As the holiday season kicks into full gear, we turn our attention toward Thanksgiving and the opportunity to take stock of all of the things we are grateful for. T – Taking a moment every day to write down what is great about your life – your strengths, the things that make you happy, positive experiences you have had, and ways in which you have made a positive difference. H – Helping a colleague who could benefit from your expertise, your ideas, or just an extra pair of hands.

A – Acknowledging those who often don’t receive recognition – the folks who work at the reception desk, clean your office, answer your IT questions, and deliver the mail, for example. K – Keeping it up throughout the year and encouraging others to do the same – look for ways to create a groundswell of gratitude and acknowledgment in your workplace. If you enjoyed this post, you can read more like it in our book, The Power of Thoughtful Leadership: 101 Minutes To Being the Leader You Want To Be, available on Amazon.

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