The KIPP School Leadership Competency Model serves as the framework that guides all leadership training at KIPP.
Sets high expectations for, works effectively and builds strong relationships with, keeps commitments to, and prioritizes the needs of educationally disadvantaged students.
Effectively organizes and analyzes information and anticipates challenges or new information to solve problems. Constantly seeks opportunities to learn and improve, making use of successes, failures, and data in order to learn and improve. Manages time and resources effectively, prioritizing efforts according to organizational goals. Identifies strengths and weaknesses, is aware of the perceptions of others, and adjusts accordingly. Establishes, articulates, and aligns the organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals. IDEA Public Schools recognizes that strong leadership across the district as well as on each of our campuses is critical to our success. We are committed to recruiting, developing, training, and retaining the very best leaders in secondary education. IDEA’s leaders are focused on the organization’s core purpose of preparing all our students to get to and through college successfully. Express high expectations for all students, and hold a strong conviction that all students have the potential to attend college. Demonstrate sound judgment and make good decisions that align to IDEA’s mission, vision, and values.
Set team and individual goals with employees that align with the organization’s vision, mission, core values, and organizational goals. IDE’s leaders hold high expectations for themselves and others to achieve and surpass intended goals. Thoughtfully prioritize actions that are most likely to drive an excellent outcome and align with stated goals, especially when juggling numerous tasks.
Take personal responsibility, demonstrate tenacity, and persevere through significant challenges to reach goals. Take initiative and go above and beyond typical expectations to achieve exceptional results. IDEA leaders are able to synthesize, analyze, and prioritize data and opportunities to develop strategies for achieving quantifiable goals. Understand the variety of possible causes that are driving a particular outcome and can prioritize the root cause in complex contexts.
See multiple potential courses of action that could be taken to solve problems or achieve results. IDEA leaders develop team through formal and informal methods and make professional development a top priority. Provides timely and constructive feedback, using both formal and informal means in order to increase staff member effectiveness.
Coaches and mentors staff in an effort to retain IDEA’s most talented and valued employees.
Understands the learning continuum for employees as they grow and develop in their roles, and is patient when warranted. Acknowledges and rewards outstanding achievements and performance both privately and publicly in ways that are personally meaningful to those who receive them.
Select the right communications channel(s) and technique(s) to use depending upon the audience and the situation. Cascade messages effectively and motivate others to stand behind decisions for the benefit of the larger group. Influence and motivate others around a common vision by investing them and gaining support for initiatives. Understand the perspective of others, especially when those perspectives might differ from their own.
Ash Solar, Executive DirectorAsh is devoted to working with the Oakland community to maximize public education's power to transform individual lives and in service of every family's multi-generational pursuit of the American Dream.
Our mission is to provide engaging learning experiences in a safe and respectful environment where all students are expected to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be independent, collaborative, and productive citizens of an ever-changing world. The O'Neill FCCLA Chapter is proud to announce the results from State Leadership Conference. Silver medalists were Tasha Lechtenberg in Job Interview and Miranda Hoefer in Teach and Train. It is the policy of O'Neill Public Schools not to discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, race, color, religion, marital status, age or national origin in its education programs, administration, policies, employment or other agency programs.
Our classrooms are buzzing with activity these days as we continue to develop our culture of innovation and impact student achievement across the Leadership Public Schools network. In addition to celebrating these results, I had the pleasure of attending the Washington, DC awards ceremony for the Intel Schools of Distinction Competition.
The Impact of InnovationOver the past three years, LPS has launched several programs in math and literacy to help our students take control of their academic future and make the leaps necessary to prepare for college success. Alexis Valladares, an LPS-College Park Green Pioneer, was nominated by his teacher last year to become an Earthwatch Student Fellow, based on his passion for learning and commitment to engaging his community around conservation issues.
Considers consequences of decisions, willingly stands by difficult decisions, and communicates about decisions. Integrates and acts upon new information quickly, and is comfortable thinking about details and the big picture.
Regularly compares actual progress to planned milestones and adjusts plans accordingly, holding him- or herself and others accountable for achieving intended outcomes.
