In today’s climate of high expectations, school leaders especially the principals are the focus on improving teaching and learning. The job requirements sound overwhelming.  But they also signal that the field has begun to give overdue recognition to the critical role and mounting demands on school principals. Growing consensus on the attributes of effective school principals shows that successful school leaders influence student achievement through two important pathways — the support and development of effective teachers and the implementation of effective organizational processes. There is evidence that suggests that school heads make a strong impact on student learning. 3) Developing the ability to transform schools into more effective organizations that  foster powerful teaching and learning for all students.
Principals who undergo concept-driven preparation programs that consist of a yearlong and carefully mentored program received higher performance evaluation ratings by supervisors and were perceived by teachers as being more effective in managing their schools, according to a recent study. Therefore, continuous, career level-appropriate, and seamless professional development is essential to a principal’s progress. Measures could be established on the practice of bringing and plugging in personal equipment such laptops and cell phones and personal appliances such as radios and coffeemakers in schools.
Communicate clearly and effectively to the whole school community the reason behind these new belt-tightening measures. A few years ago, participants of an international convention on education were asked what their priority was for their respective country’s educational system. Both public and private schools find themselves in the same tight fix of losing teachers and declining material resources. Insufficient funds due to low enrolment and poor teacher retention are just few of the many troubles that the country’s educational structure faces. One program that offers training-seminars to school administrators and educators is the Leadership Strategies for School Managers (LESSM).
In spite of economic limitations, there are still educators who remain dedicated to improving the educational system in the country. High School students from Northern New Mexico pose at the awards dinner for the National Hispanic Institute leadership training in Colorado.
Las Vegas, New Mexico  – High School students from Northern New Mexico developed leadership skills at a National Hispanic Institute training program in Colorado, thanks to Highlands University. The ten high-achieving students participated in the eight-day NHI Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session at Colorado State University ­– Fort Collins. Trujillo said one of the best things about the NHI curriculum is that it doesn’t approach leadership from a deficit model, but instead builds on strengths the youth possess, like intelligence, creativity and critical thinking skills. Ambrozia Medina, an 18-year-old senior from Mora High School, participated in the leadership training.
Medina, who will be the first in her family to attend college, said another valuable aspect of the leadership training was meeting other students who share the same kind of goals, such as earning a college degree and being successful in a professional career.
Trujillo said he knows first-hand how valuable the NHI Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session is because of his own experience with the training in 1993, when he was a Mora High School junior.
Highlands paid for the 10 students’ tuition for the conference, as well as travel and lodging in a CSU residence hall. Cherry Creek High School band directors Tim Libby and Sara Wynes are outnumbered 70 to 1 when it comes to the 140 students in the CCHS Marching Band. The section leaders attend (and pay their own way to) Band Leadership Training, held July 12-13 at the University of Northern Colorado.
Cherry Creek High School Marching Band section leaders demonstrate good marching technique during summer band camp on July 15. In addition to summer sectionals to learn the parade and competition music before the season starts, section leaders also help teach the intricacies of marching and maneuvering during a day-long summer practice, held on July 15.

The band has two weeks of band camp in August before school starts, where section leaders make sense of things like drill pages and dot books, and help their sections stay hydrated when it’s hot and focused when fatigue sets in. Section leader Chloe Beardsley, third from right, checks in with members of the clarinet section during a brief break at summer band camp. The section leaders have set their sights on successful season including a return to to the Finals of the Colorado Marching Band Championships, which will be held October 24-25 at Falcon Field at the U.S.
Working for one of the largest employers in my community, I was surprised at all of the alumni from my high school who worked there also. During those years, Brian had a reputation of being a pretty good athlete, but also an arrogant one.
The meeting we were attending at the company we both now worked was pretty intense, so I didn’t make any small talk or introduce myself to Brian. Over the next several months, I ran into Brian in the hallway, and I would send him some sort of greeting, “Good morning,” “How’s it going,” my usual stuff without response from him. I now wonder how many little brothers and sisters of my high school or college friends I have failed to recognize. As leaders, we need to look at the impressions we have formed about others and ask ourselves what else could be going on that we are not seeing. You only get one chance to make a first impression, but we have many chances to change the impression we have of others.
Chris is a practicing Servant Leader with more than 20 years experience helping organizations implement change. Al, my book is all about bad assumptions from my childhood that affected me greatly in adult life. Much like any other institution or company, schools need strong leadership in order to excel.  Schools with strong leadership promote good teaching and high level of learning.
They need to be educational visionaries, instructional and curriculum leaders, assessment experts, disciplinarians, community builders, public relations experts, budget analysts, facility managers, special program administrators and expert overseers of legal, contractual and policy mandates and initiatives.
The question is: are present and future principals getting the professional preparation they need to meet them? This consensus is increasingly reflected in preparation and licensing requirements, which generally subscribe to a set of common expectations for the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of school leaders. The principal’s abilities are central to the task of building schools that promote powerful teaching and learning for all students.
Training activities should build on prior learning experiences and continue throughout the stages of a principal’s career. School management has to be prudent—and at times, creative—not just to make ends meet but to achieve high educational standards at that. Short training courses, such as the Leadership Strategies for School Managers (LESSM), aim to address this need. Determine the electricity consumption of the appliances and equipment that your school uses through an energy audit.  Find out which equipment use up the most electricity and cut down on any unnecessary use of the equipment. In the United Sates, some schools allow teachers and staff to use personal appliances in the school, but for a fee. School officials must be able to get the cooperation of all members of their community, from teachers to students to staff to parents, in order to effectively implement the changes in policies and procedures.
Most of the attendees said that they want a desktop computer for each student in their country. But much as they love being part of students’ lives, Filipino teachers simply cannot support their families with their income.
While private schools can implement tuition increases to cover their expenses, they can only go so high.  Parents, who feel the burden of the weakening economics, cannot afford higher tuition fees.

