Know yourself, believe in yourself, take care of yourself first, and then take care of others.
Complete project managers need to take responsibility, self-manage, and continuously develop their careers. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. Don’t forget to check out the 2nd Management & Leadership Quiz at the bottom of this page!
Remember – these are the easy questions – the more difficult questions are at the bottom of the page!
Deming & Shewhart worked together at Bell Laboratories where the Control Chart was first introduces. Juran and Crosby both understood the value of Statistical process control, however neither specialized in its development or expansion.
Ishikawa contributed to all three of those concepts along with others like the Cause & Effect Diagram (Ishikawa Diagram).
Almost every single Quality Guru stressed the importance of Continuous Improvement as a requirement for long term Quality & success. This statement is true because change generally results in improvement, which usually results in improved customer satisfaction & financial performance.

This statement is true because without change, your product or service will eventually become outdated & irrelevant. Change generally results in improvement, which usually results in improved customer satisfaction & financial performance.
Change makes employees nervous about keeping their job, which generally improves employee performance and morale.
Process improvements can be made with a paper based documentation system, and it can be made without a multitude of statisticians on staff. One common approach to overcoming barriers to quality improvement is to constantly communicate the downsides of the current approach & the benefits of the future state. Almost all barriers to quality improvement are deficiencies in the front line employees – this is incorrect.
Demonstrate a positive attitude.  Cultivate relationships up, across, and down the organization. Jim De Piante describes how a compost pile serves as an organic model for professional development, in opposition to climbing a career ladder. Almost all barriers to quality improvements are deficiencies in leadership & management. The best answer is always the shortest answer, therefore a good quote is more meaningful and straight to the point compared to a 1000 words essay.

Through natural but ever happening processes, scraps turn into beautiful humus…but not without some stinky in between steps. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find another 45 question post-quiz, that’s a bit more challenging! To sum things up, leadership is about inspiring people to be more than what they are, taking responsibility for all mistakes and most important of all, learn from the mistakes. By adding waste products such as manure (learning from bad experiences), the process is accelerated.
Randy co-authored Creating an Environment for Successful Projects, Creating the Project Office, Project Sponsorship and The Complete Project Manager.
As an executive consultant, trainer, speaker, and professional facilitator, the Englund Project Management Consultancy helps discover and create organic systems to achieve more from project-based work, using assessment, systemic inquiry, multimedia experiences, and interactive dialogue. You increase in knowledge and in wisdom, taking what is given to you by the sun and giving it back to the world that is illumined and warmed, also by the sun. Individuals become better people, managers, and leaders as you keep expanding your skills and growing.

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