Creates developmental opportunities for staff to be more effective in their roles and progress toward career goals. KIPP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin. We currently have leadership teams overseeing our district-wide, regional, and board operations.

LPS-Hayward was selected as one of only three finalists in math from a national pool of applicants. The impact of these programs and the LPS commitment to innovation can be seen in rising Academic Performance Index (API) scores and the gains our students are making in math and literacy. It's more than me graduating from high school: I feel like my family is graduating with me. LPS uses a variety of techniques to help students make 2-5 years of gains in a single year, but exit tickets are one of the most powerful tools. Following his time teaching, he's spent the past decade in various leadership and learning roles in both the Oakland Unified School District and in Tennessee. He was recognized for bringing Oakland teachers, union leaders, and district leaders together to collaborate on improving teacher supports in his role as facilitator of the Effective Teaching Task Force in 2010-2011. He received his bachelor's degree in history from Dartmouth and his Master's in Education and MBA from Stanford University. Ash and his wife live in Oakland and are eager to become reaquainted with past connections and forge new bonds with all of Oakland's stakeholders.Angela Badami-Knight, Manager of Teacher LeadershipA teacher at Westlake Middle School, Angela works for GO part-time to strengthen GO's network among OUSD teachers and to connect OUSD teachers with leadership opportunities within the district and beyond.
Angela began her teaching career in 2007 with Oakland Teaching Fellows and was placed as the Resource Specialist at East Oakland School of the Arts. While there she participated in Teachers for Social Justice conferences and the Bay Area Coalition of Equitable Schools Impact 2012 Initiative. Since joining Westlake in 2009 as a Special Day Class (NSH-SDC) teacher, Angela has served on its Instructional Leadership Team and worked with the OUSD Talent Development Office to create a Special Education Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program.
He moved from Ohio to work with GO and is looking forward to soaking in Oakland's gorgeous weather, diverse and vibrant activism, and eclectic cuisine.
Ryan is eager to immerse himself into the education sector and will be supporting GO's programming and outreach through data analysis and design. In focusing on these two issues, Ryan realized that lack of education was a significant risk factor for both and decided that he wanted to work to address a cause, rather than just the symptoms, of systemic injustice and structural violence. He received a BA in Philosophy from The Ohio State University and an MA in International Administration from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.Katherine Carter, Doctoral Resident in Educational LeadershipKatherine is a third-year doctoral student in Educational Leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
While in OUSD, she led a design team to found Manzanita SEED, an innovative dual language immersion school, on the same campus where she began her teaching career.
Now entering its 10th year, SEED is a 2011 National Title I Achievement School, a mentor school for the Expeditionary Learning network, and school of choice for families across the city.
Katherine is passionate about the power of inquiry-based learning and multilingual education to raise engagement and achievement for students of all socio-economic and language backgrounds.
Katherine believes that engaging community members in school design and redesign processes is a powerful lever for school improvement.Abby Gillespie, Director of Strategy and OperationsAs the Director of Strategy and Operations, Abby's focus is to ensure the Oakland team is meeting its goals and working together in incredible ways. Prior to his work at GO, Jack was a middle school math teacher at Elmhurst Community Prep in East Oakland, where he also served on the Instructional Leadership Team and helped to create and execute school-wide professional development. He also served as a 2011 GO Policy Fellow, where he helped to design the Teaching Effectiveness Pilot - a teacher professional growth system used in Oakland schools receiving School Improvement Grants. Jack recently graduated from Stanford's Graduate School of Education with a Master's in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies and he holds a B.S.
Prior to his work at GO, he spent eight years as a print journalist for the Bay Area News Group, covering sports, local government, education, crime and courts, and general interest news in the East Bay.
He was privileged to travel to Haiti 10 months after the 7.0 earthquake struck the Caribbean island to cover the work two East Bay non profits did to help the country rebuild.
Bobby is a proud California State University product, earning a Master of Public Administration degree with a policy analysis focus from California State University East Bay and an undergraduate degree in journalism from California State University Northridge.
He lives in Oakland with his wife and two children.Tiffany Kang, Communications Manager GO Public Schools West Contra CostaTiffany believes in the power of language to change landscapes and lives. As communications manager, she is GO WCC's primary storyteller -- responsible for sharing and evolving local narratives to support meaningful change.