The LESSM is a series of training sessions specifically designed for school leadership enhancement. It provides educators an opportunity to brainstorm with their peers on possible solutions to potential problems in school management.
But a survey of 4, 310 public schools conducted by The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) showed two of the major problems in implementing ICT education for instruction are 1) teachers’ fear of the technology and 2) lack of appreciation of school principals to the idea of ICT education. These school leaders still believe they can make a difference.  In their desire to provide students and teachers the best guidance, they invest time, money, and effort to enhance essential skills—communication, management-mindedness, and strategic leadership. Front row, L to R: Asia Cutforth, Hannah Klein, Chloe Beardsley, Sadie Waltrip, Alice Haugland, Sydney Eiss, Brittany Berglund, Brooke Landoch, Katie MacQueen, Jordan Sailers, Megan Sochinski, Jill Kirchner. They work with national marching band experts and other marching band students from around the state to develop leadership skills and strategies. My thoughts went right back to high school days, and I would internally nod and think about how right those people were about Brian. Sit down and talk to those who you have judged poorly and see things from their point of view.
In his new book ThoughtShredder, he outlines the process that helped him become an authentic leader. She works closely with senior leadership teams, helps customers understand and profit from productive organizational cultures, and shares the power of leadership with dozens of on-site engagements annually including; DOE, Mars Petcare, GE, Future Foam, NNSA, Cornell Cookson, Boeing, and many more in a wide variety of industries. Effective school leaders recognize and assume a shared responsibility not only for students’ intellectual and educational development but also for their personal, social, emotional and physical development.
It is therefore important that closer links should be made between teacher preparation, administrator preparation, and administrator professional development in order to provide a continuity of learning experiences framed around the principles of effective teaching and instructional excellence.
Units must also be turned off during lunch breaks and an hour before people leave the office.
Turning off the lights of various rooms that are not in use or of hallways that already have enough illumination, using low-wattage lights such as compact fluorescent lights, or, better yet, maximizing natural light to illuminate a room can lead towards a collectively substantial reduction in energy consumption. They must be open to dialogues and suggestions in order to ease the anxiety felt by all stakeholders. The Philippines had a more modest goal – just a chair and a writing table for every pupil in public schools. Many have already transferred their children to less expensive private schools and to public schools because of financial limitations. It takes sheer determination and strong purpose to manage and maintain a good school even in tough times.  School managers need all the help and training they can get. It tackles human and legal issues in school management, financial stability, excellent teacher retention, among other topics. Majority of the participants who have attended the LESSM believe that good school leadership is one of the keys in maintaining effective schools.
Back row, L to R: Daniel Huff, Jonathan Peterson, Tristan Siddle, Joey Bretz, Jono Cooper, Aaron Klein, Luca Zocchi, Jake Staut, Andy Dolan, Ryan Beckett, Adam Chalek, Evan Haskell, Adam Bell. Moreover, effective school leaders collaboratively create a vision of success for all leaders and use their skills in communication, cooperation, and community building to ensure that the vision becomes a reality.
Asking computer users to make full use of energy-saving features of their equipment can help some more. In reality, he was a busy leader in the organization with much on his mind and didn’t recognize me at all.

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