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I watched Horsepower on ITV with Martin Clunes and it was great to see a glimpse of how equine assisted psychotherapy and learning works. I first came across this way of working with horses at a fabulous farm in Gloucestershire where Mike Delaney and Sam Quinlan use horses in therapy. I went along to find out how they were adapting this work with Jim Lacey to look at leadership, team building, and communication in the corporate world. Cards on the table here – I am a champion for your cause and would like to support you in any way I can. I described the day to a friend as like walking into a strange, delightful house that had been decorated completely to my taste. At the heart of all the work I do with leadership is raising awareness first of your own patterns and behaviour and then of the different needs and requirements of other people – the concept of, “Treat others as they need to be treated”. It seems to me that the magic ingredient is that we desperately want to trust and be trusted. I feel the work with the horses can provide a deep and practical understanding of our own protective mechanisms.
The behavioural choices, and the processes, tools, and techniques we offer as facilitators may make more sense for the delegates after this experience.

With over 20 years experience as an actor, lecturer, facilitator and coach, Liz is creative, highly insightful and a sheer professional. Sign up for our newsletter and receive free tips, tools and techniques each month covering topics of interest like Handling Nerves, Giving Feedback and Giving Your Presentation the Edge. Free trainingFrom time to time we're happy to offer free places on our public courses to deserving cases. Organizations will either succeed or fail as a direct result of the strength of its leaders, the qualities of its teams, and the alignment of its strategy and culture. For a while now I’ve been banging on about this stuff to anyone who will listen, including participants on my leadership courses.
They get fantastic results with addicts who find a way of communicating and a connection that is completely new.
This is partly to do with my personal response (values, beliefs, feelings), but also due to the very practical learning outcomes I experienced and witnessed. This might be called trust, faith, love, but seems to represent some sort of intrinsic good or innocence that I believe we need. This means we are often both scared and scary at the same time (often one as a result of the other). We can learn to trust ourselves and see the usefulness of our own behavioural flexibility in terms of working with a different living creature’s needs.

I felt it was a story that needed to be told and so together with cameraman Ian Howes, we offered to make a film for them. This is to get people to take the focus off themselves (and all their baggage) and put their focus on the requirements of individuals they are dealing with. So how do we progress from a group of talented individuals to a high performing team? Teams need to have 'clarity of mission', whilst individuals need a clear understanding of their own role and empathy with the roles of other team members whilst exhibiting collaborative, supportive team behaviours. What interests me about the horses is that they are large, fast, and powerful and therefore we may perceive them as scary but they are not “out to get us”.
There’s no point thinking “they shouldn’t behave like that….” because they are just being horses reacting to what they are given. Ideally, they start to realise that we all operate within our own universes and they can then move away from the idea that other people “should” behave in particular ways. We can choose to use their fear and dominate them through aggression or we can address their needs in order to get them to behave as we would like. It’s the other person who is difficult!” It is much harder for them to be open to the behavioural choices on offer.

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