He served as the 6th President of Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey from 1988 to June 30, 2010.
Following a national search, in 1985 Raveche was named Dean of Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), where he was responsible for their multi-million dollar Science Initiatives Program to advance education and research in all fields of science. In 1988, Raveche was named President of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ following a national search conducted by the university.
In New Jersey, Raveche was a Commissioner on the Commission of Science and Technology and worked with others to establish the NJ Corporation for Advanced Technology to promote the development and utilization of new environmental and energy technologies. Raveche was mentioned as a possible contender in the Republican Primary Elections for the New Jersey Governor’s race as early as 2005, and again in 2009. Michael Porter suggested that businesses can secure a sustainable competitive advantage by adopting one of three generic strategies. They form a competitive advantage by catering for the specific needs and wants of their niche market. Some businesses will attempt to adopt all three strategies; cost leadership, differentiation and niche (focus). To create a competitive advantage businesses should review their strengths and pick the most appropriate strategy cost leadership, differentiation or focus.
Raveche is internationally recognized as an innovator for research universities, business growth and economic development.  He has extensive experience in Asia, Latin America, India and Muslim-majority nations. At RPI, he promoted interdisciplinary research with the School of Engineering and externally with business and industry. At Stevens, he has worked with academic and administrative leadership to advance the Institute’s pioneering broadbased education, develop and promote new graduate programs in engineering, science, and technology management, and advance sponsored research at the individual faculty level, as well as through centers of research in thrust areas.
Department of Homeland Security’s Center of Excellence in Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce due to the Institute’s outstanding programs in maritime systems and the development and application of computer modeling of marine environments.
Department of Defense as the University Affiliated Research Center in systems engineering resulting in the formation of the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC), which is the largest and most comprehensive in the nation.
Under his program to expand the presence of the Scholar-Athlete on the Stevens campus, in 2008, Stevens was named the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) and Jostens’ Institution of the Year for combined academic and athletic excellence, having been selected from the more than 300 colleges and universities in the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Association with Division I, II, and III programs. Also in 2009, he was asked to run for the seat of retiring New Jersey Senior Congressman, and Republican stalwart, H. Currently he is a founding director of Vision Technology Systems in Alexandra, VA, established by Singapore Technologies Engineering, and of Biogen in the Dominican Republic, a manufacturer of unique technology that converts waste biomass to synthetic gas for the production of low cost renewable energy.

The organisation aims to drive cost down for all production elements from the sourcing of materials, to labour costs. Porter asserts that businesses can stand out from their competitors by developing a differentiation strategy. Examples include Roll Royce, Bentley and Saga a UK company catering for the needs of people over the age of 50. Although each of these strategies are known as generic strategies (because they can be applied to every industry) they will not suit every business. He is a frequent guest on national and international television programs on technological innovation for business growth and economic development. Green, a pioneer in the statistical physics of time dependent processes, who had studied with Nobel Laureate Eugene P.
Steeples of faculty excellence resulted in the formation of the Design and Manufacturing Institute, the Center for Environmental Systems, the Maritime Systems Laboratory, the Highly Filled Materials Institute, the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education, and the New Jersey Center for MicroChemical Systems. In addition, he has promoted academic programs and championed technology commercialization in Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, and India. Stevens was the first technological university to win the award and it shares the distinction with Georgetown University for the institutional and student athlete awards in the same year.
With a differentiation strategy the business develops product or service features which are different from competitors and appeal to customers including functionality, customer support and product quality.
Once a firm has decided which market segment they will aim their products at, Porter said they have the option to pursue a cost leadership strategy or a differentiation strategy to suit that segment. For example small businesses may find it difficult to generate the economies of scale needed for broad scope cost leadership but a smaller customer base may enable them to offer a personalised service through a narrow scope focus strategy. Raveche was previously board director of electronics, power generation and financial organizations. Center for Technology Management, the Schaefer Athletic Center, DeBaun Athletic Field, Nichols Environmental Engineering Laboratory, and the Rocco Technology Center were constructed. Distance Learning Association, and in 2007 it was designated the Best Online program in China by the Sloan Foundation. A resident of Saxton’s 3rd Congressional District, Raveche respectfully declined to enter the race in order to continue in his role as president of Stevens. Large scale production means that the business will need to appeal to a broad part of the market.

A focus strategy is known as a narrow scope strategy because the business is focusing on a narrow (specific) segment of the market. This is likely to increase running costs and cause confusion, as it is difficult to please all sectors of the market. Conversely a larger business may not be able to generate sufficient revenue through a focus strategy but be able to pursue aggressive broad scope cost leadership because of the size of the business. He is assisting companies using proprietary technology to generate electric and thermal power from bio mass, including a complete solution for municipal waste to energy.
The American Association of Engineering Education (ASEE) has recognized Stevens as having the 20th largest engineering graduate program and the second largest online graduate education program in the nation.
Extensive renovations were completed in student residential facilities as well faculty laboratories and other academic areas. WebCampus.Stevens pioneered partnerships with professional associations such as the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers, and the National Society of Professional Engineers. Middle of the road businesses usually do the worst in their industry because they are not concentrating on one business strength.
Whatever strategy a business decides to adopt they should make sure that it isn't middle of the road because one business can not do everything well.
At NIST, he continued his theoretical research in statistical mechanics, winning awards by the U.S. He also worked with colleagues to develop technologies for air pollution monitoring of particulate matter. NIST named him founding Chief of the Thermophysics Division, which grew into a multi-million dollar research organization serving the needs of the Departments of Commerce, Defense, and Energy, and industry.
Senior Executive Service, Raveche in a leadership role with other scientists, conducted studies that led to acquisition of the national laboratory’s first super-computer.

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