As one of the largest insurance companies, Sun Life provides the best opportunity to take up a career and business that grow continually, according to your expectance. The ultimate goal is to make our business partners to have their own business together with Sun Life Financial Indonesia. Our agency system “OnE System Under the Sun” will provide you with an extensive opportunity to build your own business and to reach the highest position in agency’s structure.
At Sun Life Agency, “OnE System Under the Sun” will provide a better career opportunity, achievement and you determine your own success through your achievement.
At SLF Indonesia you will receive continuous knowledge in line with your career and business to prepare you as a professional business partner, SLF Indonesia prepares development and training program starting from Basic, Intermediate and Advance. Development programs for leaders have also been prepared at various levels starting from Agency Manager up to the highest level of “OnE System Under the Sun” career path, the National Agency Director (NAD). Technical knowledge, skill to provide solution of other people’s need, communication and negotiation skills, attitude development are also provided in multilevel advance training program. We implement ‘Learning with Fun’ in every development program provided to help you understand easily all materials presented.

SLF Indonesia highly appreciates business partners’ commitment in developing their business either in terms of productivity or team development. As the winner of our Mid-Year and Full Year Convention you will have a good opportunity to travel abroad to many different destination countries every year while ticket and accommodation are provided by the company.
In Sun Life Financial Indonesia, we also have a program that focus to develop a young and talented people to become a professional entrepreneur. Powered by excellent strategy and planning, we develop and implement programs to support the business growth of our business partners, such as building a business model agency with General Agency concept, establish Salam Institute as a center for special training of Sharia for our Agents, forming Sun Islamic Leadership Centre as a center for the training for our Sales Leader, Establish Recruitment Centre, and other development programs in accordance with the defined strategy.
You will have a better career opportunity with us, where your success is determined through your achievement.
To develop our business partners, we have special training center named SALAM INSTITUTE and Sharia Leadership Centre which is dedicated for Training and Development program for our Business Partner as a basis in building a business. And for sure you will have a good opportunity to travel abroad to many different destination countries every year while ticket and accommodation are provided by the company.
If you would like to develop business in a new career path, eager to take challenges, have a passion to be a winner and would like to realize all your aspirations and dreams in life, let’s join us.

Besides reaching your career achievement, you are also trained to acquire an entrepreneur spirit and prepared to be able to manage your own business.
For Agency Leaders, we prepare training on Managerial Skill, it is a skill to conduct team development, effective supervising method, practical leadership and how to build and develop continuous business. Simulation and sharing methods are also applied in every training program to motivate you in reaching achievement and best result. Various prestigious awards have been prepared for all types of your achievement and it is possible for you to qualify for more than one awards’ category.
Some the program has designed to you that has age 21-35 years old, we called it The Brighter Gen. We will provide training and personal development that will help you to develop your business by conducting need analysis and providing solution through various best SLFI products.

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