those who experienced the trauma of sexual abuse, I have sat in the hospital with women beaten by their boyfriends or spouses, I have cried with children whose father killed their mother, I have wept with spouses betrayed by the sexual affairs of their partner and I have stood in the grief and pain of my students in Africa whose entire families were massacred in political rivalry. See the crucifix and the skull suggesting Jesus’ own identification with our mortality. The questionnaire simply listed Elmore’s traits and asked people to decide which traits they were most like using a five point Likert scale. Notice in Chart 1 that Elmore’s contention that women are more feeler than they are thinkers was not at all supported by what the women in the survey said about themselves. What may be more helpful is to use characteristics like those identified by Elmore as simply personality characteristics that may be exhibited by men or women. Understand your own emotional being to exercise self-awareness and a sense of the impact you have on others. There are those whose ambition for power, prestige, or pleasure has made them into users and abusers of people. In addressing the crowds about John the Baptist Jesus asked, "What did you go out to see?" He queried their deepest desire - people didn't go to see John because he was eccentric, they went because he offered hope for change.
In a recent Harvard Business Review a great article appeared that looks at the issues involved in succession of the family business.
The leadership team needs to answer six fundamental questions that will then eliminate even small discrepancies in their thinking.
In one particular firm I looked at family members recruited into the business served in a variety of roles designed to prepare them for senior management and groomed them as potential successor CEOs. Jim Collins found that all but one of the companies in decline he studied had experience a problematic transition at the top. Lencioni’s discussion of clarity in values and communication is must read for all family owned and controlled businesses.
The contrast in purpose and metrics between a church or mission agency and a business seem stark.
But before I go too far in raising straw man arguments of false comparison; it is equally true that some non-profits are pure and simple charades designed solely for the enrichment of the founder or pastor or evangelist. However, it does not take long to discover that leadership is as much about one’s self-awareness and personality as it is skill.
I use the term three-dimensional to point toward the necessity of seeing leadership as actions that stem from and are dependent upon the spiritual, personal, and skill development in a leader’s life. I was struck with the fact I could synthesize my model of leadership development with Amos’ commentary on the disintegration of his social context to define derailed development see Figure 2. Each of these cycles corresponds to categories of development: indifference stems from derailed spiritual development, anger stems from derailed personal development, and destructive behavior is the result of derailed skill development.
Do you transfer negative feelings to the rest of the team or are you able to shoulder the burden and allow your fundraisers to flourish?
Sheppard Associates focuses on creating more successful organisations through leadership development and performance improvement.
The leaders of tomorrow must be intuitive as well as empirical, think long-term as well as short-term, and bring about sustainable solutions and not posturing for expediency.
Servant leadership is decisive and resilient and is so out of an orientation that is neither controlling nor stubborn. So, not only is it important to know where the organization is at today in its life cycle but also where it expects to be in tomorrow. Succession planning is an insurance program that admits the unpredictability of the future and prepares to thrive in spite of the potential for the unexpected.
Once language learning begins the use of semiotics in business provides an advantage in that it moves one closer to comprehending the nuanced meanings often missed by non-Native speakers. Regardless of the model used (stratigraphic or semiotic) learning a new culture requires that one listen and observe to find the relationships between words, actions and the values the inform both.
In other words I may think I understand a behavior as something that applies in all social settings within the culture I study only to find that the information I received from my cultural mentor was limited to a specific context or situation or in fact represents an ideal that no one actually lives out. In other words, a test has face validity if it "looks like" it is going to measure what it is supposed to measure. In other words; what is the frame for the norm is it statistical (desired) or deontological (desirable)?
I met with an attorney who listened to my story of betrayal and mismanaged insurance funds. Jerome’s hands point to the dual reality that mortality is inevitable and so is the power of the resurrection. One author illustrated the differences between how men and women approach life in a the table of traits, one representing men and the other representing women. Like the women, the men simply did not correspond to the holistic versus categorical score in any significant way.
Viewing oneself as a unique person with unique capabilities and unique perspectives and characteristics gets rid of the nuisance created when we try to make the differences between men and women something other than differences in sexual identity. Typically they describe men with adjectives such as: strong, confident, firm, forceful, carefree, aggressive, bossy, sarcastic, rude, feeling superior.
This is a far better path to self-definition and understanding than charts like those illustrated in Elmore’s work.
In confronting religious leaders on the tyranny that resulted from their dishonest ambition Jesus told a story about two debtors both forgiven their debts.

The question any leader faces is whether they will come out from inside themselves to be as honest as James and John about what they are really after. Good governance appears to be the first hurdle for family businesses that want to hire and retain the best people and remain competitive over the long haul.
Each of these key family members embraced strategies that put customers and employees first while also emphasizing social responsibility.
Realize that none of these questions can be addressed in isolation; they must be answered together.
This leads to a discussion and decision about renewing the CEO’s contract t when due. However, the way business and non-profit leadership is defined reveals far more about the degree to which a person has integrated their faith and work than it does any inherent difference in purpose between these two entities.
Ted expressed frustration with his team, the direction his company was going, and the mediocre performance of his company.