A daughter of Taiwanese immigrants and a past campus organizer, Tiffany is grounded in service of students, families, and communities of all colors. She brings to GO a background in journalism, public relations, urban performing arts (spoken word), and communications in the agency, non-profit, and social service sectors. Tiffany studied Creative Writing, Urban Studies, and Music at the University of Pennsylvania and University of Cambridge.
In the nearly two decades since then, he has been a fundraiser, community organizer and political advocate on behalf of children, parents and public schools in Oakland. Jonathan began working with parents, educators, and community members in 2008 to develop the network to advance GO's vision of an Oakland where all children receive the schooling and support they need to live successful, fulfilling lives Under his leadership, GO Public Schools has become a powerful force for increased school funding, accountability, and better governance.
Based on GO's work, Jonathan was one of three finalists for the Peter Jennings Award for Civic Leadership, which is presented annually to one of the 30,000 Teach For America alums for work that has led to far-reaching systemic change. And New Schools Venture Fund named Jonathan Change Agent of the Year in 2013 for GO's "powerful ability to connect and inform the Oakland community around advancing the quality of public schools."GO is not Jonathan's first venture as a social entrepreneur in education.
In 2003, he co-founded what is now the Oakland Public Education Fund, a non-profit organization that has helped hard-pressed schools raise $20 million for special programs and extra teachers. Before that, he was the Bay Area director of Teach for America, which raised $5 million to recruit and train 400 new teachers in Bay Area public schools.Prior to joining GO, Jonathan served as Chief Program Officer at the Rogers Family Foundation where he was responsible for investment strategy and partnership development to increase educational opportunity and student achievement in Oakland. From 2006-08, Jonathan served as Special Assistant to the State Administrator in the Oakland Unified School District as a Broad Resident. Jonathan received an MBA from the Haas School of Business in 2008, and was a Lecturer there on nonprofit leadership and management.
Jonathan is a fully credentialed California teacher and received a bachelor's degree in history from Yale University, where he served as student body president. He first began organizing as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, focusing on Affirmative Action, Bilingual Education, and against the University's use of sweatshop labor.
He also helped organize university support for the United Farm Workers (UFW) Strawberry Workers' campaign and spent his summers as an Organizing Intern for The UFW in Watsonville and with the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organization's Union Summer campaign supporting janitors organizing in Denver, Colorado. Julio's college organizing culminated in work to successfully defend Ethnic Studies programs with the third world Liberation Front in the spring of 1999. This experience set Julio on a new path to ensure not just equal access to, but equitable, relevant education for all youth in underserved communities. Anayvette's varied interests in advocacy, community organizing and empowerment led her to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of California Los Angeles and later her Master's degree at San Francisco State University in Ethnic Studies.

Over the past eight years she has developed and managed education, social justice, and gendered support programs focused on empowerment and safety for youth, families and their adult allies.
Anayvette's background in youth development, restorative practices and family engagement offers her the unique opportunity to wed her knowledge of community engagement and passion for advocacy to create dynamic supports that provide equitable environments for youth and families. Since starting her career she has sought to create access to inclusive programs and equitable environments for marginalized communities.
Anayvette currently lives and loves in Oakland's Fruitvale community with her two children.Annette Miller, Community OrganizerAnnette was born and raised in Oakland and has lived in West Oakland her whole life. A co-founder of the West Oakland Parent Action Network, she is committed to increasing parent engagement in West Oakland. Annette hopes to one day alleviate the stereotype that parents in low-income schools do not engage in the academic lives of their children.
One of her strongest desires is to unite culturally diverse families to build community and work together to create change, engage parents, and support teachers in order to improve Oakland schools. As a community organizer for West Oakland, Annette has the opportunity to give back to the community that raised her.Evan Miller, Director of Finance and Human ResourcesEvan is a nonprofit finance professional dedicated to improving the education system and the lives of Oakland youth.
