Even so, both the professor and layperson can readily identify great leadership and great leaders.
Admittedly, there is a grind to leadership—a continual pressing forward in planning, preparing, navigating conflict, executing and finishing. Leader, persevere through the changing seasons of leadership, remembering the call to long-term faithfulness. What does a real-life CEO have in common with the central figures of a fictitious Mafia crime family in The Godfather?
Uttered in the iconic rasp of Marlon Brando, the words of Vito Corleone illustrate how he creates a loyal community among those he has helped. Moore says building strategic partnerships enables companies to work through challenging markets and fast-track overall success. Moore says that he, like most people who appreciate The Godfather, watch the movie with a combination of shock and respect. While you don’t have to kill anyone to prove a point, as soon as you know what choice to make, move forward. Moore isn’t endorsing 1940s machismo, but he is decrying 100-hour workweeks that many entrepreneurs fall prey to in hot pursuit of the next big thing. As the world celebrates Jon Stewart's contributions to comedy, news and politics and mourns his departure from The Daily Show, many people are forgetting that Stewart is more than just a talented satirist. Here are three leadership lessons we can learn from Stewart from the way he approached his work and his team.
It's an oft-quoted refrain from hiring textbooks, and one equally often ignored in practice. This talent was made abundantly clear when every former correspondent returned to his final show, filling the stage with unbelievable star power. Not only did Stewart surround himself with talented comedians, the show over the years highlighted a huge variety of styles and talents. What did not change, however, was the 'why' of the show?--?to use satire to skewer traditional media and vapid and vacillating politicians.
A great leader focuses her team on the vision and then gives enough trust in her people to put them in a position to accomplish the why, but without dictating the how.
As a picture-perfect compliment to these words, Stewart sheepishly bowed his head as Colbert lavished praise. In 'Good To Great,' Jim Collins writes that what differentiates a great leader from a truly outstanding 'Level 5' leader is humility. For a servant leader, it's hard to imagine a more meaningful tribute than that which Colbert delivered, and the success of both the show and its employees highlight that servant leadership is a strategy that works.
In the years to come, we'll continue to be wistful about Stewart's amazing 16 year reign at The Daily Show and the laughs and insight it provided. Better known by his initials LKY or Minister Mentor (MM) Lee, Mr Lee’s political and public legacy was legendary.
Bold and audacious, he led Singapore through a period of political turmoil and instability during the 1950s and 1960s.
When that deal fell through, Mr Lee did not waste much time moaning its demise (perhaps beyond that fateful scene captured for immortality on film).
Back when Singapore was still a 3rd world country, Mr Lee and his colleagues like the late Mr Hon Sui Sen went to the US and other developed countries to court Western MNCs to invest in Singapore.
Mr Lee was also known for pushing unpopular policy decisions that may ruffle feathers, but lead to a better outcome for the nation. A prolific writer and speaker throughout his long career, Mr Lee was a storyteller par none. The greatest example of how Mr Lee wielded the power of words probably occurred when he gave a series of radio broadcasts as part of the Battle for Merger.
Many would know that Mr Lee depended on his wife Mdm Kwa Geok Choo to assist in vetting his speeches.
Precise and unambiguous, Mr Lee’s approach to work and life is a study in exacting diligence.
With great focus on what he wants (and do not want), Mr Lee pushed forward policies that had clear objectives. A brilliant and eloquent lawyer schooled in Cambridge, Mr Lee’s charisma allowed him to negotiate and cajole with his international counterparts for a better deal for Singapore.
From the man-in-the-street to corporate leaders and academics, Mr Lee’s charisma allowed him to reach across a wide spectrum of society. Perhaps the best example of Mr Lee’s fierce loyalty and commitment is seen in his lifelong love affair with his wife. As we remember his legacy, however, I believe that it is valuable for us to learn how he lived his life and led Singapore. We deliver sales strategies, tips and resources from the World's Best Trainers and Thought Leaders to your inbox, weekly.
Quality posts is the main to be a focus for the viewers to pay a visit the site, that’s what this web site is providing. After being recruited by the US government to be the lawyer for an accused Russian spy during the Cold War, he becomes an unlikely hero. After Rudolf Abel’s capture, the US government decides that he needs to be tried in a court of law and that it needs to be done properly. I took this to mean the actions one takes can let you know whether they’re with you or against you. Great leaders who look unremarkable can do remarkable things: In a meeting, Rudolf Abel recalls a man he once knew. Jim’s wife called him on the carpet for continuing to pursue what he saw as his legal duties to his client. We may be called to complicated places: Jim was put in a tough spot when he was called to defend an enemy of the United States.
A solemn Jim Donovan tells this message to Rudolf Abel as they’re making the exchange.
You’ll face opposition that accuses you of wrongdoing if you lead for any amount of time. Impactful leaders have foresight: Jim pleaded with the judge to spare the life of the Russian spy.
