This book offers managers 50 fun, illuminating experiential activities for building a positive, open, and productive relationship with the people they manage. University of Victoria academic Carolyn Crippen scored a coup Vancouver hockey writers dream of—a lengthy, exclusive interview with NHL superstars Henrik and Daniel Sedin.
Crippen, an associate professor in the Faculty of Education, conducted the fall 2011 interview as part of a three-year case study of the leadership attributes of the twins. A leadership studies expert, Crippen was casually watching a Vancouver Canucks game on TV in 2009 when her interest was piqued by the twins’ style of play.
Her subsequent case study confirmed her theory that the Swedish-born stars exemplify attributes that make them ideal role models for both young athletes and adults.

Through deliberate and intense observations of the Sedins during games and in media coverage over the course of three years, culminating with a 75-minute interview with the twins, Crippen evaluated how well they measure up to the 21 competencies of servant-leadership. Crippen says with increasing emphasis through all levels of hockey on safety, leadership and reducing violence, the Sedins could be perfect elite-level role models for achieving success through caring and supportive approaches. Unlike ropes courses and other off-site management activities, The Big Book of Leadership Games features activities that can be used in the workplace during staff meetings, as a part of training sessions, or even in the course of daily work.
The results are in a paper published today in the leading online physical and health education periodical PHEnex.
As well as the study published in PHEnex, a second piece is to be published by the International Journal of Servant Leadership, and Crippen is at work on a third, even more in-depth paper from the case study.

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