Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The Full Spectrum Leadership Basic is a weekend seminar designed to engage and accelerate your breakthrough process. Would new perspectives and understandings help in your personal and professional relationships? Invite friends, family and the other important people in your life to join us for Graduation at the end of the weekend workshop. The 4th Day class is held on the Sunday afternoon of next Basic class following the one you attended. Research shows again and again that follow up is a key to integrating learning into everyday life.
To continue the integration process, two teleclass follow up sessions are scheduled within the month after your Full Spectrum Leadership Basic weekend.
Our experience shows that staying connected to the training by attending future Graduations and Celebrations yields faster, deeper and more impactful integration of what you took away from the weekend into your journey in the world. As we continue to grow in our lives there is always value in coming back to go through the Full Spectrum Leadership Basic weekend again to take us to the next level.
To ensure maximum integration of the training into your life outside the seminar room, follow up events are part of the Basic process.

Explore the fundamentals for a successful experience during the weekend, and for when you continue your journey in the world. The insights gained, the tools learned and the changes and impacts that flow from the experience of the Full Spectrum Leadership Basic Saturday ripple through every aspect of your life. A day of insights, illumination, vision and preparation for continuing your journey in the world.
Let them come to meet the people you have been hanging out with all weekend and cheer you on as you graduate. The graduating class, their friends and families, previous grads are all invited to kick back, socialize and relax for a while. This special afternoon is designed to advance the work you accomplished at Basic buy putting one of life’s greatest propositions clearly in your focus. Make it a priority to come to the in-person follow up session scheduled one evening in the week following your Full Spectrum Leadership Basic weekend. These provide cost effective, time efficient opportunities to re-connect to the people, energy, insights and concepts you experienced during your weekend. Through assessment, case study and role play, the training program will help supervisors develop the basic leadership ability, thus to increase the effectiveness of the team.
Learn a critical tool to enable you to tap into your genius, re-balance, re-energize and create the results you desire.

Following the 4th Day class you’ll be invited to join that weekends Basic class for graduation celebrations. They also provide the opportunity for those who travel from out of town to have the benefit of follow up with their fellow Leaders. The Full Spectrum Leadership Development Process also offers a variety of leadership opportunities to volunteer grads who wish to be part of the seminar crew. Here are just a few of the highlights… break through your obstacles and create a vision for your life, custom build a personalized tool for generating the results you want in your life, rejuvenate key relationships in your life, gain clarity on the foundation for functional relationships and the source of dysfunction in relationships, both personal and professional. Meet and support the newest group of Full Spectrum Leaders as they head out to continue on their journeys. Meet and support the newest group of Full Spectrum Leaders as they head out to continue their journeys.

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