Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I scored lowest in the Enable Others to Act and Encourage the Heart Categories.I believe that I do not Enable Other to Act as well as I could because I am a very capable person. Most of my jobs have involved hard labor with emotionally and mentally under developed people. I think I enable others to act pretty well because I have given a lot of my friends jobs at various points. I will try to recognize that people have different strengths and weaknesses and that people learn in different ways.
I am going to make an effort to try to be supportive of people who are not performing to their potential and find ways to encourage improvement rather than just do things for them. According to Wiley publishing company, winner of the 2009 Forbes award for Best Big Company, businesses stewarding these practices saw a net income growth of 841 percent, compared to companies with anemic leadership, resulting in a growth rate of negative 49 percent. They create an atmosphere of mutual respect in which people are treated decently on a consistent basis.
Leaders make others feel good about themselves by recognizing their collective as well as individual contributions.
These are the ones that I am most comfortable with and it makes sense to me that I scored highest in these categories. I don’t want to sound like I am bragging but in my experience in life so far I am better than most people at most things. I have delivered phone books, worked as a wildland firefighter, and done hydroblasting (using extremely high powered pressure washers) to clean out chemical tanks.
By being one of the hardest workers and staying positive and never having problems it holds everyone to a higher standard. The nice thing about phonebooks is that you work as an independent contractor so you can work as much or little as possible.

I am excellent at recognize and supporting people who are doing well if they are actually doing an exceptional job.
As a leader I need to work on identifying peoples strengths and weaknesses so I can assign the right people to the right tasks.
A leader must inspire others and help them achieve smaller goals as the foundation for achieving larger goals. Leaders accept the inevitable setbacks along the way and use them to further inspire growth. Leaders enable others by emphasizing their strengths instead of being a scavenger of their weaknesses. All of these jobs involve 12 to 20 hours shift and people sometimes breakdown physically and emotionally. This is especially important when people are working under you because no one wants to feel like they are busting their ass while their boss is sitting right next to them doing nothing. The jobs last until all the books are delivered so anytime that you aren’t working you are missing out on money that you could be earning. I could improve in this area because I have had friends and random other guys just quit on me because they think the work is too hard for what they get paid. On the other hand, some people who try their best just do a bad job and I have no patience for that. Kids annoy me, old people annoy me, and people that struggle with things that seem simple or obvious to me annoy me.
I realize that I have very little patience for people that don’t do things as well as me.
When faced with a task or challenge I am the sort of person who just does it because it is something that needs to be done. Again, not trying to brag, there are a lot of other people that can master new things quickly but I think that is the main reason that I scored low in the Enable Others to Act.

In the contract world their are a lot of sloppy looking unprofessional crews so we stand out by looking very professional and uniform. I quickly realized that the traditional idea of an 8 hour shift or a monday thru friday work week doesn’t apply here. Your plan should describe, concretely, the behaviors you do now and would like to do, and it should attempt to describe the beliefs that lie behind your current and intended behaviors. By becoming more patient and making an effort to understand where people are coming from I can build connections with people as well as effectively encourage them to improve. A leader makes everyone involved feel like they are a part of something greater than themselves. Leaders work to maintain positive, healthy, professional relationships that result in increased productivity. Often task or challenges are being completed under time pressure so whenever I see someone doing something poorly I am irritated and impatient, especially if I just take over to get it done and by doing that it prevents me from taking care of other things that need to get done. We have new employees every year, sometime up to half of a crew (10 people) could be brand new but we need to keep our image.
I spend a lot of time showing the new recruits, how to act, and explaining why we do things the way we do. An 8 hour day turned into 16+ hour days, day of the week becameĀ irrelevant, I could work everyday, paying for a place to stay ads daily fixed costs and waste time commuting, I could sleep in my van outside of the warehouse. I probably scored low on Encourage the Heart because I don’t relate to people that need that. Sometimes managers were skeptical that I was actually delivering the books because they didn’t think it was possible to be as quick and efficient as I was.

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