The way you look and dress announces the outcome that people can expect from you.  It also announces how you feel about yourself and you will be treated accordingly.
You deserve to get dressed – not just in any old clothes, but also in style – your style and to feel powerful!  When you greet each day with confidence, just think of the opportunities that could come your way! Have You got your Priorities Straight – or have you lost focus?April 30, 2016 By Kerry Anne Cassidy Leave a CommentThis past week our oldest and smallest member of our family, Ziggy, our 15 year old miniature schnauzer, passed away.

How Relevant Are You And Is This Affecting Your Career?April 30, 2016 By Kerry Anne Cassidy Leave a CommentOne of my clients is in the pointy end of an acquisition that is ultimately going to result in integration of the vast majority of staff involved and on a global scale and the release of a small number of staff whose roles are no longer relevant. How Habits Hinder Success: Why Eve Ate the Apple and What We Can Learn From HerApril 16, 2016 By Kerry Anne Cassidy Leave a CommentHave you ever set a goal and with determination set out to achieve it, only to give up a few weeks or month’s later?

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