Killer QuestionsKiller Questions is based on the precept that better questions lead to better ideas which leads to breakthrough innovations.
As the holiday season kicks into full gear, we turn our attention toward Thanksgiving and the opportunity to take stock of all of the things we are grateful for.
T – Taking a moment every day to write down what is great about your life – your strengths, the things that make you happy, positive experiences you have had, and ways in which you have made a positive difference.
H – Helping a colleague who could benefit from your expertise, your ideas, or just an extra pair of hands.
A – Acknowledging those who often don’t receive recognition – the folks who work at the reception desk, clean your office, answer your IT questions, and deliver the mail, for example.
K – Keeping it up throughout the year and encouraging others to do the same – look for ways to create a groundswell of gratitude and acknowledgment in your workplace. If you enjoyed this post, you can read more like it in our book, The Power of Thoughtful Leadership: 101 Minutes To Being the Leader You Want To Be, available on Amazon.
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This is one part of a whole series on leadership.  Check the leadership introduction here for all articles in the series. Whether leadership is all new to you or you have years of experience, there are always areas to improve your skills and so putting some attention to the development of those is important.
I cannot promote this one enough and unfortunately it is a task that few people actually make common in their lives.  A sad fact that reoccurs in North American surveys is that nearly 60% of all adults never read another book after high school and more than 80% did not read a single book in the past year. I was part of the statistic that 60% of all adults never read another book after high school (college for me).

With a complete bias towards internet reading and a lack of gradual interest in reading anything in print, I too have the dubious distinction of meeting both the 60% and 80% mark you mentioned from a survey here. Mike, I like your point : leaders are made, not born and it’s all to do with developing the right skills to become a leader. And about reading books, I am agree with Juliet that not only the books that cab be source of informations and knowledge, it could be internet as well. A leader has a hunch for knowledge, improving his skills, flexibility, adaptation, a quench to gain further experience, understanding his team etc..
Education is a life long journey.I find seminars and books very helpful for obtaining information which helps me.
On the point about how you started to read much more over a period of time, I would say that we have become more efficient at processing what is being presented to us in books of similar types that we read.
As for online, I certainly don’t think there is a big difference in available quality online versus books.
Phil McKinney has held technology and innovation leadership positions in a number of leading companies and has been profiled in media outlets.
A killer innovation is a significant and highly profitable departure from current offerings or practices that would be difficult to duplicate.
I am happy to report that I read 11 books last year and I hope to ramp that up to 25 this year. I tend not to agree easily though that book reading is superior to reading from the internet. While I think that is needed, inspiration and motivation are huge topics that each deserve their own series actually so I tried to stay out of that and keep it focused on leadership directly. You need a classical form of study to understand, which means that you HAVE to read books..

I like your idea of searching knowledge, just don’t forget that it’s about applying that knowledge as well! I lost the habit when I started working, but have picked it up and now average a book a week. Even when the internet has completely taken over our daily lives, we still have to read in order to gain knowledge.
Leaders use their personal knowledge, Skills and influence to establish relationships with people and help others meet their goals. My last article will cover some of the spiritual or servant aspects to draw upon as a leader. I used to care more about technical readings but found out that leadership and management need to be in the same bag of my development. A true leader not only should adapt to change, but should be one courageous enough to provoke it and promote it. We provide you Leadership PowerPoint slides which can be useful to make presentations related to the skills of an ideal leader. May be I’m rationalizing my preference for one over the other or even covering up my aversion to print media.
But so long as it is reading for skill development [and the resources on the net being amazingly diverse and vast] do you see any particular reason why it’s got to be reading from a book?
Over the last several years the books I read challenged me to entirely new levels allowing me to take on a variety of leadership roles in my personal and professional life with a lot more confidence.

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