There have been many great men and women whose ambitions, contributions and hard work have made history or changed the course of it. Many of you know the famous athletic brand Nike here is a brief background on how the company got started and how the owners leadership qualities raised the company to be the best in the world. Being a leader can benefit a student not only in high school and college, but in their professional life. Using a mind map application show information, using a presentation application display to class, use a blog application with information. He enumerates 5 specific qualities of authentic leaders as those who: understand their purpose, practice solid values, lead with heart, establish connected relationships, and demonstrate self-discipline. To the degree that we understand and embrace these insights, I believe we will each become better leaders.
He has written all sorts of “laws” on leadership, qualities of a leader, 25 Ways to Win People, Becoming a Person of Influence, 17 Qualities of a Team Player, to name a few.
I have reviewed and kept many of these books – and their sheer number and diversity led me to wish: Could John Maxwell write a book that somehow distills all the breadth and depth of his thoughts on leadership, so that he can throw in all those insights learned and applied through his years as author and mentor? Third level – Production: People follow because of what you have done for the organization. The author adds an insight: Those people who are “lonely at the top” must have been a leader placed their via position title, and nothing else. Maxwell relates a story of a businessman, Peter, who visited Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa, at the Presidential Palace. To Peter’s surprise, Mandela rose from his seat, went to the car, and invited Driver Dumi to the breakfast table.
If a leader produces great results, he attracts other highly productive teams.  This kind of leadership confers on the leader a winning reputation.
Some leaders hoard their leadership tasks for themselves, with a sense of insecurity that they would lose control. Some leaders lament the fact that there is very little time to reach their pinnacle in leadership. This book proves the truism that “the sum is bigger than all its parts” – meaning, you get a taste of every Maxwellian wisdom and insight – and yet bring home a whole new angle, an entirely new lens by which you consider and contemplate that ever-interesting – and even magical topic – called leadership. This is one of the best and QUICKEST illustrations of why Life Leadership is a great business model to pursue and why it is not a pyramid. Not only is it not a pyramid but if you did your own research you would discover that it is one of the best ways to build your own business. As many of you know, on March 5, 2014 my wife of almost 12 years passed away, from liver failure.
Keisha O’Mara and Cameron Hummel- both have gone through a similar situation and their thoughts and insights helped me at some of my lowest moments.
Mark and Anna Huber – besides being the reason I was introduced to Life Leadership which is where I meet Jackie. Mike and Vi Gowen – our kids became close friends years ago and we have been doing things together ever since. Orrin and Laurie woodward – What can I say about a couple that are the reason that I have the life I have. To all the people I missed and all the people that have sent cards, books, notes, and flowers, your support has been overwhelming.
I decided to start back with this blog because my two oldest boys just completed something that is the essence of what my beautiful wife stood for.
Every reputable network marketing organization separates itself from pyramid schemes and scams by ensuring significant sales to outside customers of its products. Sadly, some people have drawn the conclusion that network marketing is like a lottery where only a few draw the winning ticket and everyone else loses.
The first statement (“only 1 out of 100 people make 50 k or more”) is a snapshot of the profession based upon the fact that for anyone to reach the top of the chart (15,000 points), he must build customers, members, and help them do enough volume for him to hit this level. However, this doesn’t mean the other 100 people cannot also bring in customers and members who enjoy the life-changing products and do the exact same thing as the person who brought them in. Given that the nature of community building involves building a community (how’s that for obvious?) and that a leader’s goal is to build 100 active people into his community who service customers and members, then the “1 out of 100” number tells us nothing of the success or failure of the business. Indeed, the model is hard-wired, or designed for a leader to service a community of 100 people in order to reach 15,000 points and thereby achieve the Leader level in LIFE Leadership to make anywhere from 20k to upwards of 50k (with the CAB program included – see the IDS and Comp Plan brochure attached at the bottom of this post). Thousands of sub-assemblies that usually consist of hundreds of parts each are required to build one car.
In effect, the nature of the assembly line guarantees that only one car will finish per every 100 (in the example above) on the line because this is the way the process was designed. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful automotive assembly line is not the 1 out of 100, but rather the rate at which autos move from beginning to completion. In the same way, this is exactly what a leader does in his community building organization. Since everything rises and falls on leadership, LIFE Leadership focuses on helping leaders serve 100 people communities to be rewarded accordingly.