Yes, leaders who do not think critically about their own and other’s development are leaders who eventually find themselves caught in cycles of indifference, anger, and destructive behavior. Without you, people would go hungry, animals would be treated cruelly, and forests would be destroyed. With over 25 years of consulting experience, we have a proven track record assisting major national and international clients in the following areas. Succession planning should be a company policy, dealt with openly and deliberately by corporate boards and corporate officers and leaders. Understanding nuance is important when attempted to negotiate contracts, close deals or resolve tensions common to any business relationship. People who have this experience rearrange their lives with a new perspective that keeps the end in mind. The entire picture points us toward the nature of God’s working that summons us to a hope that is alive and working and is yet not consummated. The participants were self selecting based on an open invitation which did not assure that the sample group I used was random. The margin of error for the holistic v categorical items was significant as well among the women who responded to the survey. Does this mean that unique perspectives or ways of seeing are not evident between men and women?  No. They describe women as: patient, sensitive, devoted, responsible, appreciative, timid, weak, needing approval, dependent, or nervous.
Then he asked, "Which of [the two debtors] will love him [the creditor] more?" The answer exposed these leader's warped self-centered ambition. So important is the concept of cultural fit that it drove a significant part of each company’s definition of development.
The clearer you are on what is needed in a future CEO the easier it is to create a development plan.
Instead of learning about the business he utilized the servers of the company over the employee lunch break to play online video games.
However the research showed that CEO appointments were far more successful when they followed a disciplined search involving multiple candidates.
So, making false comparisons that vilify either business or faith reveals only mental laziness. The importance of develop skills recognizes the truism that good intentions not only pave the road to hell, they undermine a leader’s credibility when not accompanied with the competencies needed to do the work of leadership. Terry for example, threw Strength Finders and the Birkman 360 into the same bucket (Personal Development in Figure 1). If you want to be a leader who finishes well then do the work of reflecting on and encouraging your own and other’s development from a three-dimensional perspective.
At Ford, we have a card with our business plan on one side and the behaviors we expect listed on the other. 40% of the companies in the study included members of the next generation in their boards and committees in order to nurture their business and management skills. In addition to competencies it helps to have an assessment of leadership and personality style. What does this mean to a company preparing to hand off the CEO role to a son of the current CEO?  Help the son through the process outlined. These two instruments are better categorized and Personal Development and Skill Development respectively (Figure 1). The longer we talked the more clear it became that Ted’s real lack emanated from the fact he had lost his sense of purpose and ultimate contribution.
Figure 2 serves as a diagnostic model from which to name the root problem that derails leadership development.
Bifurcated and stiff gender caricatures trouble me because I observe that typical gender differences are not at all helpful in guiding the development of men and women or of describing their capabilities (which exercises designed to define gender differences seem to perennially attempt). Was Jesus confused about his gender identity or are our categories fluid and inaccurate?  Since there is nothing in the gospel record to suggest Jesus ever demonstrated any question about his sexual identity it is safe to assume that our ideas of appropriate gender behavior are more fluid than they are rigid.
Consider for a moment that Jesus often asked people directly and indirectly to clarify their ambition. Often it is personality conflicts more than lack of competence that drives a leader over the precipice of failure.
Each works in a different sphere of human experience that often crosses into the domain of the other. An integrative model such as Figure 1 accelerates understanding the relationship between personality and skill development. Research by the Resource Alliance into the professional development needs of fundraising middle managers found a large gap that must be filled. Rather attempts at identifying gender differences often have a toxic consequence relationally and developmentally in people’s thinking.
His company was disintegrating into a series of silos competing with one another for a dwindling pool of resources. Yet his lack of skill in knowing how to build strong teams and deal with conflict eroded his sense of purpose to the point he withdrew from leading. Making decisions, inspiring others and persuading superiors are not easy things to do when managers are not recognised as leaders by virtue of power or position. Contemplating death in light of the resurrection of Christ has served as a way of checking in with the tenuous nature of life that helped great men and women of faith focus on what was important in life. Like James and John honesty will result in a much larger commission than their original ambition was able to conceive. In the absence of a clear purpose the company was collapsing into turf wars between strong personalities jockeying for power. This failure to nurture enough talent which is ready to step into leadership positions is not a problem isolated to our fair shores alone.
God will "blow you mind." Go ahead, expose and submit your ambition to God and see what God does in you.
In the US, a study of 2,700 development directors and charity heads found that more than half of those surveyed reported a shortage of well-qualified fundraising leaders. The need for effective leadership to motivate staff, maintain morale and keep them focused on the future has never been more critical. He deflected the question by telling me to work on enhancing the skills of his leadership team. However, while most directors and managers of fundraising teams recognise the reasons why they need to lead effectively, they don’t all necessarily know how. Some may argue this difficult economic environment is precisely the reason why investment is not taking place. He became even more agitated when I suggested that the root problem was a lack of purpose not skill and that even with improved skills on the part of his leadership team he would be not happier than he was now. That financial constraints mean training budgets have been cut; that there is no room for such luxuries as coaching and mentoring. In fact improving the skills of his leadership team would only guaranteed more conflict as his team attempted to cast vision without him. If more was invested in improving the leadership abilities of fundraising staff organisations may find their bottom lines improve. This includes having meaningful conversations with philanthropists who are likely to be leaders in their own fields. Surely it will make for more successful major donor fundraising if those building the relationships and making the ask are able to exercise strong leadership abilities themselves? Some may say that there is no point in an organisation investing in leadership training for fundraisers because the revolving door phenomenon means they will only leave and some other charity will benefit.

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