From Transactional to Charismatic Leadership How Does Charismatic Leadership Transform Followers?
14-2a Historic findings reveal that leaders and followers vary by Historic findings reveal that leaders and followers vary by - intelligence - dominance - self-confidence - level of energy and activity - task-relevant knowledge Contemporary findings show that Contemporary findings show that - people tend to perceive that someone is a leader when he or she exhibits traits associated with intelligence, masculinity, and dominance - people want their leaders to be credible - credible leaders are honest, forward-looking, inspiring, and competent Leadership Traits Leadership Traits : represent the personal characteristics that differentiate leaders from followers.
14-10 This model is based on the idea that one of two distinct types of leader-member exchange relationships evolve, and these exchanges are related to important work outcomes. 14-12 Substitutes for leadership Substitutes for leadership represent situational variables that can substitute for, neutralize, or enhance the effects of leadership. 14-13a Table 14-1a Characteristic Relationship- Oriented or Considerate Leader Behavior is Unnecessary Task-Oriented or Initiating Structure Leader Behavior is Unnecessary Of the Subordinate 1. 14-13b Table 14-1b Characteristic Relationship -Oriented or Considerate Leader Behavior is Unnecessary Task-Oriented or Initiating Structure Leader Behavior is Unnecessary Of the Organization 9.
14-14 Servant Leadership represents a philosophy in which leaders focus on increased service to others rather than to oneself. The secret art of managing your boss Two Tips No smack talk No leapfrogging Perception What the F?
Trait and Behavioral Theories of Leadership Trait Theory Behavioral Styles Theory Situational Theories Fiedler’s Contingency.

Is charismatic leadership only critical for senior executives and not for entry level supervisors or managers? Research shows that substitutes for leadership directly influence employee attitudes and performance. A superleader is someone who leads others to lead themselves by developing employees’ self-management skills.
Trait Behavioral Theories of Leadership Trait Behavioral Theories of Leadership Situational. Learning Objectives You should learn to: –Explain the difference between managers and leaders –Describe. Robbins and Nancy Langton, Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour, Second Canadian Edition. Initiating Structure: Ohio State Studies identified two critical dimensions of leader behavior. Superleaders attempt to increase employees’ feelings of personal control and intrinsic motivation. Listening Servant-leaders focus on listening to identify and clarify the needs and desires of a group.

Stewardship Servant-leaders assume that they are stewards of the people and resources they manage.
Commitment to Servant-leaders are committed to people the growth of beyond their immediate work role. Initiating Structure: organizing and defining what group members should be doing University of Michigan Studies University of Michigan Studies identified two leadership styles that were similar to the Ohio State studies - one style was employee centered and the other was job centered Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid represents four leadership styles found by crossing concern for production and concern for people 14-3 Research shows that there is not one best style of leadership.
They people commit to fostering an environment that encourages personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Building Servant-leaders strive to create a sense of Community community both within and outside the work organization. Healing Servant-leaders strive to make themselves and others whole in the face of failure or suffering. Source: “CEO’s Need to Listen, Examine, Assist,” The Arizona Republic, April 22, 2001, p D2.

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