In most conventional businesses, it takes years and years for a person to achieve an income above 50k, after expenses. I am thankful for my engineering background because it helped me sort through the data to understand what was relevant and what was not.
I have said many times, LIFE Leadership does not promise “easy,” only “worth it.” As the Chairman of the Board and one of the principal owners of LIFE, I wish you all the success you are willing earn! Unforgiveness is like carrying a burlap bag on your back, and every time you don’t forgive someone you add a rock to your bag.

I hope you see how without God as the absolute example, that the subject of forgiveness would be hard.
Some of the new age thought process is, let’s not keep score because we want everybody to feel like a winner.
This video was sent to me and although I don’t agree with everything he says I do agree with the theme of what he is saying. My mentor Orrin Woodward was home for the summer and he sent me a text asking if I wanted to play basketball. Thank you to the people who allowed me to show our teammates a live example of what you do when you mess up. Despite your best intentions, despite your quest for excellence, despite being a person of character there are going to be times where things don’t go as you planned. The most important thought to begin with is you can actually gain credibility by making and owning up to a mistake.
Pradeep Vaswani, project manager at Infosys Technologies, recalled a time when his team went off course and as a result would fail to deliver on time to the client. I think the reason someone owning up to mistakes is such a big deal is because it so rarely happens. Common traits among successful leaders often include their commitment to fill needs and accomplish goals. Positive Attitude – Simmons has advocated that a positive attitude, passion and openness to wealth – both spiritual and material – are some of the qualities needed for entrepreneurial success (CNN). Team Value – It’s not uncommon for a leader to feel like they’re on a solo mission, or like they can’t trust others to get the job done. Every potential future Russell Simmons would do well to keep these qualities in mind as they move through life. Center for Work Life of Orlando, Florida is an award-winning executive development firm providing leadership and management training to executives and organizations. CareersMy-Employment-Application At Center For Work Life, we shape our employees careers by providing tools for training, development and clarity of their track with us. Whether leaders are born or made, they have definitely put their mark on the world history, and will always be remembered as great and famous people ever. A 2004 study at the University of California Santa Barbara found that people with leadership roles in high school are more likely to hold managerial positions as adults, earning higher incomes than those in non-leadership roles.
Local School clubs to National Organizations such as BPA(Business Professional of America), DECA, FFA, National Honor Society, and Student Council are just a few. Create a shared document and list the characteristics, roles and responsibilities of leaders and followers. Choose someone successful in the business world and write a short bio for that person and his or her company.
In one or two sentences, you should be able to describe what it is that your group is trying to solve, produce, respond to, or find out. Maxwell says, leadership by virtue of being appointed to a “Position” is the only level that does not require ability and effort to achieve.
It can serve as a platform from which an individual develops himself onto the higher levels of leadership. The leader ascends to the Production level, and this is where “leadership really takes off,” according to Maxwell.
You know, leaders who just warm their seats and contribute nothing to the organization’s goals.
Maxwell asks: “What’s better than excellence at your work and high productivity from your team? A reproducing leader is needed, per Maxwell, using the concepts he introduced in his earlier books. Maxwell disagrees: “If you share leadership with others, it isn’t actually taken away from you. He defines “crucible moment” as a “breakthrough in one’s life.” This is Maxwell at his best and with his finest ideas in 289 pages!
We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. Impressively, LIFE Leadership has over 40% of its monthly subscriptions going to customers who are not even part of the compensation plan. I became an engineer because I have been fascinated by numbers, statistics, and proportions since I was a kid collecting baseball and football cards. Typically, by the time a person hits the top of the chart (whether he does it in 3 months or 3 years) he has around 100 active members. And, when they do, the will have built a team (on average) of 100 people so the 1 out of 100 number remains.
Rather, it simply reports on the size of community necessary to earn a certain income, as in my example above when I threw out the hypothetical 50k. Therefore, the real question a new person should be asking is not the 1 out of 100 snapshot, which merely reports that a Leader must build 100 people communities, but rather, how fast can one build 100 people communities? These all come together in a complex process called a final assembly line, in which workers and machines install them, usually on a moving platform or hanger, as the work-in-process car moves down the line.  At any given moment in time, if a snapshot of the assembly line were taken, the line would have hundreds of unfinished cars frozen in mid-process.
