MAXIMIZING YOUR LEADERSHIP ABILITY (SERIES)Hi this is Joshua McAfee and I want to welcome you on this exiting journey of becoming a better leader.
The first law is the law of the lid, which basically says our leadership determines our level of effectiveness. This hand (my right hand) is up high, this is my leadership ability (how well Josh McAfee leads). My second hand I am placing right below it, this is my business, my skill set, now if this hand represents how well I lead and this second hand represents my business, my coaching here is what I know about my business it will go up to my leadership lid, but it will rise no higher, another words what every my leadership skills are at this moment they will put a lid upon my business potential, my coaching potential, my fraud reducing potential, etc.
Here is what never happened, in the history of mankind, there has never been an organization, a company, a group etc that has had a leadership lid that past their potential and continue to grow and continue to prosper and their leadership was at this level and their business and success was at this level, its never going to happen its impossible, it wont happen not to them not to me, not to you.
So what am I saying is whatever your leadership lid is right now, whatever it is, it literally is the lid on my potential. What it also means is for us to increase our lid out potential to be a better coach , a better speaker, loss prevention professional, human resources professional, to be more successful in life, what we have to do is increase or raise our leadership.
So if I want to be successful, I have to raise my lid from a 5 to a 6 to a 7 and even maybe a 8. Now what happens when I raise my lid on leadership, now my business has potential to grow and it goes from a 4 to a 5 to a 6 to a 7. You see what they are really asking is our there some people born with leadership qualities and abilities and they got and there are some people that don’t and the ones that do go on to lead and prosper and the others fail.
I taught them that leadership is influence and to influence people is a result of adding value to people.

So here is what I know if you want to be successful in life the first place you work on to really help you grow and develop is in the area of your leadership and the minute you begin to expand and grow your leadership lid all of a sudden your business whatever type of business you in will begin to follow you also, that is the law of the lid. Our mission is to add value to others through unique and innovative training opportunities. Based on extensive research in the field of leadership studies, we have developed a comprehensive model to inform the transitional leadership process. We have found that whether an individual striving to increase their capacity to exercise leadership or an organization who needs to reevaluate their strategic plan, this model is the fundamental path to success.A  The model presented below represents strategies to help individuals and organizations achieve through the transitional process. WKU Parents Parents, family members, and guardians are an important part of the Hilltopper family. Note: documents in Quicktime Movie format [MOV] require Apple Quicktime, download quicktime.
Special Geoteaming Activity for a local charity and talk at Petco Park hosted by Legendary Sportscaster Dick Enberg on Feb 4th (see conference agenda)Enberg has seen many game changers throughout his career and will share how they led with a different purpose, making an incredible impact and changing the game of sports.Dick Enberg has been the play-by-play voice for Padres TV broadcasts since the 2010 season. I am so glad we are on the team together.I have a great desire as well as the rest of my team to truly add value to you our desire is to teach you principles that be life changing not only for you but for you to pass on to others. Now there is not one law more important than the other laws and yet I put this law first, because If I can do a good job in the next few minutes of teaching this law to you. While quite simply that first there is a lid on our potential and that lid is our leadership. What that means is my business is a 4, now my business is a 4 regardless of what state I am in, what company I am in no matter what organization I belong to.

And anyone can be taught to intentionally add value to others and therefore anyone can learn to influence more people and influencing more people gives you a greater leadership lid.
Provide professional development programs and research; to assist and encourage growth and develop leaders in the industry. We offer an inviting and challenging work environment, responsive to the needs of a diverse and ambitious learning community. We invite you to learn more about services offered at WKU and to reach out if we can help along the way. Increase your potential and have skills that can increase and advance that will give you an unlimited and beautiful potential. I have taught and seen people that have been very limited leadership abilities begin to grow because I taught them the law of the lid and I taught them how to raise their lid. Are you an international student, an adult learner, a military , transfer , or dual credit student? I always give them the same answer, and I will give you the same answer of course they are, I have never met an unborn leader, and I don’t want to either thank you very much.
He has the distinction of being the only person to win national Emmys as a sportscaster, writer and producer.In February 1998, Enberg became the fourth sportscaster to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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