I’m not one that usually watches biographies or Cold War dramas, but this movie grabbed me and held my attention. For a different take on Bridge Of Spies, take a look at my friend, Brian Dodd’s leadership lessons from Bridge Of Spies post.

Benjamin Franklin “was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and in many ways was “the First American”. To illustrate just how much he got done consider the following list of inventions and achievements.
At this point I’m sure you may be asking yourself, how did one person manage to accomplish so much? The biggest challenge today is to lead ourselves first. Franklin had the same challenge, but found that leading yourself is lot easier with the right habits and tools.
The biggest lesson I learnt from the life of Benjamin Franklin is the importance working to develop daily habits and routines that make for success. In this post we’re going to explore his system and how it can help us today in making better use of our time.
Having a daily schedule on a single page provides the perspective needed to ensure you’re focused on doing the right things at the right time. An important benefit of such a daily schedule is that it helps you decide the best times of the day for doing different kinds of tasks.
Notice how his schedule was well thought out and addressed all the different areas in his life, preparation, work, social, rest, meals, reading, learning and reflection. A reliable daily schedule and routine provides leaders with the perspective and structure needed to get the right things done at the right time. As you will have experienced, if you arrive at work unprepared you’ll quickly become caught up in the minutiae of the day – overrun with emergencies and conflicting priorities. Rather than waking up and going straight to work he would take time to think about what to focus on for the day.
This simple habit effectively ensure that Franklin had three hour head start over everyone else. What you do from the time you wake you until you begin to work can make or break your day. Benjamin Franklin is an outstanding example of can be achieved when you strive live a purposeful and productive life.
In recent decades, leadership has vaulted to the forefront of organizational discussion, classroom research and publishing houses across the world. But looking at the life of someone who led with excellence can help us draw a few conclusions. The meteoric rise of leadership studies and the attention that many leaders attract may cause some to miss this simple fact: Leadership is challenging.
Although Nehemiah faced a daunting project of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, this project was secondary to the plight of the people.
He’s currently at the helm of Axcient, a company he founded that provides backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery services to the small and mid-sized business (SMB) market.
Though a decade had passed since the last time Moore watched it, his recent viewing offered an unexpected reward. In business, that translates to knowing the competition and always staying at least one step ahead. How often do egos get in the way in traditional business and startups, let alone in narcissistic Hollywood?
From Steve Carrell who has gone on to become an international movie star to Stephen Colbert who's notoriety has arguably eclipsed Stewart's in moving on to the CBS Late Show, to John Oliver who now hosts his own show on HBO, The Daily Show boasts an incredible alumni network. Stewart has identified talent and The Daily Show has served as a 'rocket ship' for dozens of careers. From Ed Helms' propensity for singing and over-the-top theatrical exuberance to Jessica Williams' critical eye and sharp wit, the roster of correspondents represented a full spectrum of styles and approaches. Stewart was simultaneously so thankful?--?yet seemingly embarrassed?--?by the attention on his leadership. And humility is exactly what Colbert was commenting on?--?Stewart has helped launch countless careers and built comics into stars. If you'd like to receive posts like these on leadership, entrepreneurship and change-making delivered directly to your inbox, sign up here! Together with his team of Cabinet Ministers and public officers, he led Singapore from being a sleepy seaport to what it is today. Rising from the ashes of Post World War II Singapore, he placed big bets in Singapore’s future by suggesting a merger with the Malaysia. With much aplomb, he ventured from task to task with unblinking confidence, even when the way ahead appeared mired in uncertainty. With confidence and much gumption, he persuaded these political and corporate leaders to put their money into a tiny tropical island with no natural resources. Without that firm and unwavering conviction, he would have backed down when faced with obstacles or opposition. These policies cover various areas like public housing racial quotas, population control, vehicular control, and so on.
Comparatively speaking, the quality of life in Singapore in terms of air quality, urban environment and road traffic is far superior to that of many other Asian cities. Articulate and convincing, he concocted the right blend of words, phrases and sentences to achieve maximum impact. Through a series of 12 radio talks, scripted and spoken personally by Mr Lee himself, he was able to convince Singaporeans to abet his cause.
A master of the English language herself, Mrs Lee worked in tandem with Mr Lee to produce stirring speeches that were not only simple to understand but memorable and impactful. While not all of them were popular, with a few needing to be dropped or modified along the way, their end goals were crystal clear.
Even at a ripe old age, his formidable mind was razor sharp and he never backed down from a challenge by a worthy adversary – be it an opposition political member, a journalist with a different worldview, or even his own Cabinet Ministers or senior civil servants.
His ability to inspire and motivate others were well known throughout public sector circles.
