Istanti ed emozioni vissuti attraverso l’obiettivo del fotografo ufficiale HRD Sergio Sanfilippo. This is a great way to not only increase your potential as a leader, but also to impact your team and take them to the next level.
Chris Hogan might have been the most unlikely person to wind up working as a financial speaker. For Chris, the path from football to where he is today was a long, but meaningful, journey. Empower • Lead • Excel Model Legislative ExperienceHOBY Ambassadors participate in hands on leadership experiences including a full day model legislature at the historic Pennsylvania state capitol. Leadership Through ServiceOur goal at Central PA HOBY is to encourage our ambassadors to become conscientious citizens during the seminar and beyond. Central PA Leadership SeminarHOBY’s flagship program, the annual Leadership Seminar is designed for high school sophomores to recognize their leadership talents in becoming effective, ethical leaders in their homes, schools, and communities.
Read MoreAbout HOBYCentral PA HOBY is a non-profit organization focused on motivating and empowering young people to make a positive difference within our society through understanding and action.
For project managers looking to expand their horizons in the leadership arena, I’d like to invite PMThink readers attend an exciting two-day workshop at The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA on November 15th and 16th, 2006. The words ring very true, given that statistics show that women fitting the above description are most vulnerable to abuse, violence and exploitation worldwide.
A New York Young Leader participant expressed disappointment and frustration about the lack of desire for change among fellow women peers in her industry.
The Consul-General, Phil Scanlan substantiated that women should not be dependent upon men.
The discussion made all present conscious of the fact that we are perpetually in the process of redefining our roles all the time. The Bureau of Gender Affairs hosted a Youth Leadership Seminar on Tuesday December 4th, 2012. The theme for the seminar is “solving today’s challenges with tomorrow’s resources”, and Ms.
The seminar is meant to bring leaders or potential leaders of communities around Dominica, to exchange ideas on how to curb violence among women as well as men and children.
The reports states that people between the ages of 15 to 25 did not see someone beating them or “speaking down” to them as violence. The bureau is of the view that good leaders are the foundation for turning around the negative in society so that young people can flourish.

Join Manufacturing-Works and live speaker Chris Hogan for Dave Ramsey’s Business Leadership Seminar. While he was a vice president of a well-respected company, helping clients manage all phases of their businesses, he realized how so many families, marriages and children were being affected by money issues. He holds an undergraduate degree from Georgetown College and a master's degree from California University of Pennsylvania. The four day seminar takes place each spring at Shippensburg University where 250 students from throughout Central PA gather to experience hands on service projects, a full day model legislature, and interactive presentations from community and business leaders. We’re offering a $100 discount to select groups, and PMThink readers certainly qualify (plus group rates are available for parties of 3 or more). His books Napoleon on Project Management, cited by management guru Tom Peters for its timeless principles, and Managing the Gray Areas, touted by Orlando Magic founder Pat Williams as "a new path for leaders," were critically acclaimed, with the former being translated into 8 languages. Kiron Skinner, the Director of Carnegie Mellon University’s International Relations and Politics Program. Benshoof is not about having followers, but about doing it alone and forging your own path. Carol Hochman, mother of one of the NYYLP members, Nathaniel Hochman was the next guest speaker, providing a realistic view about work and life balance. Hochman highlighted there are challenges for women in corporate America, and elsewhere – lower wages, lack of promotion, etc.
Hochman went onto say that management need to be understanding about women’s lives and their family commitments.
Balares also made the point that sometimes it is better to join an existing organisation and take them to the next level, instead of starting a new one. Everyone agreed with the idea that intergenerational cooperation was necessary between X and Y. Fenella Wenham, President of the National Youth Council (NYC), says being a good leader will help to curb some the challenges faced in society. Wenham is among three presenters for the seminar where she will be speaking on the leader and the lead, and organizational leadership.
Rosie Browne, is pleased to be hosting such a seminar and says this is the perfect opportunity to get a better idea of the ills in society.
Marvin Marie, who is a past CARICOM Ambassador and leader of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme in Dominica, and Educator and Community Leader Mr. Browne gave some of the findings of a survey conducted in 2003 to find the cause of violence among persons between the ages 15-60.

Years ago, Chris was an All-American college football player who pushed future NFL players all over the field—far removed from the world of helping others find Financial Peace.
He felt powerless as he sat behind his desk and watched his clients throw away their financial futures.
An engaging and humorous speaker, Chris is an expert on subjects like mortgages, healthcare and investing. More recently, he co-authored 42 Rules for Creating WE, which was hailed by Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts as "today's greatest guide for team success." His latest book, released January 2010, is Project Lessons from the Roman Empire. Leaders in each of their respective fields, the speakers provided fuel for the engaging discussion. However what was alarming to herself and others of her generation was that the youth of today sometimes forget what the previous generations did to work for the freedom women enjoy today.
Benshoof also advised the young women in the room to not fear disapproval from colleagues when standing up for what they want or believe in. Balares, CEO of Womensphere, an alternate media group, was born into a working class family that depended on the sole income of her chauffeur father. Windcreek had a great turnout, and as a sponsor of the event, we would love to host Chris again. To promote financial education, he speaks at colleges and businesses and conducts on-site training sessions at companies. Hochman also made the observation that different industries present women with different challenges and issues and that work and family balance was difficult for many to achieve, including her. Hochman agreed, adding further that it is almost and very nearly impossible to change people’s attitudes retrospectively. Special thanks to Matthew Melinkovich and all of Manufacturing-Works for bringing in a great speaker."  Tiffany Massie, Executive Assistant, Windcreek Services, Inc. Chris hosts the EntreLeadership Podcast, iTunes' #1 podcast on leadership and works with high-profile clients, such as athletes, entertainers and businessmen to help them develop a financial strategy to protect their wealth and secure their future. Balares explained that from a young age her mother had instilled in her the importance of education.

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