He grew up in Seattle, WA, graduated from Pomona College in Claremont, CA, and holds a Masters in Education from the University of San Francisco. He worked for Playworks (formerly Sports4Kids) as a site coordinator at Glenview Elementary in Oakland, and also held various responsibilities in accounting, operations, and development at there. He then oversaw accounting and human resources at the National Writing Project in Berkeley. At GO, he is excited to create and maintain strong financial systems and to ensure that our super-talented staff is happy and supported. He sits on the Board of Directors of Oakland Leaf, a nonprofit that cultivates community transformation through creative education for youth and families.
He lives in Oakland with his wife and two young sons and in his free time enjoys playing (anything), eating, and sleeping.Daisy Padilla, Operations CoordinatorAs the operations coordinator, Daisy ensures that GO Public Schools runs smoothly by supporting the Oakland and West Contra Costa teams with data entry, event logistics, and outreach processes.
She began working with GO Public Schools as an intern and soon fell in love with GO's objective: quality schools for all. She is a recent University of California, Los Angeles graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology. As a daughter of Mexican immigrant parents, she is aware of the need for continuous improvement in Oakland's public educational system. Prior to joining GO Public Schools, he developed his passion for advocacy while engaging in efforts to build awareness of education issues around West Contra Costa (WCC). Richard started his career in Richmond, California teaching multiple subjects at Nystrom Elementary School in WCC.
As a credentialed teacher in Richmond, he also worked alongside a dedicated principal and staff to implement a School Improvement Grant at Lincoln Elementary School, a designated turnaround school. The son of Mexican immigrants, Richard is the first to graduate from college in his family.
He studied Sociology and Political Science to earn his undergraduate degree from San Diego State University.Mirella Rangel, Director of Community EngagementMirella is excited to transform education by increasing community voice and power as the Director of Community Engagement at GO. While earning a degree in Environmental Science at the University of California at Berkeley she became a leader in the student movement to demand affirmative action and established a student of color coalition that sparked the resurgence of the Third World Strike.
She soon became the school's Principal and Academic Leader tremendously increasing student academic performance.
As the Executive Director of Oakland Leaf she built the infrastructure, impact, and programs launching the organization as an industry leader in youth development.Maya Robles-Wong, Operations CoordinatorAs the Operations Coordinator, Maya is excited to transform education through providing events and organizational support for the Go Public Schools Oakland team. Her introduction to GO was in 2012 as a Summer Fellow where she primarily worked on community outreach and operations.
Maya's passion for education reform comes from 11 years of experience in the California public school system. As a student, she saw the need for systematic change as her peers struggled to succeed academically with too few resources and support.
Maya is a Bay Area native who enjoys hiking in the Oakland hills, sleeping in, and local farmers markets. Prior to joining GO, Amy worked in development at Teach For America - Bay Area for 7 years and held various other roles at TFA including roles in marketing, event planning, and operations. In her fourth year as an OUSD teacher in the 08-09 school year, Jessica was one of the community members involved in the founding of GO Public Schools. She is a graduate of Auburn University, where she was the President of the Alabama College Democrats State Federation and the Auburn College Democrats, as well as the first college graduate from her family.
She was a middle school math and science teacher at Elmhurst Middle School in East Oakland, and a founding teacher at Elmhurst Community Prep Middle School. She lives in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland with her husband Jonathon and daughter Brooklyn. She is an alumna of the New Leaders Council Fellowship and Leadership Oakland.Marc Tafolla, Policy DirectorAs the Policy Director, Marc leads GO Public Schools in developing policy and advocacy to improve the quality and accessibility of education in Oakland, California.
He works with stakeholders (parents, teachers, district staff, etc.) from across the city to ensure that GO Public Schools remains an effective partner in improving public education in Oakland.
As director, Marc helped establish and broaden the reach of the EEP, which focused on the implementation of the Williams v.
At the EEP, Marc was instrumental in supporting parents and teachers from across the Bay Area in understanding and asserting educational rights under Williams. He also worked closely with Districts to help them access resources and improve their systems. In addition to working on Williams, Marc provided legal services across a wide array of educational issues. Prior to law school, Marc taught high school history for five years in public schools in California and Oregon. As an undergraduate, Marc spent two years in AmeriCorps working on a youth anti-violence campaign.

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