Taxi drivers, hawkers, teachers, drivers, office workers, financiers, government leaders, CEOs – folks from all walks of life are captivated when he speaks. The man doesn’t throw in the towel easily, and remained relentless even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The man has poured our his heart and soul to our nation, spending uncountable hours thinking and implementing policies and decisions that would improve our lot. I don’t think it is plausible for us to emulate all his qualities or to be a leader just like him. Indeed having good oratory and written skills is an important thing which leaders must have, in order to convince their followers to pursue their cause.
Once he finished his duties with the Russian spy, he was then recruited by the CIA to bring home a captured pilot being detained in the Soviet Union.

You couldn’t see it with the naked eye but if you magnified the page, you could see the message. He took the job.He was then told he needed to go to a crumbling Germany to make a trade for the spy. It will call us to situations we don’t like and to situations that might not be safe. But there was a greater story that was shared briefly at the end of the movie.We discover that Jim Donovan did much more than save 2 men. Situations where he was able to make a difference and where he was given great responsibility. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Franklin developed a system that enabled him to gain many of the skills that made him successful. Whilst we all have different skills, talents and resources we all have the same 24 hours every day. To ensure he focused on the right things at the right time he developed a detailed daily schedule. He would ask himself “what good have I done today? This was in support of his goal to achieve moral perfection and to live as a virtuous human being.
Nehemiah, the great biblical leader, offers us four key lessons in leadership for any believer looking for guidance.
This is evident in how He moves in the king’s heart and elevates people to do his bidding. Godly leaders recognize their time of leadership will certainly come to an end, so they lead with a view to the generation coming behind them and work to develop new leaders.
Right now, Axcient is protecting more than 2 billion files and applications for businesses across North America.
How tempting it can be?--?for all of us?--?to go for the self-image boost of engineering teams so that we are always the sharpest tool in the shed rather than collecting the absolute best talent possible? And it doesn't stop with these big names?--?he's surrounded himself with comics with sharper wit?--?Lewis Black?--?and better acting chops?--?Samantha Bee?--?as well.
But then over 16 years he gave incredible flexibility to his talented team to choose their own 'how' for accomplishing the 'why.' He hired diverse, gifted comedians, and then allowed them to work towards the collective vision in a way which played to each person's strengths.
As if there were any doubt, the combination of Colbert's words and Stewarts reaction to them show that Stewart is a true servant leader.
Yet?--?as his reaction suggests?--?he did it out of love and care rather than ego, and without expecting anything in return. His team of Cabinet Ministers and public officers pioneered unprecedented policies in building our economy, shaping our public housing, and binding our community. Many of these were unheard of then in both the developed and developing world. However, it was his very same steely conviction which led to painful but necessary measures to be taken for Singapore.
Indeed, many consider Singapore to be a fairytale of sorts – a success story of a nation which started out with no natural resources, a little red dot that somehow rose to prominence against the odds. However, I hope that it has given us some food for thought, even as we prepare to get on with the rest of our lives and to honour Lee’s memory by working hard and being the best that we can be in whatever we do. I would give a big high five to a communication skills, since without them, one cannot neither communicate neither lead. Nothing really stood out about him and he never did anything special.That was until one day this unremarkable man did something great.
He didn’t get that Jim felt honor bound to carry out all of his duties to his client. He also knew something else.One day the United States may need a card in their hand with Russia.
Reading about his life the quote by the philosopher Aristotle who said that “we are what we repeatedly do.
So at the age of 20 (in 1726) he created a list of 13 virtues that defined the kind of man he wanted to become, in his autobiography he listed his 13 virtues as follows.
The scorecard kept what was important to Franklin top of mind and helped him track his progress daily. He would record each fault he committed for that week’s virtue by placing a black mark on the scorecard. He structured his days into a routine that allowed he to be productive whilst focusing on what’s most important.
It’s assists in managing work and interruptions, knowing that each kind of work has it’s place in your day.
Do this for too long and soon days run into weeks, weeks into months and your failing to make any meaningful progress. That they have inspired you to think about developing a set of habits and routines that support your success as leader. The life of Benjamin Franklin is great example of how leading yourself first helps you contribute to the lives of others. In their work Classical Leadership, Michelle Doyle and Mark Smith write, “What is leadership? Certainly, Nehemiah faced adversity and conflict in the midst of building the wall, a task that required fortitude to see to completion. He was also extremely disciplined, favouring a spartan lifestyle over the trappings of luxury.
It’s about knowing how to invest your time. This was something that Franklin understood deeply. Especially when we’re bombarded every day with an overwhelming number of distracting tasks, external pressures and conflicting priorities.
A regular morning routine that helps you keep focused is essential for purposeful leadership. It seems to be one of those qualities that you know when you see it, but is difficult to describe.
New leadership challenges emerged, but the call was the same: Remain steadfast and faithful.

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