If one assembly line moves through the process in one hour while another takes one year, with all other variables being the same, which would you choose? He cannot improve the 1 out of 100, because that structure is as locked into the design of the pay plan as is the assembly line process for cars, but he can improve the effectiveness of the systematic process to help people achieve top levels faster. The objective is to speed up the leadership growth process by providing world-class events to attend, audios and books to study, and personal mentoring from which to grow.

With the new CAB compensation and simple Next Step Program, LIFE Leadership is empowering those who work hard and consistently to achieve these levels in shorter and shorter amounts of time.
Sadly, many people miss the big picture because they think of community building as a lottery with “odds” rather than a process with results similar to an automobile assembly line. Fortunately for all of us there are always critics, haters, or simply people who have nothing else to do with their life except watch other people’s lives. When he speaks about working with artists and executives, he emphasizes the importance of making sure everyone is happy in a deal (Harvard Business Review). It takes being aware of emotions, understanding the needs of others, a positive attitude and an appreciation for teams to be a successful leader. Our main services include executive coaching, leadership development, executive succession planning, emotional intelligence training, career planning, staff development, and communication in the workplace. We are always looking for qualified individuals who are interested to grow the field as well as developing their knowledge, skills and abilities. Just use the information given and write the facts that you already know about being a leader. The problem statement may have to be revised as new information is discovered and brought to bear on the situation.
Maxwell has come out with this book on “5 Levels of Leadership,” using a numeric five as literary license. This goes for the manager appointed in a company and even for a Cabinet member who is plucked from so many prospects by the President. Can we have another plate please?” That was an unforgettable experience for both Boss and Driver, knowing Mandela up close, and charmed by the value he places on people, whatever their standing in life. He outdoes himself by focusing on the five levels – and this focus has become a veritable magnet that has drawn to the discussion all the nuggets of wisdom that have been “mined” from his treasure chest of gems. Here is my story of how I went from a community building skeptic to building one of the largest leadership communities in North America. In fact, one summer my brother and I developed an entire board game for baseball based upon player stats and using probabilities that I wasn’t supposed to learn until half-way through engineering school. But these two statements are not saying the same thing, even though on the surface they may appear to do so.
From this snapshot, no one in his right mind would argue that only 1 out of 100 cars is ever completed, or that “the chances” of that assembly line making a car would be a mere “1 out of 100!”   This would be absurd reasoning since the other cars are still “in process” and will be completed shortly, if the assembly line is given a chance to continue producing cars, as it is designed to do. They both have a snapshot of 1 complete car per 100 in-process, but one is moving the process along much more efficiently.
True, not everyone is willing to work that hard, nor will they go that fast, but the leadership of LIFE is committed to creating a process wherein someone can if they are willing to do what it takes. But for those who will enter into the process and stay long enough to complete their leadership journey, their success can become just as predictable as a finished car rolling off the end of an assembly line. If someone wrongs you it’s not that they are getting  away with it because you forgave them. In addition, when asked about his business success, Simmons has explained that he founds businesses based on existing needs. This should be the guiding principle of people appointed to high positions, including the members of the Aquino government. In a smaller organization, the leader with a position title goes a little further to win the “permission” of the people under him. Later, Dumi retreated to the car, while Peter was motioned by Mandela to the breakfast table. That’s why investing in people always gives a greater return to an organization,” Maxwell points out, underscoring the need for sustained mentoring for leaders. In any event, numbers, data and the proper reading of the scoreboard has been an essential part of Laurie’s and my success over the years. In other words, even if 100% of the people made it, they would still make it by bringing in around 100 other active members and the 1% who made it at any particular time would still be true. Engineers cannot improve the 1 out of 100 on an existing line, but they can improve the throughput by increasing the speed at which the automobiles advance through the process. He is able to fill these needs by being attuned to them in the first place, which is an indicator of emotional intelligence. One of his popular quotes goes like this “Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you” (Brainy Quote). The ability to recognize team value is typically found in impactful leaders, and Simmons is no different. In addition to founding companies like Phat Farm, Argyleculture, and American Classics, Russell Simmons is also a successful author, most famously known for Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success. Ford had just paid $2 million dollars for a logo but Nike did not have the resources to do that so they visited the graphic arts department at a local campus and paid a student to develop a logo. An igniter of a musical genre, a business founder and a successful author, Russell Simmons is a leader who can teach the world a thing or two.
When Nike went public, they gave her shares of stock so they could compensate her for her work.

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