Gary Trujillo was appointed by the PURA Board of Commissioners to serve as the Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority’s Chairman.
Roger is a Manhattan, New York transplant who has made Pueblo his home for the past 35 years. In the late 1950s the United States experienced a wave of urban renewal projects, an initiative to renew America’s decaying urban centers that was partially funded by the federal government. The result of urban renewal did not match its promise for a number of reasons related to leadership, local management, unforeseen side effects, and racial bias. The neighborly ties, integral authenticity, and rootedness of places that had grown organically by their own vitality were gone. Urban Strategies is proud to announce three new Partners, two Principals and three Staff promotions, recognizing excellence, dedication and professional leadership.
Craig has a track record of successfully completed and award-winning projects involving the interface of transit and community design. Emily specializes in master planning and policy development, with a focus on complex and significant sites and public infrastructure renewal. Benjamin takes a strategic approach to master planning, policy development and planning approvals. Tim has been crafting master plans, policy plans and development strategies for downtown, suburban and campus environments for 20 years.
Drawing from his background in both planning and urban design, Tyler has expertly managed a range of development approvals, campus planning, and redevelopment projects in Toronto, across Canada, and abroad. Josh contributes strategic thinking and strong project management to complex planning projects in Canada, the U.S.
He earned a BSEE from Purdue University and his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law in 1972. He holds a criminology degree from Miami Dade (Florida) and is an alumni graduate of Colorado State University (Pre-Med).  Roger’s desire to serve on the PURA board is to focus the Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) dollars  towards “brown-field” urban projects and to insure that the entire process is 100% transparent.
Rita Gersick was appointed to the PURA Board of Commissioners in 2001 and has since served three consecutive five-year terms ending in February 2020. Durham’s 1960 ballot featured a bond issue for urban renewal projects and for an expressway to Research Triangle Park that would bisect the Hayti community.

As these promised accommodations failed to materialize, an outcry was raised, especially among poor African Americans who had lost their homes and communities. Many also felt that poor blacks were hoodwinked by their own middle- and upper-class leaders. She frequently leads multi-disciplinary teams and stakeholder engagement strategies to develop long-term plans, such as Vaughan’s transformational Official Plan, a secondary plan for the University of Toronto’s St. Recent high profile planning projects include the Queens Quay LCBO master plan, Honest Ed’s redevelopment, Vaughan’s Official Plan, Markham’s Cornell Centre Precinct Plan and numerous downtown development approvals.
His work is recognized for finding practical and beautiful solutions to complex challenges facing urban environments.
Tyler has played a key role in many high profile Urban Strategies projects, including the Alexandra Park Redevelopment Master Plan in downtown Toronto and managing the urban design component of the update to Barbados’ national Physical Development Plan.
She draws on her strong customer service background to support to her work colleagues in a busy work environment, utilizing a proactive and flexible approach to juggling many different priorities. Bruestle retired in 2004 from a 34-year career in public administration of affordable housing and community redevelopment programs. Although many conservatives opposed the bond issue, it passed by a small majority of about 3%.The Durham Redevelopment Commission was formed to oversee seven different projects, including the redevelopment of the African-American Hayti neighborhood, downtown Durham, and the neighborhood surrounding North Carolina Central University.
A leading campus planner, Benjamin’s clients include Waterloo, Guelph, UofT Scarborough, Brock, York and Cornell. The Pueblo native has served on the Board since 1982 and has since contributed to many successful projects such as the Main Street Parking Garage, Lake Avenue Streetscape Project and the Pueblo Convention Center. A University of Southern Colorado graduate (now CSU-Pueblo), she also studied at Southern Methodist University in pursuit of her Masters Degree.
Gersick is known to the PURA Board of Commissioners for her no nonsense approach to decisions made by the Authority. The shocks of urban renewal everywhere and a deep nostalgia for what was gone may, in fact, have had much to do with the tide of historic preservation that swept the country in the bicentennial years, touching Durham, too, with notable results. Her Vision Cooksville and Growing Up Toronto projects go beyond built form to address other key elements of great communities.
He frequently assists Infrastructure Ontario, Toronto Community Housing Corporation, the Toronto District School Board, Ryerson and other institutions with strategic planning.

His master plans for the University of Ottawa and Cornell University have won numerous awards of excellence. Current projects include the Princeton University Master Plan, the Cardiff Bay and City-Centre Revitalization in Wales, and the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan in Toronto. Josh is also contributing to the Downtown Relief Line transit project and played a key role in producing the strategic regeneration framework for Tottenham UK. A native daughter to Pueblo, her love of  hometown and her desire to see Pueblo thrive in the twenty first century led her to serve on the Pueblo Urban Renewal Board.
Trujillo provides over 30 years of experience in architecture to the Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority.
Beth has eighteen years of physician recruitment experience and worked for SRDA as a Volunteer Coordinator for one year before opening her own business. Pueblo City Council appointed Roger to the PURA Board of Commissioners in 2013 to serve a five year term ending in 2017.
Martinez serves through past and present civic engagement as President of the Pueblo League of United Latin American Citizen, The HARP Foundation, El Pomar Foundation—Leadership Pueblo and MY LIFE, CSU-Pueblo Alumni Board, The Latino Chamber of Commerce, Boys and Girls Club of America, Pueblo Child Advocacy Board, State Board for Mi Casa Resource Center for Women, American G I Forum, and Girl Scouts of America—Pueblo.  Ms.
Bruestle’s board work, the Minnesota native provides volunteerism to the Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado.
Married to Lee, they enjoy boating, traveling and making their hometown a great place to live, work and play.
Martinez looks forward to helping with improving the City of Pueblo, renewing neighborhoods, connecting people to business and creating a better future for our children. Banner currently serves on several community boards, including director of the Pueblo Family YMCA, secretary and trustee of the Mahlon Thatcher White Foundation, director of Universal Chastity Education, and director of Voice of the Martyrs in Bartlesville, Okla. He was appointed to the PURA Board of Commissioners in 2014 and will serve as the 2016 Vice Chairman.

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