Unfortunately, despite the fact that many books and journals are published on the subject every year, there seems to be no definitive model of what might constitute leadership excellence – that is, a widely supported model that only needs to be carefully followed to ensure success. Enables individuals and teams or groups of people to manage personal change and reach for higher goals. Even though this list is by no means exhaustive, it is the discovery of these leadership excellence themes that helps us most in working out specifically what we should all be doing to become better leaders.
Jon Warner is an executive coach and management consultant and in the past has been a CEO in three very different companies.
ReadyToManage is your one-stop shop for world class employee and personal development resources. What affects your ability to lead in 2013If you look at the trends that took the business world by storm last year, you can bet that effective collaboration technology will become even more influential this year. Happily however, there are several common themes that run through the writing of many of the best thinkers on the subject. As such, the simple idea is that out of hundreds, if not thousands, of potential human behaviors, there are a handful that characterize good or effective leadership, especially when combined together. Jon Warner is a prolific author, management consultant and executive coach with over 25 years experience.
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It’s more than just integrating internal communication with social media – as SalesForce had done – or implementing advanced cloud-based telecommunication – the way RingCentral did.
It also involves developing systems and channels that do more than just allow people to interact with their teams no matter where they are. We’re bound to explore technologies that allow people to determine and track engagement in operations as well.There is another issue that leaders need to pay attention to in 2013, and that’s the growing trend towards diversity in the workplace in terms of age and organizational positions.
Over the last few years, it became acceptable for younger people to have jobs that are traditionally reserved for older, “more experienced” workers. This situation not only gives rise to internal tension within the organization (due to competition), it also brings up unfair comparisons between very different generations.
Something like this needs to be effectively addressed.What you need to lead effectively in 2013Given the challenges you’ll likely face this year, you really have to be intensely aware of what’s going on within the confines of your company – and that means you need your observation skills. Pay attention to how different people in different departments work and communicate while engaged in different tasks.
When you do that, you can initiate better measures for collaborative work and be better-equipped for finding the right technology to facilitate effective collaboration. With different people communicating very differently, it’s always good to find something that gives them common ground.You observation skills most definitely give you insights with regards to finding solutions to the quandaries of what communication options you should take on and how to facilitate communication between very different people. 87 Image: How to Protect Your Website From Hackers How to Protect Your Website From Hackers 49 Image: 12 Best Strategies for Keeping Your App Top of Mind 12 Best Strategies for Keeping Your App Top of Mind 35 Do You Need A Texting App For Your Business… Don’t Waste Your Money!

But knowing how to solve a problem doesn’t mean that you can actually solve it unless you push for those changes to take place.
And in order to make things happen, you need to be really decisive when it comes to the implementation of these measures. Foundations for major business projects laid down last year are starting to come into play.
Now, more than ever, you need to be the single point of direction that your people look to.Undoubtedly, there are other challenges that will affect your ability to lead in 2013 which require you to develop other skills and qualities. Businessmen are taking this opportunity to look into the improvements that they can implement over the course of the year. In other words, this is a great time for industry and company leaders to look into the possibilities of 2013 and re-evaluate the skills and measures they need to lead effectively.Given how quickly things have changed over the last five years alone, this is more essential than ever.

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