In that manner, games hold the learner accountable as she is required to demonstrate, through beating the mission, level, and game, the she fully comprehends the learning objective(s). One of the things that makes games appealing is that they transport you to interesting and unique settings (1940s Los Angeles in L.A. So why not have employees learn by doing the real thing, rather than play a game situated in a fictional setting?
Gurdjian, Halbeisen, and Lane write that championing the ability to delegate and empower employees is a nice virtue, but that achieving this ideal is often difficult because of the difficulty in changing leaders’ mindsets.
There are a wide  range of games and gamifications that strive to change individual behavior (and succeed at it!). Without delving too deeply into the incredibly complex subject of the human mind, there is a relatively basic explanation to how games work to promote behavioral change.
The following UF faculty and staff have been selected for the university’s Leadership Development programs for the 2015-16 academic year.
The UF Academy emerging leader program prepares employees for higher-level responsibilities at the University of Florida. ALAP is designed for faculty and professionals in leadership positions at our institution as a way to support their ongoing development. For more information about Leadership Development at UF, please visit the Leadership Development section of HRS’s website. As an executive coach working with senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies, I have seen a noticeable uptick in the interest in developing female leaders. Employee networking groups for women have also sprung up like wildflowers, and with them came websites, blogs, and special programs, all of them heralding the efforts being made to bring more women into leadership. Behind the veneer of enthusiasm, the numbers of women in the top leadership positions at most companies remain largely the same.
Mentoring programs and recruitment efforts notwithstanding, the real status of women in corporate America reflects the status quo at best. Presumably, some companies really do want to balance their leadership teams with greater diversity. Companies with a poor track record of advancing women have logically been hesitant to reveal the truth about their (lack of) diversity. CEOs who would never stand for stagnant profits need to stop standing for a stagnant population of their leadership roles. The effect of programs to advance and retain women that aren’t backed by action amount to little more than the revving of an engine, with the parking break firmly engaged.
Companies that don’t risk becoming dinosaurs in the eyes of their customers, who expect corporate leadership to step into the times. Inspirational Leadership (IL): Our approach combines authentic leadership (leading self) and transformational leadership (leading others).
Most finance graduates are already determined to enter the work force as a financial professional. Brunswick’s FLDP program is an intensive, three-year rotational program that balances both on-the-job and formal training experiences. With a wide variety of opportunities, guidance and experience, the FLDP program allows you to choose the finance field that’s right for you. To provide exemplary finance professional development to employees, enabling them to contribute at an elevated level and preparing them to be future business leaders at Brunswick Corporation.

Offer a unique finance professional development program providing participants the technical, finance, professional and leadership skills necessary to be successful throughout their career. Place participants in challenging finance positions that maximize professional development through exposure to multiple finance functions and diverse business environments. In addition to on-the-job training, participants will complete formal training with a focus on various professional and technical skills. At the conclusion of the program, each participant should be prepared to provide an elevated level of performance and value to the organization. The FLDP program allows you to experience different finance arenas to help you determine which specific role is best for you. Experienced managers and program administrators will act as your mentors, enhancing your business understanding and career development.
As a FLDP participant, you will also learn valuable leadership development skills to help you grow throughout your FLDP experience. Brunswick’s unique product portfolio allows you to learn how the Company operates in a variety of business settings.
Please Note: Brunswick Corporation assists each FLDP participant with all relocation expenses.
Most FLDP participants have earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, business administration or other quantitative fields of study. Ideal candidates will possess excellent academic credentials, initiative, career focus, leadership capabilities, experience working in teams and financial acumen.
If you believe you have what it takes to make highly-visible contributions, drive change and become a finance business leader, Brunswick would like to hear from you. Many former FLDP participants continue to advance in their respective finance professions throughout Brunswick. They recommend that leadership development programs center upon key competencies that leaders need to succeed within the specific business or industry. Many leaders have trouble granting autonomy when they are held responsible for many outcomes. These games and gamified platforms mostly relate to lifestyle changes (tracking workout activity, promoting energy conservation, helping people monitor their finances and pay off their debts). As this outstanding blog post explains, there are two basic types of motivations: intrinsic and extrinsic. Well-designed games are enjoyable  and persuade the learner to play out of an internal desire. Please join us in congratulating these employees for being selected via a competitive application process.
Companies are boasting about their efforts to attract and retain women, and we see more and more female-centric lists popping up: the most powerful women, spotlights on up-and-coming women, and companies where women want to work. With such a track record, even the most well-intentioned corporate leaders risk inviting the cynical perspective that what they really want is a way to pretty up their image—to show off their efforts with women without really making a change.
Companies that want to take advantage of the significant benefits of a balanced leadership team need to get the facts and track their progress: How many women are actually being advanced as a result of their leadership development and recruitment efforts?
Leadership development programs that ostensibly prepare women for leadership roles without ever putting them into those roles merely raise the self-image of the companies that offer them—not the women themselves. In employee networking groups, women must have opportunities to network with powerful leaders who can help them advance—not just other women or lower level leaders with good ideas but little influence.

Companies with more women in leadership have been shown to outperform their competition by more than a third.
If companies don’t hold themselves accountable, the public will, as talented women choose to work elsewhere and consumers choose to work with companies that reflect a diverse and changing world. That’s why our programs link right into the business, so the organization benefits immediately. The program provides you with the technical finance, business and leadership skills necessary to be successful throughout your career.
Upon completion of the program, participants typically assume full-time positions within the Company.
Candidates should be strong communicators with a passion for Brunswick products along with the creativity and proactive nature needed to drive results in an organization. Likewise, games always center around conquering specific objectives and accomplishing goals.
Games in business settings also allow learners to escape the workplace without the costs of off-site seminars. Perhaps it’s cliche to say that we learn through our mistakes, but it still holds a lot of truth. To the authors, businesses often do not place enough emphasis on behavorial change of leaders.
Intrinsic motivations are internal motivations to accomplish something because the accomplishment of that task is viewed as a reward in and of itself. Some people study a certain subject because they simply enjoy learning about it (intrinsic), while others study a subject in pursuit of money (extrinsic – If I study engineering, it will lead to a job, and I will make money).
The program includes two tracks—one for academic leaders and the other for professionals (assistant director and above).
A strong representation of women leads to improved organizational health, global competitive advantage, responsiveness to stakeholders, and a better public image. A focus on results will ensure companies’ efforts to promote women are not just a trend, but a transformation.
And while learners suffer from severe knowledge loss in conventional training methods, those who use game-based learning benefit from 14% higher skill-based knowledge and 11% higher factual knowledge, and retain 9% more information. And whereas there are real costs associated with failure in the workplace (money),  failure in a game presents an opportunity to improve without the negative impact on the business. Of course there is also interplay between the two concepts, and extrinsic motivations can become intrinsic. She strategizes with business leaders to enhance their performance and maximize business results. In the context of leadership development, an employee must show he understands the key leadership skills before completing the training. Her clients include presidents, vice presidents, and C-level executives in Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Adobe.

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